During recent interview with Netflix’s original series “The Circle” star Chris Sapphire, we dive in a little deeper into what makes our favorite player tick. Originally from Dallas Texas, Chris had his own podcast called “The Gag!”. He was actually at his aunts house uploading his latest episode when he got a phone call from his “good Judy” Alyssa Edwards saying he would be contacted by a casting agent  about auditioning for a show called “The Circle”. Twenty minutes later that call came in and the rest is history.

Chris Sapphire Takes the UK​

With a fan base around the globe, Chris has a bigger social media presence in New York City.  He receives messages from everywhere around the world however. The show recently aired in the UK and he is finding himself torn between here and across the Atlantic. He says “a huge chunk of my heart stayed over there. The people are so freakin’ sweet and I love Nando’s Chicken!”.

Doing “Super Well” Mama

When “The Circle” was over and he was finally able to use his personal phone again, the first person he reached out to was his mom. You can tell the relationship he has with her is one that is unbreakable. He said that once he spoke to her he couldn’t disclose any details as to who the winner was but he could tell his mama that he was doing “SUPER WELL” and she would be blown away once she watches the show.

Chris Has Zero Regrets

Because he is extremely spiritual, Chris remains true to his authentic self. “I still feel like regular old Chris”. On his twitter you will find messages of hope and positivity, promoting mental health. He is one of the good ones. He also likes to “keep people on their glittery toes”. When asked about having any regrets towards the show, Chris said he has “zero regrets”. He is a firm believer in a higher power and knows where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Flick Faves

The reality star is very versatile when it comes to his favorite movies and shows he likes to watch. To give you a list of his all time faves: “Gladiator”, “Lord of The Rings” (all of them) “Titanic”, “Elizabeth 1&2” “Troy” “Alexander” “The Passion of the Christ” “Prince of Egypt” “Harriet”, “The Color Purple”, “Clueless”, “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion”, Pretty Woman”, “Never Been Kissed”, “She’s All That”, “Mean Girls” “Whats Love Got To Do With It”, “Sister act 1&2”, “90’s Disney Films” and “Steel Magnolias”. As far as entertainment, Chris sees himself auditioning for another reality show. Lets face it, we all want to see him in another reality show too. He sees himself doing a dating show as he reports he has been single for “so freakin’ long”.

Private Chat: Full Steam Ahead

Asked about weather or not he still keeps in contact with the other cast members, Chris says that they all still keep in touch over their own private chat in Instagram. He can not wait until Covid-19 settles down and they can all reunite. In the show, there was a member who decided to bring his mother. I asked Chris “If you had known early on that you could take a family member, would you have taken someone for companionship”? Chris responded with “I actually wouldn’t have taken anyone with me. When I get my head in a game, I am full steam ahead, no distractions. I personally enjoyed my time away from home and felt it was a healthy getaway to see the world and spread my wings a bit more. plus, I love adventures”.

Spicy Thing

His dreams outside of “The Circle” include but do not limit to: starting his own makeup/clothing line. He would also like to host his own talk show. Come on, as soon as anyone with eyes sees him on a show, they will instantly be hooked. He is addicted to spicy food and would one day like to have his own brand of hot sauce. Actually, one of his hidden talents is being able to withhold spicy things. He one day wishes to be on the show “Hot Ones” he is confident he can eat many hot wings. He attended two prestigious art schools in Dallas. W.E Greiner Middle School and Booker T. Washington High School for Performing and Visual Arts.

He Shines

Chris Sapphire is not officially associated with any charities but has been doing God’s work by spreading his love and messages of hope and positivity. If he could describe himself in a color, he said he would be “royal sky blue. Honey, think of the sky when it is at its bluest and the sky when it’s at its clearest. I want to be that beautiful shade of blue that just makes you feel good inside”. He shines his light throughout the internet and shares his message of love. we adored him on ” The Circle” and can’t wait to see what he does next.