Fortnite has remained one of the world’s most popular games since its initial release in 2017. With a whopping 350 million players, it’s no surprise they are working with some of the world’s chart leading artists. Since Travis Scott’s in-game event ‘Astronomical’ back in April proved to be a major success, Fortnite has continued its run of hosting live concerts and selling in-game cosmetics pertaining to them.

During the 3 days the event ran, players were able to purchase an emote containing licensed music from Travis’ 2018 hit song “Sicko Mode.” Emotes are cosmetic items for purchase that allow players to sport dance moves to express themselves in-game. This paved the way for future licensed emotes and snagged big names like BTS, The Weeknd, Drake, and Doja Cat.


Fortnite hosted the world premiere of BTS‘ music video (choreography version) for “Dynamite” in the game’s Party Royale mode. Fortnite encouraged players to show their BTS spirit by purchasing the “Dynamite” pack in the item shop which included two emotes choreographed by BTS.

“Dance along to the music with two new Emotes choreographed by BTS. And use these Emotes beyond the show to bring some BTS style anywhere,” revealed Epic Games.

The Weeknd

In October, Epic Games released a “Blinding Lights” emote inspired by the viral TikTok Dance.

“It’s all in the footwork,” they tweeted, “throw down some moves with the new Blinding Lights Emote inspired by MACDADDYZ on TikTok.”

“Blinding Lights” broke records for most weeks at #1 on radio charts still holding a spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

Travis Scott

Travis once again gets another emote added to the Fortnite item shop. This time it’s his song “Out West” ft. Young Thug that of course is another popular TikTok dance move created by Nicole Bloomgarden.

“Jumpin’ out west, landin’ out west, by @nicolebloomgarden,” the popular game posted on Instagram.

This is Travis Scott’s third emote in Fortnite.

Doja Cat

Doja Cat’s viral hit “Say So” made waves on TikTok earlier this year after the song became part of a dance created by YodelingHaley.

Not long after the “Say So” emote hit the Fortnite item shop. 

The dance became so resonant with the song that Haley got a chance to showcase her popular dance alongside Doja Cat in the official “Say So” music video.


After a snippet of “Toosie Slide” was released, TikTok popularized the song and it became a viral dance uploaded by Toosie. According to VULTURE, Drake “actually enlisted dancer and producer Toosie — who was chilling with Ayo & Teo and Hiii Key at the time, three more dancers with massive social-media followings — to create some moves for his new dance song.”The TikTok dance became so big, it was released as an emote shortly after the Travis Scott event.

“Right foot up, left foot slide over to the Item Shop to grab the Toosie Slide emote,” Fortnite posted on Instagram.

K Camp

Who can forget the widely popular, if not most recognized dance to ever exist on Tiktok, the ‘Renegade.’ Fortnite has a history of being heavily inspired by TikTok dance moves, it only made sense to include K Camp’s viral hit “Lottery” as an emote. The dance was created by Jalaiah Harmon.

“Go, go, go, go, let’s go and bust out some Fire moves by @Jalaiah,” Tweeted Fortnite.

Hopefully we see more fan favorite dance moves and artists added to Fortnite in the future.