So, the rapper known as Logic might be going by the alias Doc D (grow up) or Doctor Destruction and apparently has released new music 2 weeks ago. The internet is alleging that Logic has come out of retirement after a 6-month hiatus. If this is true, then I want to ask this; what is it about the entertainment industry that allows it to dig its claws into those who dare to step away, only to keep them under the spotlight until it says they’re done? Whether it’s music or sports, so many entertainers find it hard to step away for good. If I had a dollar for every time someone “retired,” only to resurface, well I’d have a decent amount of dollars. A nice lunch would suffice.   

For those of you who are unaware, the rapper known as Logic, or perhaps, in this case, formerly known as Logic, retired from music back in July of 2020 in order to focus on fatherhood. A noble gesture, of course. Maybe the stars aligned and this was the perfect opportunity for Logic to exit stage left. The decision wasn’t so cut and dry with Logic just deciding to up and quit. According to reports, Logic signed a multi-year contract with the popular video game streaming service Twitch. The contract involved him creating content, with their platform acting as the distribution medium, and would be worth millions of dollars. Nobody has been able to report a specific number, but according to, the deal is worth north of 10 million USD.   

Now, for those who may not be familiar with Logic the person, it is no secret that he is a self-proclaimed nerd. He loves everything involving nerd culture. He’s also expressed his love for gaming in his music and at one point even created a gaming channel on YouTube. So, with all of this being said, this should be viewed as a win for Logic because he gets to spend more time at home with his child and he gets to fully embrace his other passion in life, which is video games.   

If only it lasted more than 6 months.   

Two Faced.

The man known as Doc D (Doctor Destruction) premiered a new project exclusively through Logic’s Twitch channel, before releasing it onto Datpiff. Fans immediately began to speculate that the new artist was actually an alter ego being used to create new material; all the while throwing any suspicious characters off his scent. With all of this commotion going on, I decided to take a listen myself.  

I only needed to make it to track number two.   

The style, flow, and cadence in which he ended his phrases were all there. Hell, Doctor Destruction even sounded like the guy. Unsurprisingly, the method behind the madness was to filter out the higher frequencies of his voice, along with adding other minor effects, in order to hide his true voice. The end result is a dark, pseudo demonic voice; but if you’ve listened to enough of Logic’s music, then you should be able to spot the similarities rather easily. Either that or the guy trained someone to mimic his work to perfection. Now, since this project was released onto Datpiff, Doctor Destruction technically isn’t receiving any royalties from its streams, since Datpiff is a free service. So, I guess this can be looked at through the lens of being a “hobby,” as opposed to a full-fledged comeback. But if Logic truly is the man behind the mask, then the golden question still stands; why retire when you’re still going to release music anyway?  

There’s something grandiose about going out on top. The insight to know exactly when you’re about to tip over the peak, bracing for the descent downhill, only to pull the ripcord and float away with your dignity intact. Maybe that was Logic’s aspiration. Maybe he foresaw a not so pleasant future and decided to get out ahead of it. It takes an awful lot to realize when it’s time to walk away; that’s why so many keep going until they have to be forced out. That competitive fire still burns. “I still have something left” must be played back in their heads as often as their favorite song.   

More often than not, when an artist or an athlete continues well past their prime, they begin to leave stains on their otherwise illustrious career. What was once a catalog filled with bangers, all of a sudden has duds popping up left and right towards the end. Logic would definitely have gone out on top. Sure, he wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but his ascent to the top of music was meteoric, to say the least. He would’ve retired with the confidence of knowing that he’d accomplished everything possible in the music industry. 

Hard To Say Goodbye

So why come back?   

If one would prefer to create less music, then taking the Rakim or Andre 3000 approach; releasing music in a very scarce manner, without actually putting the mic down for good, seems like the smart move. Eventually, you’ll get “retired” by the public without having to officially make the announcement yourself. Nobody would accuse you of a PR stunt to sell records. You’d get to slowly drift away on your own terms.     

So why come back?   

It ain’t cause of money.   

So why come back?   

I look at it as being an addiction. “I still have something left.” This is the mindset that practically every athlete has. I like to compare retiring from music to retiring from sports because both industries renege on their decision so frequently. Think about it. Professional athletes are addicted to competition. If they weren’t, then they wouldn’t be literally the best in the world. They’ve become maniacally obsessed with outdoing their competitors. Imagine spending your entire life, training and honing your skill for a shot at the big leagues. Once you make it, you’d be damned if you weren’t going to maximize your window as much as you possibly can.   

The money helps as well.  

The same thing goes for making it big in hip hop. One needs a relentless drive-in order to not get labeled as a one-hit-wonder. You then have to take that to the next level in order to receive praise as one of the best of your generation. Once again, like him or not, but Logic’s place amongst the upper tier in music, let alone hip hop is undeniable. So, if you’re at the top of your game; going platinum, making millions, reaching number 1 on Billboard, and selling out tours—then why stop?  


We may never receive a definitive answer. It would take an armchair psychologist, sitting down with every “offender” and asking them their motives behind returning. It’s not that big of a phenomenon, where research is being done to crack these answers. I still feel confident in my theory. Sure, some come back for monetary purposes, and others come back because they’re in love with the spotlight, but too often, those retirees who are well off, come back anyway. I don’t expect this to go away anytime soon, if not ever. They’ll continue to love the game until the game no longer loves them back.   

From Jay-Z to Too Short to Lil Wayne—to Brett Favre, to Jason Witten to even Michael Jordan; entertainers simply can’t say no. If Doctor Destruction truly is Logic’s alter ego, then the entertainment industry once again proves that it decides when you walk away and not the other way around. Who knows, maybe Doc D believes that he’s still got something left.  

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