The close friendship between TikToker Addison Rae and Keeping up with the Kardashian star Kourtney Kardashian has continued to intrigue and puzzle fans. Primarily because of the 21 year age gap between the 19-year-old dancer and 41-year-old mom of three and now spear header of the digital media company, Poosh. Many are left wondering, how did this pair find each other? 

Despite their large age gap, the two celebrities have become fast friends and decided to take a trip from LA to see New York City in the fall and were caught out and about in the west village together. It’s clear Kourtney and Addison spent the entire long weekend together, enjoying themselves in NYC. On multiple occasions, they were even spotted sporting matching or similar outfits, adding to the circulating buzz around their compelling and bewildering friendship. 

Matching Outfits and West Village Walks

Last Saturday during the day, Rae and Kardashian were spotted in the west village, both wearing biker shorts under blazers designed by Eppram, rocking the no-pants, pants look. Addison paired her outfit with Doc Marten boots while Kourtney showed off a pair of clunky, Prada lace-up boots. The two friends were sipping on the same green juice and both accessorized with black sunglasses.

They were spotted together Saturday night as well, again wearing similar outfits and headed to the new private social club, Zero Bond for dinner around 8 pm. Kourtney wore a tight, long sleeve dress with thigh-high brown suede boots and a maroon leather trench coat. Addison matched Kourtney with maroon leather pants and a Dolce and Gabanna crop top. 

An eye witness told ET Online, “they were having a great time, they really do seem like best friends.” 

After their glamorous Saturday night out, the two self-proclaimed BFFs were spotted again on Sunday morning in workout clothes, taking a stroll around the west village. Kourtney posted the two on Instagram, perched on a neighborhood stoop, enjoying another green smoothie.

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After their light morning workout, the girls headed back to their hotel and re-emerged in trendy-day outfits for more Sunday NYC activities. Kourtney stuck to solid colors with a classic, long, black trenchcoat and black loafers. Addison dressed more adventurously, wearing an orange and white zebra striped romper. The friends enjoyed dinner at New York City’s highly sought after Carbone restaurant that night and were sure to share their vodka rigatoni on Instagram. 

Long Weekend Activities

Addison and Kourtney came to New York at the perfect time for a museum day on a rainy Monday, as the city just recently entered phase 4 of reopening. Kourtney Instagram storied Addison posing alongside a sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art, along with other members of their squad.

How the Unlikely Friendship Started

Kourtney and Addison posted their first TikTok together in March 2020, and have since continued to be a presence on social media together. Addison originally met the Kardashian family through YouTube star David Dobrik in January, with the intentions of helping Kourtney’s son, Mason, create content for his TikTok account. Dobrik is known for surprising people with gifts, and when he heard Mason was a fan of Addison’s TikTok videos, he couldn’t help but make the connection. 

When Mason spilled some Kardashian family secrets on an Instagram Live video later in March, Kourtney and Scott Disick took his social media privileges away. However, Addison and Kourtney’s friendship remained and  “blossomed,” as Addison stated. 

Screenrant reports Addison saying this about her relationship with Kardashian: “I kind of just stuck around and we got really close. We started working out together. We did a video on her YouTube of us doing a butt workout and stuff, so that was fun.”

Is their Friendship Genuine, or for Promotion Purposes?

While the story of David Dobrik setting Addison and Kourtney to surprise Mason makes sense, it doesn’t thoroughly explain why the two celebrities became such close friends after such a short period of time.  After all, their lifestyles are very different and many social media onlookers have been continually raising a variation of the question: “what do they talk about?” 

The skepticism about the authenticity of their friendship undoubtedly stems from the amount of content the two have created together and the immense response their friendship has received. Whenever the two make videos together or post a selfie, it is bound to get a huge reaction from fans and has, in turn, boosted the personas and social media presence of both stars. Addison and Kourtney have definitely taken advantage of this public reaction, by utilizing each other’s brands and fan bases to increase their popularity. Addison has appeared in campaigns for Kim Kardashian’s shapewear company, Skims, and has been featured on Kourtney’s lifestyle website Poosh, presumably in order for the Kardashian sisters to reach a younger, TikTok watching base with their companies

Whether it’s for PR purposes or not, the relationship is definitely benefiting both parties. And considering the Kardashian family’s history of relentlessly working to keep themselves in the spotlight, this does not seem far from the truth. In light of the recent announcement that Keeping up with the Kardashians is ending, the sisters are definitely looking for new ways to stay relevant and promote their brands.