The Real Housewives of Potomac season 5 was filled with Drama, allegations, rumors, and a physical altercation. However, unlike most seasons of the show most of the “drama” that occurred on the show happened behind the scenes or was filmed but didn’t air. Many questions fans had about the somewhat confusing season were answered but similar to the harmful rumors that were allegedly spread about the Samuels family they too were unaired. Most of the season was centered around the physical altercation between Monique Samules and Candace Dillard Bassett and the split in the cast after the assault while most of the drama behind the scenes surrounded a rumor about the Samuels family.

The “Ploterization”

In August, cast member Candace Dillard went on Instragram to say that after Andy Cohen’s babyshower there was a conversation that occurred  during a dinner where she, Ashley Darby, Gizelle Bryant, Robyn Dixon, and a few producers were present and there was a conversation about creating a rumor. Candace said the following: “There was a conversation about someone plotting to spread a rumor that Chase was not Chris’s baby… That conversation happened — I was there for it. I never contributed to the conversation. I said that that would never fly, and it should be dropped.”

Though, Candance stated her innocence in the matter she never specified who said what and why.

After this “plot” was revealed by Bassett, Monique Samuels addressed the rumors and stressed the harmful nature of them due to the fact that the rumors negatively affected her small child and. She also claimed that co-star Gizelle Bryant was the ringleader of these vicious accusations. 

What Aired?

At the beginning of the season Monique made it clear that she and former friend Charisse had fallen out because Charisse was spreading rumors about her and her family. While filming Monique was unwilling to entertain them and wasn’t interested in repeating on camera. However, Gizelle Bryant in her confessional made a comment that alluded to Monique having an affair with her trainer however, it is important to note that this is a rumor with not much evidence. When the reunion premiered Monique not only showed up with a binder of “receipts” in hand but wanted answers about who lied about her child. However, this was confusing to some viewers because what lie was ever said about her child?

The infidelity rumors were created by Monique’s former friend. The ex-friend contacted cast members, producers, and anyone willing to listen claiming that Monique was getting too close with her trainer. Monique addressed the origin of the rumors on the Bravo Daily Dish podcast saying: “The rumor that this ex friend was starting about me, she said that I was having an affair with the trainer, and that my pregnancy was not by Chris. As nasty as that sounds, this is why I played it cool. Because I did not want to have to talk about this on the show. I did not want to have to confront people because my desire is to protect my child. But now, the whole cat is out of the bag” Yes the cat is out of the bag but the only thing that viewers saw was Gizelle saying that Monique and her trainer were too close and “big boy” was upset. 

Prior to the reunion airing Monique’s anger towards co-star Gizelle Bryant on social media seemed misdirected and unexplainable because the accusations were never aired on the show and were made known to the public through Candace Dillard Basett’s instagram live in August of 2020 and were started by Monique’s now ex friend. Following Candace’s instagram live discussing what she referred to as the “ploterization” Monique responded with her own Instagram Live addressing the rumors that surrounded the  paternity of her child and a rumored affair. Candace Dillard Basset’s instagram live prompted a response from Monique however, Monique’s live was shown during the reunion but, the original Instagram live that was done by Dillard Bassett making the paternity rumors public wasn’t. Monique’s response to Candace’s live was shown on the show without context and who to hold responsible for the rumors was unclear because the Samuels were angry with Gizelle when Candace made the rumors public. What is clear and was clear before the season aired is that her son is the child of her husband Chris Samuels. 

During the reunion Andy Cohen said multiple times why address these rumors if it was never aired on the show. Samuels however persisted that the rumor was filmed prior to the reunion but never aired proving that the cast members (AKA Gizelle and Robyn) were having conversations about Monique and Chris and Gizelle says to Robyn: “her now two year old child and possibly spreadings rumors on national television about his paternity.This wasn’t something she was willing to take likely and as a response she brought her own binder of “receipts”  to the reunion as a response. 

During the third part of the reunion an unaired clip was shown where Gizelle is catching up with her fellow green eyed bandit Robyn and says that everyone is talking about how Chase isn’t your baby

Andy Cohen said that he pushed for the reunion to be released as a four part series because of the length of time they were filming and the amount of things that needed to be addressed. However, RHOP fans only got a three part reunion and the final part was just as confusing as the off camera drama. It was edited in a way that pointed to favoritism amongst cast members but, according to Cohen points when he held Candace accountable for her at times vicious use of words and her own role in the physical altercation those points were not aired.

The State of Maryland

During the season a potential legal battle and physical altercation was aired. Monique Samuels physically attacked Candiace Dillard Bassett which led to Candace pressing charges against Monique and as a response Monique filed a counter charge. Ultimately, both bravolebities faced potential jail time for second degree assault but, the case was later thrown out and the season ends with Monique literally having the last laugh. 

During the reunion Andy Cohen stressed that Bravo doesn’t condone violence however, with all of the behind the scenes drama the most dramatic point of the season received very little attention. Monique took responsibility for attacking Candace and apologized however, for a year she made tweets, a song, and showed no remorse prior to being asked at the reunion about the incident. Candace showed that she is still very much shaken up by what happened to her and hasn’t fully healed from the incident. The once “sisters” reached a point of no return.

Next Season

Monique Samuels was offered a contract for season 6 however, she decided that due to the stress of the fifth season as well as the accusations about her family it was best for her to not to return to the real housewives franchise. As of today it looks as though the rest of the cast with the exception of Monique will be returning however, with the amount of Bravo blogs getting the  facts wrong and the tensions created this past season fans of the P won’t know who will truly be holding a champagne glass next season until it airs.