Sensation, tranquility, and pristine, something the Sentry is not a stranger to. This peaceful oasis rests directly across from a jaw-dropping view of the famous New York City. Float your way to relaxation as you take in the breathtaking sights of NYC while sipping a refreshing cocktail from the flatiron bar, just in time t catch a skyline sunset.

“There’s a feeling about the city like it’s ready to come alive again. After a challenging year, we are excited to help people reignite summer in the city through our private rooftops at Murray Hill and Penthouse lounge in the Flatiron”

~Owner and entrepreneur, Tom Rowse

The Sentry Vibe

Not only should you look forward to incredible views but an outstanding staff trained in high class and luxury hospitality. Finley pressed white coats will be at your service whether rain or shine event or date night.

The tranquility of this location will have you feeling free from a busy city but the perfect view to enjoy the City at its best, through the skyline. The stunning location is home to many forms of entertainment with options for a guaranteed spot on the VIP guest list. The Sentry offers a breathtaking infinity pool surrounded by Hampton-style seating and day beds for the ultimate relaxation. While in the midst of the city, the Sentry prides itself on maintaining a traditional NYC aesthetic while also including trends and styles collected from our new modern-day world.

That Iconic New York City modern-day aesthetic isn’t the only thing the Sentry has going for them. In a small city where people know their food and eat a lot of it, expect the Sentry only to deliver when it comes to satisfying the diverse taste buds that walk through their doors.

This intimate penthouse bar is filled with cozy nooks to call your home away from home.  The design here is chic, stylish and a touch mid-century.  Perched 18 stories above the hustle of the city below,  The Sentry Flatiron is designed to be enjoyed as a cozy fall and winter oasis and as a breezy, open-air escape in summer, making it the ultimate year-round destination for cocktailing.

~The Sentry

The Rooftop Space

The Sentry is no stranger to putting its guest into the ultimate relaxation mode through views, drinks, and food. Whether you’re looking for a location to spend a hot summer day or enjoy a steller bar atmosphere, the entry rooftop is truly one for the bucket list. The sentry offers two locations, one on Murray Hill specifically for members only. The second location Is open to the public and located in the flatiron or Copper Building in NYC. The Sentry Offers a rooftop menu that mirrors the same menu in the Sentry’s restaurant/bar, the Flatiron. A small food menu that focuses on texture and flavor complements any drink from Sentry’s eight-page drink menu. The 8-page menu is not limited to only inventive cocktails but a wide variety of craft beers, liquors, and wines. The choices that appear on the menu are truly a small taste of heaven, and although a condensed menu, you will find something to meet every craving.

The bar at the Sentry is just the tip of the iceberg for your pallet, as the venue is proud to produce delicious cuisine as well. With a small but intricate menu, the Sentry offers small plates filled with squid, roasted veggies, classic salad, crisp parmesan fries, and vegan rolls, perfect treats to enjoy and still rock that bikini!

A cocktail list with over 50 drinks is set out and ready to wow you with unique flavors and presentation. All cocktails are listed at $16 to make things as simple as possible. Cocktails are a great draw to the Sentry and even used as the face of marketing and promotional center points for the food aspect of the venue. The venue makes your experience more enjoyable by having the option to be served salivating drinks and foods in a formal dinner setting or while lounging on the pool deck. A band or entertainment is scheduled to appear most nights at the Sentry. Just think, a night that includes enjoying the array of an orange sunset, good company, food, and a popular NYC band that knows how to bring your experience to a perfect 100% satisfaction rate.

The pool deck is set in a square shape with its famous infinity pool with retro-styled pool bottom that you can spot from the clouds to add that extra flair to space. The entire deck is placed together carefully with wooden light wooden finishes with aesthetically pleasing tables, chairs, and luxurious daybeds surrounded by greenery and the reflection of the Atlantic ocean.

VIP and Lifestyle

A vibe or lifestyle? It’s all up to you. Whichever you choose, you came to the right place. The Sentry is a unique venue for entertainment and offers a lifelong experience through their partnership with American Copper Building that provides luxury housing and amenities. This location emphasizes an elaborate lifestyle, and the uniqueness of this location is that you choose how long you enjoy the experience. The Copper building vibes partner with the Sentry vibe, allowing for the best of both worlds and access to both location’s amenities. These partners not only offer life enjoyment but living the lifestyle we dream about!

If you wish to become a VIP member of the Sentry specifically, guests can apply and become a VIP member that includes a monthly but reasonable fee for an amazing experience and inclusion of this elite hangout spot. You may also secure your spot at Murray Hill if your relaxing night includes only your close friends and fellow members. The Sentry welcomes all ages and groups, having specific VIP prices for singles, couples, and “young guns.” The club at the Sentry values pristine and similar-minded people who enjoy hard work and deep relaxation.

Who’s Mixing and Fixing

The Sentry proudly presents their leading chef and Mixologists as a part of the Sentry experience. Gates Otsuji and Jeremey Ortiz work together to create some of the most creative cocktails and are truly the brains behind the operation when it comes to the bar. The pair believe creativity and intrigue is the most important aspect of creating your perfect New York City cocktail. If you are looking for a refreshing and relaxing all-in-one, Ortiz and Otsuji recommend a crowd favorite cocktail they call ‘”seaside distancing” a cocktail cure for the soul filled with white rum, velvet falernum, pineapple, Boiron, kalamansi puree, and coconut milk.

Chef Matthew Foley makes his mark on the food world back in his home state of California. Foley trained under good respect and known chef David LeFevre and Michael White. After working in some of LA and NYC’s most popular and fine dining restaurants, some of Foley’s titles since have been the sous chef at Vic’s in NoHo, sous Chef at Marea in NYC, corporate chef at Fast-casual restaurant group, and of course the Executive Chef of the Sentry. With home Italian cooking in his blood, Foley is extremely detailed care filled with his cooking creation, and he is excited to share a meal with you.

Hours and Location

Guest can enjoy the Sentry Flatiron Wednesday -Saturday 5 PM-11 PM for the public. Members can enjoy the space Monday- Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. The Sentry flatiron is located at 37 West 24th ST, 18th Floor, New York, NY, 10010.

VIP Members can enjoy the location on Murray hill, located at 435 E 35th St, New York, NY 10016. The space is available for relaxation from Memorial day weekend to Labor day weekend.

No matter who you are or what you are searching for, the views await you at the Sentry!