Let’s be honest and admit that our immediate reaction to the phrase “I love jeans” makes you question said person’s sanity and lack of desire for comfort. We all roll our eyes and ask why? in disbelief, because who chooses jeans over sweat!??! This new vibey trend has entered us into a warm, cool tone aesthetic of soft, silky, and unique fabrics meant to bring pure pleasure to your body and eating habits. The internet has been blazing with what we call the Loungewear revolution. Sure the 80’s encouraged baggy jeans and oversized sweaters; however, this generation has separated loungewear into its own fashion category. Why would we not be for this, and what is holding you back from accepting this new mindset for fashion!?!

If you are in the comfort group with the majority of us, 2021 has a lifestyle trend for you.

Love for Lounge

Loungewear isn’t a new vibe to us, but accepting it being an all-event and everyday attire has changed drastically, and we are praising the fashion gods for it. The idea of loungewear becoming normalized for everyday fashion broke when High school musical and Chochellas fashion queen, Vaness Hudgens, was photographed rocking a silk PJ set while posing on the streets of NYC. The actress jets across a busy NYC street in front of the grand central station with designer loungewear outfits and HEELS! We can’t give Hudgens the sole credit for the newfound loungewear phenomena as we’ve been blessed to see everyone from the Gigi Hadid to Rihanna being graced in pure silk comfort!

The lounge’s love is maybe the best thing that has happened to the fashion community because, let’s face it; we endure the day for our nighttime date with stretchy pants. The fashion industry has been booming with this new moneymaker in fashion; many popular brands and stores have begun designing and producing the best loungewear. Instagram has been a top promotor for this new fashion trend. Many IG models and brands such as the Kardashians, Shein, and OH POLLY have blasted the internet with stunning models and tempting vibes in promoting comfy fashion. A newfound revolution for cozy vibes, booty popping, and straight-up fashion-forward loungewear sets. Why dress up if sweats are the new cocktail dress?

A Worldwide trend

The thing about trends is they either take off or coast before crashing and burning. Luckily we don’t have to worry about this in regards to this trend. The entire world is ready for matching loungewear outfits graced with heels, boots, or those bright white sneaks. The joy of sharing a worldwide trend that is one design that can fit any style, specific to any individual’s preference is something I know I am living for. Europe, Asia, United States etc. are all forming their own vibe and style of what loungewear is but to be honest, loungewear vibes are one of the few things the whole world agree on right now and that is pretty cool. One thing that we can all agree on, feel confident in and enjoy so sign me up! Whether your loungewear outfit is for Tik Tok videos, a day in Paris, or a late-night gym sesh, we are all living for it. Can I get a cheers for that?!

Is the Vibe for You?

Like with any trend, the lounge is a preference and something to make your own. While the main trend of loungewear that piques the interest of IG is cool tones and simplistic vibes, this trend is truly something that has a lot of playful room. This style is unique because one piece can be made to fit any style, preference, and vibe. The lounge seats are becoming more and more creative design-wise, making it easy for anyone to find something that matches how they want to feel in this outfit. I can’t speak for everyone, but it would be hard not to fall in love with your perfect set of loungewear to add to the wardrobe. Once in possession of your new fits, take to Instagram to share your new and improved lifestyle. Like many celebrities, influencers, and peers have promoted, the world is done with fancy, fancy and ready for comfy comfy. The genius trend is arguably the best idea for elminitating that constant complaint of having to wear jeans and wishing for strechy pants instead. Who doesn’t love to look fashion forward and cute? I know I do! but lets be honest, sometimes we scratch the cute vibes for the comfy vibes or so we don’t have to straight up unbutton our pants mid dinner date! I am living for a lifestyle of lounge but still styling and this is truly an upgrade and win for everyone! Hop on the train of a style that will will make you feel confidecet, fashionable and still able to breath! This life is great!