Phew. Last night’s episode of The Bachelor was a lot of drama jampacked into one two-hour timeslot. It honestly felt like an entire season played out it one month. The drama was seemingly never-ending and the bachelor himself, Matt James, kind of felt like a side character in the Anna and Victoria show.

I’m not sure if in the history of the Bachelor Nation franchise there’s ever been a more disgusting display of mob mentality bullying than there was last night when it came to the five new girls joining the competition for Matt’s heart.

The saving grace in the fourth episode of The Bachelor‘s 25th season came from Katie Thurston, who’s got more maturity than all of the OG this season contestants combined. Not only did Katie shine a light on the bullying going on in the house, but she also gave Matt a heads up about the stuff he hasn’t been seeing. Katie’s definitely our pick to go all the way.

Drama aside, there’s always one good thing to come out of every Bachelor episode and that’s the hilarious tweets from Bachelor Nation. We’ve compiled a list of the top 15 tweets from last night’s episode right here. Get ready to have a good chuckle.

1. I think we’ve all been asking ourselves this very question.

2. Even Bernie gets it!

3. I never thought the girl that brought a dildo on night one would end up being the most mature one there.

4. They just want to watch the world burn.

5. You didn’t see Matt complaining about it.

6. Let’s be honest, we all thought Victoria was about to commit murder when Catalina walked in.

7. Honestly the only way Victoria would ever get a crown.

8. I just figured out there are two Serena’s.

9. Petition for Anna and Victoria to play the ugly stepsisters in the next Cinderella movie.

10. Rumor has it Magi’s still struggling to paddle across the lake to this day.

11. We stan a socially conscious queen.

12. Did anyone else see the guy ducking out of the makeout shot during the hot air balloon makeout?

13. There’s nothing like watching the guy you’re dating making out with another woman.

14. We love it.

15. I don’t see a difference.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.