2020 did not leave us without something divisive to talk about. “Wonder Woman 84” was the last live action movie and first major budget movie since “Tenant”. The reaction to it has been fun to see and interesting on many levels. In this article I want to focus less on ‘WW84’ and more on the questions it leaves and where does Patty Jenkins go with her third and final installment now that it is being fast tracked due to WB being happy with the numbers.

Where To Start?

Let’s get into it, both installments are period pieces and parts of both movies suffer because of that. However, this upcoming film will have to be modern day and you can no longer not link it to the rest of the DCEU. I know Jenkins has been hesitant to do it, she has wanted her movies to be HER movies. Not saying you have to have cameos galore, but you cant ignore a world filled with heroes and villains. Since most of this is not cannon until WB does whatever they want to do in the “Flashpoint” movie.

Enter the Snyder Cut

We wont know the direction they want to go in. enter “The Snyder Cut”, Zack Snyder has already said that his movie is based in an else worlds setting. Now that the dream stone has been put into play, all cards are on the table. You can take the many questions that were left in WW84 and mix it with the questions that the Snyder cut will leave fans with. For those of you that do not know, the dream stone is the cause of all the trouble in the latest Wonder Woman film.

The dream stone will grant you one wish, but in the process of granting your wish. The stone takes something from you in return, it takes something big from you. When Barbara (Cheetah) makes her wish she loses her humanity, which is her best quality. When Diana makes her wish, she begins to lose her powers. in the case of Maxwell Lord he wishes to become the dream stone. So, he is now the genie out of the bottle so to speak. But the powers of the stone cause him to lose his health. How Lord turns this around is with every wish he grants he takes the health of that person making the wish in return.

By the end of the film, we do not know how many people did not take back their wish. Also, there were clearly side effects as Barbara got two wishes. Which was told to us was not possible. In this case how many people got two wishes instead of one? Does Lord suffer any consequences for his actions in the past film? And if Jenkins is so keen on not connecting any other DC movie to hers. What will finally bring Diana out of the shadows and become the hero that the world knows?

Fantasy Book Wonder Woman 3

 I will fantasy book here a little bit about what I think will happen. Then we will talk about what is most likely to happen going off of past events. I think Jenkins should let the next film follow the events of the Snyder cut. Now the world knows about the heroes and Diana has accepted her destiny. As she fights crime a bigger threat arises as it always does. She does some investigating and sees the same crimes are happening in Metropolis and Gotham City.

Diana goes to both cities and meets with Superman and one of the Robins because Batman cannot be located at the time. They all come up with nothing linking the crimes to any one person. There seems to be a bunch of people masking the figure and not knowing it. Right there you have your connection and cameos and you didn’t spend more then fifteen minutes on it. As she bust criminal after criminal she finally finds who she is looking for.

New Villain

Doctor Psycho, A man that hates Wonder Woman and all woman in general. But he only lives to torment Diana because she stands for woman’s rights and feminism. Now wonder woman must deal with something in the movies she has never had to deal with in the past films. Not a character’s envy, strength, or greed. But his intelligence and the fact that he is not afraid to take a beating because he is constantly three steps ahead.

Diana eventually outsmarts the doctor and brings him down and to justice which would be new. Since we have never seen a person face justice in any of her movies. This would give comic fans the service they want while still appealing to the masses. This topic of gender-biased will forever be relatable and adding it to the film just makes sense and will elevate a lesser-known villain. I do not know how Chris Pine’s character Steve Trevor fits in but maybe some flashbacks that can help Diana use more spy-like techniques instead of brute strength.

The Return of Steve Trevor Again?

Now what I think is more likely to happen. I believe that Steve Trevor will get forced into the film in a come back to life sequence again. I also believe the third movie will spend too much time humanizing the villains again. There seems to be a formula that Johns and Jenkins like to stick to when they are writing these films. That is unfortunate because Diana is one of the trinity of DC comics and you can take her character anywhere you want.

Wonder Woman three can be like Thor three and completely refresh the series because of the rogue’s gallery that she has and just the overall virtues of the person that is the main character. The big reveal at the end of the movie in the credits was the very first live-action Wonder Woman. Linda Carter showed up to portray Asteria alive and saving people in secret. Maybe that is the trump card they plan to use. Maybe she is supposed to be good but the true big bad of the third movie. Either way, it will be interesting to see if this franchise can get its mojo back with a third and final chapter