TikTok is introducing a whole new generation to those favorite ‘90s & ‘00s movies and series. With the help of the streaming service, Tubi, the two are partnering up for a one-night-only “Nostalgia” special event set for June 30. The hourlong special will feature a few familiar faces from beloved movies like Mean GirlsWhite Chicks and binge-worthy shows like Dawson’s Creek The Nanny

The “Nostalgia” Event

The Tubi x Tiktok team up will feature stars like Marlon Wayans, Fran Drescher, Lacey Chabert, Paris Hilton, Joey Lawrence, and James Van Der Beek

In favor of engaging TikTok users — an app full of “Zillenials” (a mix between late-millennials and Gen Z) — the video-sharing app is releasing TikToks with a few stars, recreating scenes and wardrobe from their movies/shows.   

Van Der Beek jumps on the trend featuring Simple Plan’s “I’m Just a Kid,” where users show the difference between a younger version of themselves compared to today.


#TubiTaughtMe that old school IS new school. Stream #DawsonsCreek FREE on Tubi.

♬ Im Just A Kid Edited Version Simple Plan WMG - Tubi

Joey Lawrence, known for his role in Melissa and Joey and Blossom, read lines from Degrassi, The Nanny, and Dawson’s Creek.


Joey Lawrence gives us all the nostalgia vibes. Stream these shows FREE on Tubi. #AsSceneOnTubi

♬ As Scene on Tubi - Tubi

Popular TikTok creator, Brittney Broski, will be hosting the event live on Wednesday. “From acting challenges with Marlon Wayans to a retro runway show where Paris Hilton sits front row, the live streaming special is jam-packed with programming geared towards the TikTok audience,” Tubi Announced. 

Other TikTok creators like Suede Brooks, Zach Lugo, Chunkysdead, Tre Clements, Wisdom Kaye, and Rodney Lee are set to make an appearance during the event.

TikTok Draws in the Viewers

Tubi’s VP Marketing, Natalie Bastian, believes uniting the two apps will attract a younger audience to watch the ’90s and ’00s classics on their app. TikTok plays a major role in Tubi’s viewership. “We’ve seen a direct correlation between titles that trend on TikTok and the growth of those titles on Tubi, which serves as the prime viewing platform for TikTok users,” said Bastian.

TikTok and Tubi are also encouraging users to participate in challenges leading up to the event by creating content using specific hashtags. #AsSceneOnTubi will highlight well-known one-liners from popular Tubi titles; and #TubiTaughtMe will encourage enthusiasts to recreate nostalgic looks from their favorite Tubi titles. Select videos will be chosen to appear during the event.

“Tubi is also rolling out pre-reunion nostalgia videos on TikTok featuring fun and engaging content,” said Tubi’s VP Marketing, “ranging from TV celebrities reacting to their “favorite kisses” and “clapbacks” to “recreating their TV looks from yesteryear.”

’90s & ’00s Pop Culture Comeback

It’s no secret the two decades are making a comeback among the younger crowds. Fashion from the ’90s has returned, bringing halter tops, mom jeans, slip dresses, and platform shoes all back into the mainstream. Movies like Clueless and She’s All That have sparked an interest in ’90s culture.

The media has taken note of the popularity of ’90s culture and has used that to revive series that were popular during that decade. In the last few years, Roswell, Party of 5, Saved by the Bell, and Rugrats have all been treated to a revival. New titles like Freeform‘s Cruel Summer brings back the ’90s with a darker tone, following a group of teens and a mystery unfolding between 1993-1995. Recent shows like The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story, The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, Pose, Young RockWhen They See Us, and Selena: The Series all take place during the 90s as well.

Gossip Girl and The Powerpuff Girls (originally airing in the 2000s) are also being rebooted. 

Pop Punk and Rock’s Influence in New Music

A few of today’s hits are borrowing from music that dominated the 2000s. Olivia Rodrigo‘s immense success with her debut album SOUR, has transcended time and taken us back to an era where Avril Lavigne and Paramore dominated the music scene. The album has received positive reception on social media. “Brutal” and “good 4 u” are heavily inspired by angsty music from the ’00s. In an interview with Elle, Rodrigo opens up about her musical influences, which are described asa backdrop of punk and alternative rock, from The Clash to the Smashing Pumpkins, Alanis Morissette, No Doubt, and the White Stripes.” 

Jxdn and Nessa Barrett, TikTokers turned musicians, also bring back that ’00s pop-rock sound on “La Di Die.” Blink 182‘s drummer Travis Barker was called to play the drums on the song. “We were coming around the corner to our release and we felt like it still didn’t have that extra touch that it needed,” Barrett tells Audacity, “so it was just like one phone call to Travis and he was down, and literally like gave the song life.”

It’s clear the ’90s and ’00s are here to stay. 

You can watch Tubi’s “Nostalgia” event Wednesday, June 30 at 8 pm EST on TikTok.