We are still in the middle of a pandemic, however for the first time in a little over a year. It feels like we can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. There is still a ton of uncertainty and one of the business with the most uncertainty. Is the movie industry, they are still filming shows and movies. But they are still pushing back big budget films as well. At the time of this writing, ‘No time to die” and “Morbuis” were just pushed back to the fall of this year and 2022.

How Much Longer Can They Delay?

The vaccine yet to roll out and be available to everyone. So, sitting in a room forced to wear a mask for three hours is not attractive at this point. Movie studios have big budget films in the can just waiting to be pushed out to the public. For over a year now fans have cried out for Marvel to release “Black Widow” on Disney plus. Marvel has been resistant and for good reason. They have created the most consistent continuity in the history of the cinema.

To push back “Black Widow” would be devastating to their movie and TV line up. Especially now that they have begun their phase four with the debut of “WandaVision.” Also, when you break everything down by numbers. The amount of money that would be lost is staggering. Each blockbuster film pays for the next, however, it is getting down to nut cutting time and Marvel will have tough choices to make. Even if the movies come out in theaters, they would have to know that it would not be the same.

Would Straight to Streaming Kill the Business?

When I say that the media blitz alone that Marvel does is a feat onto itself. They send the stars of the movie they are promoting all around the world to premieres. This cannot happen until end of the year at best and even then. Different countries have different restrictions so some countries they may not even be aloud to come until 2022. This alone is an argument for why the movies should come out on streaming. It is easy to play fast and loose when it is someone else’s money.

I will not sit here and write release the movies if analytics that companies use. Show them that they can make money at a certain point this year. As I said even if you are powerhouse like Marvel you are still not immune to people not showing up and just waiting for it to hit streaming or DVD. There is also the Warner Brothers problem, at the end of 2020. Warner Brothers announced that all movies with a 2021 release would come out in theaters and HBO Max on the same day.

Now the movie such as “Wonder Woman 84”, will be out for the first thirty-one days and then it will come off the service until the release of the DVD. Now, this was what some would call a desperate move because the streaming service got off to a bad start. Also, it is still finding its way, the one thing that Netflix has and started before they got as much competition as they have now is a plan. They began to let go of some of the older titles they were licensing for years.

The Arms War for Content

They let go of older more established titles to make newer content that they would own. Smart move and this has worked out, like any tv series some work, and some don’t. they cannot all be winners; however, they have done more hits then misses. Then locking down such talents like Eddy Murphy and Dave Chappelle with specials is just smart. No matter how much content Disney owns it is still older content. Plus, it is hard to just do PG-13 content and keep everyone happy.

Netflix, has great adult content and they have strong actors backing the series they are in. Amazon Prime is still finding its way as well, but they have a bonafide hit in the graphic novel turned show “The Boyz.” Each service has something for everybody and that is great. This is an arms war for content essentially. As much as Marvel may not want the final chapter for Natasha Romanoff to be on a streaming platform it will bring eyeballs and money. A lot of people may scoff at the idea of paying thirty bucks to see this movie.

But when you look at it from a money perspective that is cheaper than what you would spend if you went to the theater itself. Thirty bucks in some places will only get you two tickets. That does not include any food or drink. Some people think this method will kill the business. I disagree I think giving people the option is just what any smart business would do. It also cut down on bootleg copies if people knew they could watch a good regular version in the comfort of their own home.

Child, Things are Going to Get Easier

Finally, I think people are really underestimating the power of loneliness. It has been a year of holidays in quarantine and nothing to do whatsoever. People are ready to get back to the benefits of reality. One of those benefits is going to the movie, spoiling the movie for others, and just getting out of the house for a good time. The movie studios will be fine we all know that. But having a place to go on a first date, youtubers can go and watch the film over and over for that revenue will never die but like everything else it needs to evolve.