After watching WandaVision I concluded. After the year long wait, the anticipation. The speculation and rumors, I realized that one. Marvel just cannot be stopped and two. Agatha harkness only did one thing, and that is make Wanda realize how powerful she is. Which for everyone else, is a huge problem. A problem that we will see Doctor Strange have to deal with in his next film in the coming year.

How Powerful is She?

Episode eight of the series (My favorite in the series) is Wanda’s complete origin story. This is when it is revealed by Harkness that Wanda is supposed to be a myth and a curse. But more importantly she reveals to her that she is the most powerful being in the world. More powerful then even the sorcerer supreme. These are words spoken, which leads to the end sequence where of episode nine in the post credit scene. Where you see an astro projection of Wanda searching though the darkhold while her real body is making tea.

I am guessing that she is looking into everything that she can do. But more importantly, she is looking into a way to get her family back as you hear her two kids screaming for their mother before the screen goes black. Now, this makes her the biggest threat in the MCU. However, her trying to get her family will open the world to other threats. And that is where Strange comes into play, he may not be as powerful. But he knows how to control his powers and he will have to show Wanda how to control her powers while helping her. Is she a wild card? Without a doubt.

Can Anyone in the MCU Tame Her?

You cannot be that powerful and do what she just did. Where she created her own world while controlling over three thousand people and not be a threat. But can she be trained? Yes! We know this because she was trained by Black Widow and Captain America. Between the movies “Age of Ultron’ and “Civil War”. So, she can take direction and she is willing to take direction but here is the problem. After all her loss and after what she just did to those people of Westview.

She is no longer going to take no for an answer, and she will want some peace for once in her life. This is the struggle Strange will have to deal with. He will have to compromise something while trying to tame Wanda and that is where we will see the real big bad of phase four. To protect the fabric of the universe, you know the thing that they just lost five years to protect. Yeah, that little thing, Strange will have to make another big-time call. If you remember he gave up the time stone because he knew the original avengers had to come back together to save the world.

But lest not absolve Wanda of her crimes, we can get so caught up in her pain. That we can easily forget that she mind tortured a lot of people that lived in a peaceful community. She kept their kids in the closet out of sight and out of mind. Even though she was not physically hurting them. she was mentally hurting them. we see this when Dotti says, “Please just let me get my child out of the closet and I will play any role you want”. So, these people are conscious but not in control. That is arguably worse.

Can Someone Call the Good Doctor?

Wanda is the bad guy here but now that she knows just a little of what she can do. Maybe she can do a better job of controlling demons and people that are a threat. Not innocent people that want to live their life and want no part of the supernatural. No, this is not being hard on her because she never accepted fault for her actions. Monica said one of the weirdest lines I have ever heard coming from a hero. “They will never know what you gave up”.

What did she give up? Controlling them against their will? They did not kill Vision; they were just living their lives and before they know it. They have no control over their mind, body, or souls. I know Wanda has had very few wins in her life and she has lost a lot. But doing what she did to those people was not a win. That was terrible and Harkness got what she deserved in the end. But those people will never be the same and no amount of therapy will help them.

That leads to my point of Wanda being the big bad of phase four. She was the big bad here in the show but not in phase four because she will learn more about herself and her powers. She will be in better control of things that will surprise the fans. But when it comes to her family is where the problem comes into play and that is where the real villain will be unleashed into the MCU. So, she won’t be the bad guy but the cause of the bad guy that everyone else will have to deal with.