What does lifestyle mean to you? Lifestyle can mean a plethora of things and is defined as something different by everyone. Lifestyle can mean the way we eat, how we enjoy life, the hotels we stay in, and the people we associate with. Some will argue that their lifestyle is the best, can’t beat it, and wouldn’t want to be without it. The world has seen generations of lifestyle change; think of the lifestyle difference between even the ’80s to 2020 or even more drastic, the ’20s to 2020. The coming on going of lifestyles and a forever changing world has created what our world is today, everything from the ideas, moral, fashion, media, and desire.

It may come as a surprise, but maybe when our 90-year-old grandfather says, ” now listen here, back in my day,” and blah blah blah, he might be on to something. I’ll be the first to admit that I crave a little lifestyle and culture change now and then, and I can only imagine my fellow 22-year-olds must feel the same sometimes?! If so, there is one place that comes to mind that is the definition of a blast to the past, satisfying that urge to be submerged into a brand new lifestyle. We cannot deny that vintage is the new Gucci and the hype over old fashion apparel, decor, and lifestyles is more prevalent than ever before. We can say we are “old souls at heart,” but no matter who you are, there is something about the past that feels exciting, totally cliche, and 100% intriguing.

We all know vintage is the talk of the town, but the one thing you hear everyone talking about is…..TRIPS! You see them blasted on Instagram and the pit of envy in your heart. The market for unique hotels and vacation destinations is turning a new and diverse leaf, making it possible to select almost any type of theme, decade, or vibe when you are choosing a hotel. The uniqueness of both vintage and travel being combined into one is certainly a step out of the traditional vacation expectation. Still, the heart wants what it sometimes wants, and here to meet all of those vintage dreams is the TWA Hotel.

The History Behind the Glitz and the Glamour

The ’60s was in swing and the welcoming of the “jet age” was upon everyone. JFK airport, located in New York City, NY, formerly named the Idlewild Airport, was the center point of flying and one of the world’s largest airports. A project soon began, creating a unique and genius architectural invention used as an airport wing. The wing was used for several years until it was no longer equip to satisfy 20th-century aircraft, and the wing was shut down and left to be known as a famously deserted landmark. The hotel was preserved and made into what we see today at the TWA Hotel. After endless hours, research, and execution of pure art, the Hotels external and internal looks and vibes have come from all over the world and from many cultures. The Iconic flight center created by Eero Saarienes is a stunning piece of architecture that graces us with a delightful midcentury vibe and aesthetic. Once restored and reopened as a hotel in 2019, the transformed flight wing fits perfectly back into a modern-day life and is ready to shine.

“Eero Saarinen’s cathedral to aviation has always looked toward the future. We restored and reimagined his landmark with the same care that he devoted to his design. No detail went overlooked — from the millwork by Amish artisans to the custom font inspired by Saarinen’s own sketches to the one-of-a-kind manhole covers.” ~Tyler Morse CEO and Managing Partner of MCR and MORSE Development.

The TWA flight center kept its original name, TWA, and opened to serve an entirely different purpose in 2019. The TWA made its mark as the freshest, luxurious 1960’s styled hotel and created a branding entirely around the jet age lifestyle in the ’60s. The retro hotel sits directly on the airport runways and connects from the airport to the hotels by the iconic bright red and white flight tubes that transport you closer and closer into the ’60s.

A glamorous 60’s style entrea way isn’t the only thing to stop you dead in your tracks at this historical location. imagine sitting in your hotel room overlooking on of the first planes that has been transformed into what will be your vintage venue for cocktails and entertainment for the evening.

The entire make up of this retro themed hotel is taken directly from 1960’s so that for not even a moment are you reminded that we are actually in the 21st century. Everything from the food, drinks, rooms, ementitie, lounge areas, activities and staff are auteticly dressed decorated and prepared as in the 1960’s.

Unique and Sleek

Alright, so let’s get down to what is truly important in a hotel and why to go here instead of the Ritz Carlton. To start, who doesn’t want to sip cocktails in a vintage airplane, or is that just me? Don’t lie to me!

The uniqueness surrounding the hotel is truly the attention grabber in the hospitality industry, and it’s all about the experience. The hotel offers an experience through a rooftop pool overlooking the airport runways, 60’s styled rooms, and having your first drink back in the 1960s!

The Pool

When booking this location as your vacation destination, if your main goal is to experience a swim of a lifetime under flying planes, you consider the season as the pool remains uncovered. But whether snow or sun, your dream to swim with the planes can be possible no matter what as this luxurious infinity pool is heated year-round at 95 degrees with underwater seating and an incredible view.


The grind never stops as here at the TWA; they have you covered for any fitness need your heart desires. The 10,000-foot area makes this the world’s largest hotel gym, including the brand new peloton cycling bikes with private and group training options.

Paris Cafe

Glamour isn’t complete without a hit of Paris to it, and nothing could add the perfect amount of glamour except a cafe inspired straight from the streets of France. Famous chef and tv personality Jean-Georges Vongerichten runs the cafe’s operations and vision and has even incorporated a traditional 1960’s flight menu to the cafe. The cafe sits above all of the hotel action; it is quaint and simplistic with hints of white and yellow to capture that french Rivera vibe we all crave.

The Sunken Lounge

Okay, the time has come for the ultimate picture of vintage and movie scene vibes. Grab your camera and get a 60’s inspired drink because you can’t miss posting a shot of this location on the IG. The sunken lounge is a completely decked out bright red circular shaped space with bright red walls and carpets with circular vintage white tables and chairs in the center. Everything from the entire wall of windows to a TWA departure and arrivals sign in the center is enough to transform you into a glamorous 1960’s airport lounge. The lounge offers a vibe of gentle music, traditional cocktails and appetizers, and an overall fancy feel to your day. Enjoy it, live it, be the glamour!

A Room for a 1960’s Queen

We all know that what truly makes a hotel is our haven, the room. The fresh aroma of clean fluffy sheets, soothing colors, and a sense of relaxation. While the TWA hotel has proven to be much different from most hotels in every way possible, would you expect any different rooms?! Perhaps the most historical but beautiful hotel rooms that take up a hotel are at the TWA. With over 500 rooms open for reservation at the hotel, you will have the choice to choose a person-inspired room or the traditional 1960’s room filled with all of the 60’s vibes you can think of. These sleek rooms with the TWA’s idea of a modern-day 60’s themed room are simplistic with cool brown tones and pops of bright reds and blues. The majority of the rooms have a stunning view of the business runway at JFK with soundproof walls and windows so you can enjoy the beauty of flight without the nuisance of noise. These breathtaking rooms are only the start of your glamorous experience at the TWA Hotel, and the hospitality industry urges you to take advantage of one of their proudest locations.