With WandaVision’s end, Marvel fans will be shifting from an unusual couple to an odd couple. Disney+ is gearing up for their next Phase 4 TV series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Is it worth the watch, how is it different, and will Mephisto show up in any of the 6 episodes? The answer to that last question is an immediate no. So, let’s break down what to expect while managing those fan theories.

The Adventures of Sam and Bucky

The Falcon and Winter Soldier are the heroes who stood by their best common friend, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), a.k.a. Captain America. At the end of Avengers: Endgame, Cap decided to grow old and retire. He passed his shield to Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), a.k.a. Falcon, along with giving the Captain America title. James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes (Sebastian Stan), a.k.a. the Winter Soldier, got nothing. Only an acknowledgment that he’s got some red on his leger to even dawn the shield and title.

The Stone Cold Soldier

After those events, the two find themselves having to work together without their lynchpin. Expect the show’s tone to gritter than the wacky antics seen on WandaVision. The show will be dealing with both title characters’ arks post “blip”. Bucky will be exploring his purpose post “blip” as an enhanced soldier out of his time/former assassin. He’ll mostly do his best to encourage Sam to take up the Captain America mantle, as Steve wanted him to. Sam looks to be the one dealing with a heavier responsibility.

A Soldier Spreads His Wings

It’s shown that Falcon has yet to officially take on the Captain America role. This could be through various reasons that the show looks to be tackling. Some of which is dealing with race, where not everyone would accept him in the role. Another is the government. Since Sam deflected from signing the Sokovia Accords, they see him as a hero who – like Steve – could go, rogue. The political intrigue is sure to kick with these concerns, but nothing will beat the dramatic struggle from within.

The last to hold him back would be himself. Since he’s just a normal human, he could feel that he’s unworthy of the shield and title. But with Bucky’s encouragement, and backhanded comments, Sam could find the courage to take back what was initially given. However, he’s going to have to take up some jobs with his least favorite co-worker.

Their missions take them to foreign locations while battling an unknown enhanced group and returning enemy, Baron Zemo (Daniel Brühl). Who exactly is this group of people and how is Zemo back? No, the answer isn’t Mephisto.

The Old and New Baddies

The last seen of Zemo was in Captain America: Civil War. He successfully divided the Avengers as he sat in The Raft, a heavily secured prison. However, after Infinity War and Endgame, he finds himself back at square one with more heroes to try and takedown. Though based on his involvement and set photos of the series, he could be both an ally and an enemy. More promotional material shows him with Sam and Bucky on a mission in Madripoor – the fictional island near Singapore. However, other footage has him possibly be an ally to the freakishly strong group.

This group of masked terrorists is called The Flag-Smashers. Based on the Captain America villain of the same singular name, this group of anarchists carries anti-patriotism views. Lead by Karli Morgenthau (Erin Kellyman), the Flag-Smashers will do anything to have the world in one common mindset. Their mission could stem from the fears and uncertainties people felt after “The Blip”. With all these threats, the world needs a hero that’s more popular than Falcon and Winter Soldier.

“Oh Captain, My Captain[s]!”

The show will be introducing John Walker (Wyatt Russell) as U.S. Agent. The character in the MCU will be taking over as Captain America under the government’s authority. Though his loyalty to the government is quite dangerous. In the comics, his methods and ideas on patriotism don’t match at all with Steve. He’s more of a “shoot first, ask questions later” kind of soldier. Another character that had a similar origin of being voluntold could also appear.

One character that’s speculated to show up is Isaiah Bradley. He’s known as the first Captain America. It was recently retconned that the government would test the super-soldier serum on African Americans first before handing it over to the U.S. Military. The successful test subject being Isiah. He then took the title of Captain America for a short period of time.

It’s rumored that actor, Carl Lumbly, would be appearing on the show in an unknown role. Fans are speculating that it could be Isiah as a steppingstone to revert the shield and title back to Sam. His involvement elevates his grandson, Elijah “Eli” Bradley, to appear as well. Eli currently goes by the superhero name, Patriot, and is a team member of the Young Avengers. With so much anticipation, is it worth diving into?

Reviews are in

The reviews for the first episode have been released. So far, the press is calling the first episode, “intense”, “loaded with action”, “like an MCU movie”, and “kick-ass”

Most of the reviews highlight amazing action scenes, but also a heavy hit of dramatic scenes. Though some find it difficult to give a full review of the show since it’s just one episode. However, it looks like Marvel is returning with a bang. With great reviews and hype, there will be predictions.


Promos have gotten the YouTubers and bloggers back with their early predictions. Some are speculating that mutants would be mentioned based on the Flag-Smashers and their abilities. Whether they were the cause of super-soldier serum or genetics, the idea of mutants could be just nods.

One of the biggest ones is Madripoor. This city is a huge nod to the X-Men, Wolverine. When he’s not with the team, he does find himself there and battling with The Hand – a secret ninja organization. Netflix recently had The Hand involved in their take on The Defenders. It’s a stretch of a cameo, but not as much as other possible appearances.

Surprise Cameos?

The recently confirmed cameo to appear will be James Rhodes (Don Cheadle), a.k.a. War Machine. This connection isn’t just due to his military background, but also to set up his spin-off series, Amor Wars. Other possible cameos could be Nick Fury, Black Widow’s Yelena Belova, or even previous villain Zola! But what about the obvious, Steve Rogers?

No Cap?

With various promotional material to pull from, one of the heaviest predictions could be that Steve Rogers has died. The theory is due to Sam. He’s been shown in a black suit, publicly speaking about Captain America, and staring at the costume in the Smithsonian. This could also be why Sam and Bucky feel lost, and how they would need each other more than ever.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier will bring back the action that MCU action with some “buddy cop” moments. Are there possible tie-ins for what’s to come for the MCU? What is expected is that this to would chronologically fall after the events of WandaVision, a couple of months after Endgame. More action is soon to return to Disney+ when The Falcon and The Winter Soldier premieres this Friday.