Yoatzi Castro and Beauty Creations Cosmetics have teamed up to collaborate on their first lash collection ever. The Latina owned brand and influencer decided to release the collaboration on Castro’s 25th birthday, November 4, 2020. The Yoatzi collection is for any and everyone, as it has several different styles of Faux Mink and Silk.

Who is Yoatzi Castro?

Castro was born and raised in a small town in Watsonville, CA. She and her brother Louie Castro have become well-known in the YouTube world, as they have taken on vlogging their daily lives, fun challenges and storytimes. Through this, she has built a connection with 600k subscribers and counting. The young YouTuber has even developed her merch line that features tank tops and matching hoodies and sweatpants for subscribers.

YouTube is only one of many social media platforms that Castro has taken on. She has expanded to Instagram, where she’s able to connect with her followers and express who she truly is. The Watsonville native has showcased her make-up skills in several videos and photos on Instagram. And according to her brother Louie, who mentioned in an interview, Yoatzi has always been the sibling more interested in make-up.

Aside from being an influencer, Yoatzi also plays an important role as a mother. She has a small family of three with her boyfriend, Jesse, in which you can find them making funny videos with each other on YouTube or even Instagram clips.

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Yoatzi Castro and Beauty Creations Cosmetics Team Up For Lash Collection

The collaboration wasn’t a surprise to followers, as the company enjoys highlighting some of the baddest influencers in the industry.

The brand has worked closely with influencers from Daisy Marquez to Blanca Evette, Louie Castro, Annette 69 and many more. Through these different collaborations, new products and creativity have been released. Some of the products include eyeshadow palettes, liquid foundations, lipsticks, setting sprays and now lash collections.

This would not have happened without the founder, Esmeralda Hernandez, who wanted to provide accessible and affordable beauty cosmetics for women. As a Latina, she realized that there was little to no spaces where Latina women were receiving luxury cosmetics, which motivated her to create that space and bring the beauty brand to life in 2016.

Now in 2020, Beauty Creations continues to grow as they make beauty statements with influencers like Yoatzi and her subscribers.

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The Influencer Reveals the Announcement on Her YouTube Channel

Castro took to her YouTube channel to share the news with her subscribers, as she does best. She showcased the lash collection with a small try-on of all six lashes, expressing the meanings behind the names and full details on packaging.

The beauty influencer starts the video by mentioning that the collection was a birthday project and we’re able to see that with the PR packaging itself. From it, we get birthday vibes, as it is pink with sparkles around it. In the center, Yoatzi’s name is in bold, dark pink, and the collection name is in black cursive letters. After opening the box, the two styles of Faux Mink and Silk are displayed side by side. On the glitter cover, it reads in cursive, “Try on a pair to instantly become a bad b**ch.”

Subscribers Receive an Exclusive Try-On Video

Castro exclusively tried on the pairs beginning with the Faux Mink she had on, which is named after herself, Yoatzi. Next, she tried on the “BBL,” lashes, as she expressed, is the “fullest, biggest, fluffiest lash” in the collection. After, she mixed it up with the “Mexican Barbie” that highlights her Mexican culture and girly side. On the back, you can find a cute message from the Mexican Barbie herself, “For my Barbie’s living in a Barbie world.”

As for the light-weight, casual, Silk lashes, Yoatzi tried on “Girly Tingz,” which reflects on the first merchandise she released that had the same phrase. The YouTuber then took a moment to speak to the beautiful moms, as “Mom Life” is a nod to all the moms who enjoy getting ready and doing their make-up. Castro ended it on a confident note with “Creída,” or conceited in English, which is her most comfortable lash just as she is with herself. 

And if the names and styles have caught your attention, the prices will have you stunned. 

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How Can You Get Your Hands On These?

You can purchase these sets separately by their collections or in the PR package. The Silk set runs for $22, the Faux Mink set is $25, and the PR package is priced at $50, which includes both lash sets.

You can grab yourself a set of The Yoatzi Collection on the Beauty Creations Cosmetics official site. Make sure to check out the influencer on her channel and Instagram. You can also follow the beauty brand on their Instagram page.