K-pop sensation, BLACKPINK, has taken the world by storm as they rack up their views to more than 600 million subscribers. If you haven’t gotten a chance to listen to their music, you may know them from Tik Tok with  their popular bop ‘How You Like That’.

Who’s in the Blackpink dynamic?

The band was formed all the way back in 2016 with Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. Each of them have been working towards their big break through. Initially, they all had different dreams before singing their hearts out.

Jisoo before starting out in BLACKPINK began as an actress with a focus in commercial ads. Shortly after, she started her singing career when she became a trainee at YG Entertainment in 2011. From there, her career launched into the formation of BLACKPINK.

Next, Jennie! She started her career in the music industry by an impromptu audition for Rihanna’s “Take a Bow” single for YG Entertainment. Before getting into singing, her parents wanted her to become a lawyer, but refused because she wanted to be a dancer according to Style Caster. What made her shift her career was the need for  becoming an entertainer. Now she’s living her dreams to the fullest!

Then comes Rosé. However, there’s a plot twist! She didn’t start off as a singer. She was actually a cheerleader before making her big break and eventually lead into becoming the powerhouse of BLACKPINK.

Last, but not least, Lisa.  She was one of the original trainees at YG Entertainment. Out of the audition, with a total of 4,000 people, she beat the odds and made it. Hardly knowing any Korean, she was able to push through and become a member of BLACKPINK.

They became known as the first girl group in a whopping seven years from YG Entertainment according to Vogue Magazine. They also became the first K-pop act to perform in Coachella back in April 2019. Talk about women empowerment right there!

Their performance made history for women singers as well as boosting their music careers.

Instantly making us all fall off of our seats, they excelled into the music world yet again by setting not one, but three Guinness World Records.

  1. Most viewed YouTube video in 24 hours
  2. Most viewed music video on YouTube in 24 hours
  3. Most viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours by a K-Pop Group

Although it took some time, it was worth the journey with their major accomplishments!

What’s the latest scoop?

From their initial start, August 2020 marked their fourth anniversary of the BLACKPINK band. Congrats ladies! With the pandemic still in our midsts, this hasn’t stopped them from their iconic mark on the world.

Their latest release of ‘How You Like That’ single was one that exploded on the internet and all of social media, especially Tik Tok. On top of that, they kept us more on our toes with their full length album that was released in August. They also have collaborated with famous artists such as Lady Gaga on her recent hit “Sour Candy” and Selena Gomez with her release of “Ice Cream”.  We’re all about to get our sweet tooth on after listening to these tunes!

Outside of the music realm, they started a reality YouTube tv series called “24/365”. They also have created 12 collectable dolls (three for each member). Their collection is available at Target for $4.99+.

Outside of the group and their popularity of their music, each individual member stands out on their own from their style to interests.

In September 2019, Jisoo made a surprise appearance to the Burberry show back in London.

Rosé on the other hand attended the Saint Laurent and became a brand ambassador for them. During the same time, she was also asked by Anthony Vaccarello to be one of his brand reps.

Before COVID-19 hit, Lisa took a trip to Milan and made her debut with Celine as the new muse.

Talk about living the dream!

What’s next?

It’s no telling that these ladies are a powerful dynamic from their accomplishments, but it doesn’t stop there! They currently are planning to expand their brand into the beauty industry. Lisa recently announced that she will become a brand ambassador for MAC Cosmetics.

An interview with Glossy goes into the plans and found the process to be “absolutely explosive […] K-pop has a fandom that has never been seen before,” said MAC Cosmetics global creative director Drew Elliott. “Fans are really engaged with specific members of all of these different groups. Everyone has their own style, and they have their own piece that they bring to all of the groups that they’re in,” he said.

Well we’re all ready to stock up on these products soon! Keep an eye out for the release soon!