There is something about accessories that can make any outfit look effortlessly chic. You often do not need expensive pieces to make your outfit look unique. A fantastic ensemble can be created by using the accessories you have in your closet. Having the right accessories in your wardrobe and can help you better figure out your outfit for the day.

Accessories can range from belts, jewelry, scarves, handbags, and watches.  The key is understanding what accessories look best with your outfit. Once you get that concept down, you will be on the road to achieving an eye-catching look.

You see many women that have perfected the art of accessorizing an outfit. Now, are you ready to learn how you can make your outfit effortlessly chic? Here are some tips on how to make your outfit from basic to chic within minutes using accessories:

Invest in Large Earrings

You can never go wrong with having a pair of large earrings in your accessories wardrobe. They always had an extra flair to any outfit.  Large hoop earrings are an accessory that can elevate any ensemble. If you are not into hoop earrings, try large studded earrings. Stud earrings give you the extra touch of flair to your ensemble. Large earrings tend to make people gravitate towards you and be intrigued with your outfit.

African Jewelry, Boho Earrings

Proportion Your Accessories

Make sure you keep in mind how much you are accessorizing with your attire. Be sure not to over-accessorize your outfit. In some cases, less is more, especially with your bolder prints and casual outfits. But if you are going for a more eye-catching ensemble, opt for more daring pieces such as chunky earrings and large bracelets.  When accessorizing, keep balance in mind.

Take into Consideration of the Prints in Your Outfit

Fashion prints and patterns are always fun, but pairing accessories can sometimes be tricky. When accessorizing with prints and patterns, be sure that your accessories do not clash together. For your bolder prints, go for simple and subtle accessories. Having more subtle accessories will draw more attention to your outfit.

Be Sure To Invest in a Good Belt

You should always have a good belt in your closet. It is great to have different size belts in your wardrobe. You use belts to cinches in your waist when you are wearing something oversize, but you want to emphasize your waist.  Pairing a thin bright belt with a dark peplum style dress can create a fantastic outfit. You also wear a belt with your jeans with a bodysuit; it establishes a casually chic outfit.

Brown wide leather belt added to an LBD to create an eye-catching look.

Always Add Color

If you had a plain outfit, adding a little bit of color is always a good idea. Adding color to your attire by incorporating a bright scarf, hat, or jewelry can make a significant statement to your outfit. But try not to overdo it with the matching.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Textures

Fashion is about having fun so, do not be afraid to mix textures. Take risk in mixing metals, it gives your ensemble a more vintage or one of kind look. Statements like these really make your personality show through.  So, have fun in mixing textures and materials.

Mixing Jewelry Textures

Get You a Good Pair of Eyewear

Eyewear has a way of making any look sophisticated. For your sunny days, try adding a pair of chic sunglasses to your look. A good pair of vintage sunglasses always adds an edge to any attire.Having a pair of eyeglasses is also good to have in the accessories closet because it gives you a prestigious look.  Coordinating your eyewear with a blazer and denim is always a fantastic look.

Sunglasses paired with denim shorts for an effortlessly chic look

Choose Accessories that Fit Your Personality

When choosing accessories for your outfit, keep in mind your personality. Choose pieces that you would feel comfortable with wearing. Never select an accessory that does not fit you as a person. So, choose items that you are attracted to, not what others tell you think is right for you. You are the person that is going to be wearing the accessories, so why not be something you like to wear.

In Conclusion

There are several ways to create an eye-catching outfit, and accessories are one of them.  Certain items will help you create a fantastic look and make your personalities, such as jewelry, belts, and eyewear.

When accessorizing, be sure to proportion your accessories when coordinating your outfits. Keep in mind the prints and patterns when putting accessories together with your attire.

All in all, have fun with your accessories. Fashion is not supposed to be serious; it is meant to be fun. So, do not be afraid to be bold and daring with your accessories to make your personality shine through.