K-pop supergroup BTS has released a holiday remix of their Grammy-nominated hit “Dynamite” on Dec. 11, 2020, and it has given people everywhere a reason to smile. Over the last few weeks, holiday songs have become popular due to the holiday season approaching, so it should come as no surprise that BTS would re-release “Dynamite” to make it holiday-friendly. Listeners have already praised BTS’s hit song due to the fun lyrics and retro vibe, and “Dynamite (Holiday Remix)” is now getting praised by listeners for bringing a unique holiday spin to a song that is already incredible. 

As the year is coming to an end, everybody needs to celebrate the fun in life, and 80% of Christmas music contains lyrics that make everyone want to smile and dance. There are currently various holiday-themed songs on the iTunes and Billboard Hot 100 charts, with “Dynamite (Holiday Remix)” being the only holiday song on the charts in the K-pop genre, something one doesn’t see every day.  Even though new Christmas music has been released a lot within the last couple of months, this song, in particular, is unique due to it initially being a non-holiday song. Most holiday songs out there are traditional songs one would hear every year, such as “Jingle Bells” and “Silent Night. However, the thought of a non-holiday song being released as a song that people would assume is only for the holidays is truly special. Any group who can achieve that is incredible, and BTS has already done some incredible things. However, what is it about this song that helps people get more into the holiday spirit? 

The Holidays are Just Around the Corner!

The year-end sales are slowly approaching as the holidays in December are beginning to arrive and leave! Hanukkah has already come and gone, and Christmas and Kwanza will be here before everyone knows it. Even though everyone has been through a rough year, it is always essential to stay in good spirits for the holidays, and fun songs bring joy and good spirits to anyone who chooses to listen. BTS has been known to make upbeat and cheerful songs, which everyone wants to be during any holiday in 2020. The best part about it is that “Dynamite (Holiday Remix)” is not about a specific holiday, which would mean that this song fits into any December celebration. 

It’s a Great Hit for a Holiday Party

Due to the worldwide pandemic, holiday parties that are not canceled have become very different due to the health and safety protocols one must take. However, holiday parties and celebrations that are still happening as planned are instead being held virtually. Yes, it may be odd to have a holiday party playlist for a party not being held publicly. One of the most excellent parts of a party is the music and dancing everyone does together in celebration. For anyone who is throwing a holiday party, “Dynamite (Holiday Remix)” is an excellent addition to a music playlist to promote joy and happiness. Those of you attending a holiday party virtually suggest a holiday music playlist to enhance any party goer’s spirits! If the host says yes, drop a hint to add “Dynamite (Holiday Remix)” to the cue. 

A Song for Everyone to Enjoy

There are always songs out there in which they are loved by young adults but unknown to the old adult generation. There are also songs out there that adults don’t want to hear due to issues such as vulgar language or inappropriate meanings behind song lyrics. However, BTS has not had that problem yet, and “Dynamite” has been one of the more appropriate songs for anyone of all ages to listen to compared to current top hits. Holiday music has been known to be suitable for all ages, and “Dynamite (Holiday Remix)” is no different. However, the bonus factor is that the original version of the song was already age-appropriate, making it easier for the music to be an excellent choice for must listen to holiday songs. 

A First for BTS

BTS is one of the most popular boybands globally and is likely the most popular K-pop group in the world. They’ve always been a group that has done unexpected things in their music and have come out successfully afterward. The release of “Dynamite (Holiday Remix)” is one of BTS’s most significant firsts, making this their first holiday-themed song released. As previously mentioned, BTS’s new track is currently the only holiday song on the charts in the K-pop genre, which may be in part to K-pop musicians not releasing much holiday music. BTS was able to take a first for many K-pop musicians and turn it into something unexpectedly great. They’ve already succeeded in writing and recording their first all-English track, “Dynamite”, and they’ve now succeeded in creating the first-holiday song of their careers. Completing something for the first time is always something to celebrate.  

Although there are no perfect holiday songs, this one included, they are always successful in making somebody smile while decorating a tree or opening a present. For music lovers out there, who wish to be in the holiday spirit, play “Dynamite (Holiday Remix)” with the volume up loud and, a smile will be guaranteed.