We all know the vibe, salty skin, wet hair, and the aroma of some of the best food on the planet. California is more than a place; it’s a lifestyle, a vibe, and an adventure. Whether you are a country girl, city boy, or a free spirit, California is the place for you. This incredible state has more to offer than you could even imagine, so before you cross it off your bucket list, let us try to convince you that California is a small piece of heaven on this earth.

Sunny Skies to Sunsets

Cali is home to some of the most beautiful sights and locations. Perhaps one of the most beautiful sights to see is the stunning sunsets set in many unique locations. Seeing a sunset that takes your breath away will be a guarantee when you visit this state. Golden hour takes its shape around 6 p.m. in Cali, so you better be ready with snacks, a loved one at ready to take the picture in.

California offers diverse terrain and natural wonders; not only is California surrounded by the beauty of the pacific ocean, but the state also is home to deserts, mountains, and stunning woods such as the redwoods. Because of the endless option for diverse locations, each location’s sunsets take their own shape and leave completely different effects on you as a viewer. The best spots for a terrific view can be wherever you end up, so drive slow, explore and capture a shot that you’ll never forget.


Well, we all know the “real” reason why Cali catches the ear, HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!! Hollywood is one of the most iconic and historic locations on this earth. Some of the most famous, talented, and life-changing people and films have come from Hollywood and forever changed the world. Since Hollywood is so iconic, you must check this city out! Hollywood has changed a lot since old glamours Hollywood. It is no longer full of glamour, gowns, and diamonds but making a staple as an independent, strong and sexy city.

Hollywood still holds many famous addresses, such as the Hollywood boulevard, walk of fame, the Hollywood Bowl, and the Hollywood sign. If you are a history guru or just a simple movie lover, you won’t regret a night or day trip to Iconic media, film, and photography all began.

The Beauty of Beaches

You can’t get that salty hair, skin, and sometimes vibe without a trip to the source. Who wouldn’t feel like an extra, sassy and classy queen sitting in front of the coastal line????? I’ll admit I would be! California rests in 840 miles of coastal gold and beauty with thousands of stunning locations for viewing where sea and lands meet. In all its glory, the ocean is also diverse in California as many beach locations are warm and rise to colder temperatures in places like San Francisco.

The beauty of a beach is in the eye of the beholder; however, with over 400 beaches on the coast of Cali, you are bound to find one that fits whatever vibe you find yourself in. Cali is home to public beaches, private, foggy, and sun. There are spots for serenity and spots to be crazy! The magical touch of the ocean is a privilege on its own; enjoy every little piece of it, whether coupled or alone!

Food, Food, Food

Alright, let’s get real. None of these sights, activities, and vibes are any good when we are hangry, am I right? Besides California being the home to sights, seas, and sunsets, the power of food is truly immaculate in this state. The best form of food comes from authenticity and lots of butter, and here in Cali, you are sure to get both! As California has a large Mexican and Spanish population, the staple cuisine is certainly tacos, churros, and all things yummy in the Mexican culture. Some of the best food comes from California, and the views arguably make everything taste a bit more fantastic.

Many beaches, shopping areas, and famous sites around California are flooded with mom-and-pop food shops and even some of the fanciest restaurants we hear about, like Nobu and Sur. The idea is that when visiting Cali, you eat as much delicious food as possible and then totally understand my obsession with Cali and food! Carrying one of the largest health and body-conscious populations globally, California is also known for organic, original, and oh so nutritious options and restaurants on every corner.



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