Fashion, actors, movies, the 80’s is crawling with legends, iconic looks and unforgettable meaning but what does that mean for us today?

The era of the infamous ’80s can teach and influence each person immersed in pop culture today. The 80’s and shining stars, trends, and films have made a mark on society that has lasted and is expected to last for generations to come. The ’80s brought about a global change in the world that isn’t shy to demand individuality, vibrance, and pride. The changes the ’80s brought to the global atmosphere weighs heavy now as it did then in the realm of fashion and media influence.


As a curtsy to our present-day and age surrounded by many talented film directors creators and impressive films, it is no secret that the ’80s brought about some of the most iconic and beloved movies that the world has ever seen. Not only have there been articles, awards, and millions of streamings, many popular 80’s terms, actors, and ideas can be seen in many films and shows in today’s generations. Is it out of comedy, truth, or convince that many filmmakers include some flavor from the ’80s into their films? Or is it the symbol surrounding the 80’s that has kept us all so fascinated by it? We can all point out that favorite 80’s movie that we can relate to or wish to be in our own lives but out of every movie made in the ’80s, which ones are the most iconic and influential?

The Breakfast Club

Sure, detention can be a time to chill, relax, and act foolish, but why base an entire movie around it? The breakfast club made its mark on the world simply because of the unique setting, subtle humor, and devastating meaning behind a couple of kids sitting around a library on a Saturday. The film is a masterpiece that presents the reality of life as a high school student, whether through the lens of that popular girl you think you know or that mischievous boy who can help but get in trouble. The film is so influential for its accuracy and emotional pulls as we remember similar difficulties we face as teenagers and wholeheartedly relate to a fit in the air thrown by Judd Nelson.


By now, we have learned that everything isn’t always how it seems, and in this movie that triggers an iconic scene, a beautiful girl working as a dancer is where the meaning stops. Many present-day films have mirrored Flashdance. The famous downpour scene is recreated and referenced by movies such as dead pool, the internship and labeled as the scene of empowerment and motivation. Flashdance exemplifies a woman with nothing who gains everything simply through her own determination and self ability. We can all relate and clearly still do to a young girl with a passion and a goal who overcame and achieved her purpose.

Back to the Future

First of all, who doesn’t love to see Michael J. Fox in action on the big screen? In this coming of age film, Marty (Michael J. Fox) sets out on the adventure of a lifetime with a not so reliable friend of his. This classic film is known for the 1982 DeLorean, race against time and romantic reunion; this film is still being streamed worldwide as one of the best movies that ever came out of the ’80s. It is known for the incredible sense of adventure and the close bond between Marty (Michael J. Fox) and Doc (Christopher Lloyd) in a heartwarming example of friendship and dedication that can be remembered today.

Actors and Actresses

Although we remember the movies that made us, what about those infamous faces, lines, and looks that are forever stuck in our minds when we look back in the ’80s? With many incredible actresses and actors gracing today’s screens, there is something special to be said for those who captured our hearts in the ’80s and who will always be remembered through their iconic performance.

Jennifer Grey

known for her iconic role in Dirty dancing and Ferris Buellers day off, Keith, and red dawn, Jennifer Grey is certainly a face that made the 80’s. As a young girl, when she began her career, Dirty dancing took her to the next level of fame as she portrayed a rich girl in need of true love and reality. Grey captures a viewer’s heart for her honesty in each roll, unusual sense of beauty, and relatable scripts. Gray is a face and performance that will never be forgotten. Dirty dancing remains one of the most popular movies in history due to the truth, romance, and portrayal of an honest love affair between a forbidden relationship.

Molly Ringwald

Now, who could forget that flaming red hair, perky smile, and sassy attitude? Molly Ringwald has the title of holding multiple roles in some of the most successful and iconic 80’s movies. Ringwald holds a special place in any 80’s movie viewer’s heart as many of her roles stood for brutal honesty, real-life growing pains, and teenage life confusion. With such a relatable character, the connection between Samantha on her 16 birthday with many other young girls, her performance was not a performance but someone who went through the same experiences as many of us did. Ringwald is known for many other roles as she continues acting in present-day films, never leaving behind that special spark she lit in the ’80s.

Matthew Broderick

Who wouldn’t love a kid who skips school as a high school profession? Broderick is most known for his role as a high school student who skips out on school for a day of fun, freedom, and leisure. In this hilarious coming of age film, Viewers have learned the meaning of living life to the fullest, letting go of fear, and appreciating your sister when she doesn’t rat on you. As just popular as it was now than the film was when it first came out, Ferris Bulluers day off will forever stick and shape our minds as a way to live your life in high school and stand up to those you can outsmart.


Not only have we begun to see those all too familiar vibrant colors, fabrics, and patterns that have raised an eyebrow or two, but we have seen the return of a fashion area on a larger scale the expected. As fashion includes everything and anything these days, the fashion trends of the ’80s were not shy to this challenge as many designers and brands have leaped back to some of the classic and most iconic 80s looks.

The Denim

Can any of us honestly say a jean jacket isn’t essential to a 2020 wardrobe? I think not. The denim style became one of the most popular trends in the 80s and remained the same today and age. You may notice a mom jean, flair, or even whitewash jean jacket paired with a wide array of dresses or even the famous light wash jeans with the signature cuff at the bottom being worn by celebrities such as Hailey Bieber the Kardashians, and many young people throughout the world. Denim is classic and many people have not forgotten the flexibility and art of fashion that denim brings to an outfit.

The Footwear

As fashion lovers, we must all know the importance of shoes making an ensemble, am I right? The thing is that the 80s were wild and odd when it came to what shoes go with what outfits. However, they must have been on to something because today, we coast along with the same trends in the unique pairing of shoes. Perhaps the biggest influence is the “chunky shoe.” The height of fashion in show wear is surrounded by the plainest and classic white sneaker paired with everything from 80’s bike shorts, pencil dresses, flowy dresses, jeans, and jumpsuits. Not only is wearing sneakers highly looked upon in the fashion world when wearing formal attire, but now back again is high heels with socks and color-coordinated shoes to go along with any outfit. Shoes can indeed make quite the statement, and perhaps that is why we continue to chase after these unique trends.

The Look

We all have been around the 21st century long enough to understand exactly what “the look is.” As the 21st century had made its mark as the most influential area in makeup and beauty, the roots of beauty and trends have not yet been forgotten even 40 years later. As many people coming out of the 80s expressed their horrific makeovers and bold colors gracing their faces, the new generation of kids has been drawn to those same vibrant and pigmented colors singling the old but new makeup trends and an elite form of makeup. Makeup has a much different meaning now than it has in past generations, and the example of past trends forming their place in the world again brings about a vintage and old soul feeling to the art. It has created quite the fame and careers for many people in the 21st century.

The Era That Continues…

So you see, the 80s have impacted the world that is arguably still worth discussing. The 80s may have been full of embarrassing photos for our parents or a time of confusion as the social norm shifted; however, the 80s was a time of change and growth in the realm of fashion and media. It was a time of art, and testing the boundaries and honoring those risks, and admiring the changes the era has brought into our world is something we can all be proud to do and feel when we relive aspects of the 80s.


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