Many of us were just getting the hang of socializing during the pandemic. The weather has permitted us to see a small number of people in backyards or parks. But just as these gatherings started to feel (almost) normal, things shifted again. 

The cold weather is inevitably accompanied by a feeling of isolation, however, now people are dreading the added element of Covid-19. So many are desperately trying to soak up the remaining rays of sun with their family and friends. 

As infection rates rise and temperatures drop, here are some ways to gather as safely as possible once the cold weather hits.

Plan Your Set Up

Before hosting, check to see how many guests are permitted in the state and local regulations. Once the guest list is made, it’s time to plan out the setup. Whether it’s on a deck or in your backyard, it’s important to make sure there is enough room for all the guests to space out appropriately. 

Host’s can even take a cue from restaurants, who have been forced to find attractive ways to mark out safe distances. Different structures, including tents and garages, might offer protection from the cold, but still be mindful of airflow.

Serving The Food And Drink

Even if the setup is perfectly spaced apart, finding ways to serve them is the trickiest part. Despite buffets being the most convenient way to serve a group of people, it isn’t the best idea when social distancing. If the host is preparing the food, opt for meals that are naturally single portions. Sandwiches and wraps are a perfect way to serve a crowd without having to come in contact with multiple people. 

Another easy alternative is turning the gathering into a tailgate. Guests can bring their own food and drink, while using the time to socialize with friends. Whether it’s watching football or catching up, tailgates are always a fun way to enjoy the outdoors.

Bring The Heat

If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard or deck, the pandemic is a perfect reason to invest in a new appliance: A heater. Depending on the space and budget, there are a variety of heat-emanating devices to choose from.

For smaller spaces, the tabletop heater is perfect.

If the area is large and the host is willing to spend a bit more for a better heater, the standing patio heater is the way to go.

Planning on taking the heater with you? Maybe make some s’mores? The portable fire pit is a perfect choice.

Set The Mood

Missing the ambiance of restaurants? Why not make your backyard the new go to destination! String lights are an easy way to turn an average space into a beautiful hangout location. Lights come in different sizes, shapes, lengths and more so have fun choosing the perfect lights for your yard. Another inexpensive choice to liven up your yard is adding candles. The small accents of light will fit perfectly with a new heater.

While lighting will transform your yard, nothing will set the mood better than music. Portable speakers are a perfect way to incorporate your favorite tunes from anywhere.

Have Fun!

Of course, everyone is holding on to the fall weather before winter hits, but it is still possible to be safe and see friends or family. Reassure your friends that you have provided a safe atmosphere for everyone to share a meal and enjoy each other’s company. Just remember, wash your hands frequently before setting the tables and preparing meals. 

Planning a gathering in the coronavirus era takes a lot of work but it’s a great way to stay connected and ease the stressful times. Be safe but make sure to have some fun!

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