More people have been interested in social media and YouTube video channels by popular celebrities due to the pandemic. However, some channels have not gotten the growing popularity they deserve. One of those channels is LexLovesLos. Created by former Big Time Rush member Carlos PeñaVega and Spy Kids Actress Alexa PeñaVega, LexLovesLos posts 1-2 videos per month that shows important milestones for the married couple. With that in mind, here are the best videos to check out on the LexLovesLos YouTube channel!

BTR Worldwide 2020

For those of you who wish to stroll down memory lane, check out the Big Time Rush members 2020 edition of their hit “Worldwide.” As fans began to ask for a Big Time Rush reunion, PeñaVega posted a video of himself and group members James Maslow, Logan Henderson, and Kendall Schmidt singing one of their biggest hits in June 2020, making fan’s dreams come true. However, it’s also made fans wanting more from them! Over the years, all group members have stayed in touch with one another and have all made multiple appearances on LexLovesLos. One member, in particular, has provided plenty of entertainment for viewers. With that in mind, let’s go onto another one of the YouTube channel’s best videos.

He crashed the Tesla!!!! (Maui Sessions) Episode 2 *Boyfriend

The title and image preview says it all! BTR member Kendall Schmidt drove and crashed a tesla belonging to the PeñaVega’s four-year-old son Ocean! After Schmidt flew to Maui to spend Christmas with the PeñaVega family in 2018, three videos were posted, including humor and music. However, episode two of the Maui Sessions shows how goofy the guys can still be, even after the end of Big Time Rush. Although the humor was incredible, what makes this video even better is their acoustic rendition of “Boyfriend”. This was likely what started the hype on a future reunion between all of the members. For the Maui Sessions, there are three episodes in total that include acoustic renditions of BTR songs by Schmidt and PeñaVega. Each episode is hilarious, nostalgic, and joyful! Don’t worry, Ocean’s tesla survived!

Our First Son / Birth Vlog Part 2

As many of you know, the PeñaVega’s have two (soon to be three) children. However, what some may not know is that there are multiple birth vlogs posted on their channel! Although their first son, Ocean King PeñaVega, was born in 2016, the two birth vlog videos were not posted until March 2017 and July 2019. Both videos for Ocean’s birth were incredible. However, Part 2 takes the cake due to the emotions viewers witness of two people who become parents for the first time. To all of you male readers, your partners will likely want you to show the emotions Carlos has throughout the video when giving birth. All and all, the video showed viewers that girls would want a husband like Carlos, strength like Alexa, and a relationship as strong and loving as their marriage. For those who wish to see part 1, click here

She didn’t know she was in labor! / Birth Vlog 2

It wouldn’t seem right not to include both of the birth vlog part 2 videos! The PeñaVega’s created another two-part birth vlog in honor of their son Kingston James PeñaVega. Posted in August 2019, these birth vlogs are cheerful in the most realistic way. Due to already giving birth, Alexa and Carlos knew what to expect when having their second child. If anything, the hilarious part of the video was the shock on Alexa’s face due to her only having to push for less than ten minutes. If anything, women in labor would find that to be a miracle! However, the tear-jerker moment of the video involves Ocean meeting his little brother for the first time. Parents always find joy when witnessing their children meeting their new family members. Alexa herself was beginning to cry during that moment. Fast forward to a year and a half later, and you’ll find these boys spending lots of time together throughout the channel! For those who wish to see part 1 of this birth log, click here

We’re MOVING! & Ocean Turns 4!!!

To conclude the LexLovesLos YouTube video list is one of the latest videos posted on their channel! The Dec. 2020 video showed the family’s process of renovating and moving into a new home. However, a lot of the video also consisted of clips of Ocean receiving gifts from his pajama party fourth birthday! From Spongebob Squarepants to Paw Patrol, Carlos and Alexa knew exactly how to make their son enjoy his birthday in an empty house. Coincidentally, Ocean’s new popcorn machine was a Christmas gift Alexa was hoping for! Either way, it’s always a pleasure to watch the PeñaVega family enjoy their time together. However, let’s hope that Kendall doesn’t break Ocean’s new Paw Patrol car like he broke his tesla!

Even though it is unknown as to when they will post another YouTube video, one can always expect them to be entertaining. For those who wish to check out the LexLovesLos YouTube channel, click here! Until then, enjoy the video announcement of their third pregnancy featuring fellow BTR members and their loved ones celebrating the 2020 holiday season.