If you have yet to hear about the D’Amelio’s, keep on reading! Tik Tok stars, Charli D’Amelio and Dixie D’Amelio, are no strangers to social media. With their rising popularity on the TikTok app with their viral videos, there’s no question that they are familiar with the critiques of the world. In the realm of social media, their stardom became very well known during the quarantine period with continued hype. As for the drama that follows, so does the tea so let’s dive into the latest!

Who are the D’Amelio Clan?

The D’Amelio’s were first known to the world from the initial TikToks by the youngest daughter Charli. She began her TikToker journey using the app in 2019 after her friends encouraged her to try it out, according to the Atlantic. She then gained over 17 million followers. As she gained popularity, so did her sister Dixie. Both of these sisters changed the game for the app gaining more user activity.

In the beginning, many users were baffled as to how it was possible for Charli, being only fifteen  at the time while still in high school, to gain five million followers in one week and climbing more followers as we speak. The trending hashtag in her videos were #teamcharli with a backed up theme of I don’t get why Charli is so popular

In retrospect, the more someone is talked about the more someone gains popularity. I guess that answers those speculations right? But another element to Charli’s success is “she was a bit lucky because people create trends and funny memes about something […] she was good about being consistent, but she didn’t really work on that, it just happened. That’s what happens on TikTok,” said TikTok expert and CEO of The Influencer Marketing Factory, Alessandro Bogliari

Okay, but what’s the current tea?

Ahh yes the moment you’ve all been waiting for. With fame, comes a price of people knowing your business. The D’Amelio family as a whole came under fire in their family YouTube series, Dinner with the D’Amelio’s. They were having a guest star dinner with James Charles. However, the dinner took an unexpected turn when they had major reactions towards the food, specifically from Dixie and Charli. Taking a turn for the worst, Dixie proceeded to make noises and complaints about the food. One dish she thoroughly disliked was the dish containing the snails. Then shortly after, threw up the food in disgust outside the patio and quickly came back cleaning herself off. In amusement, Charli asked if the chef had “dino nuggets”. It’s safe to assume that they were not big fans of the food which people noticed ASAP. Viewers of all social media reacted from the video release with negative feedback.

Viewers  on YouTube were astounded with “the fact that James was the only one that praised the chef is just sad,” said one viewer. Others found that Dixie’s and Charli’s actions were not matching their standards as public figures. Talk about a 180 personality twist!

Following the video in the same week, Dixie attempted reclaim her fire, but ended up failing and  received criticism over the song she chose to dance to. Fans then accused Dixie of ‘weaponizing’ racism with the audio by Trisha Paytas using the N-word with her latest TikTok creation. Kahlen Barry,  YouTuber, commented that Dixie’s video was “tone deaf” according to Insider. After receive much backlash from fans and other public figures, she took down the video. Dixie also released an apology. “I posted a tiktok with the intention of making a point that didn’t need to be made […] I took it down and i sincerely apologize for posting it in the first place and am so thankful for everyone. i’m wishing you all a great weekend and thank you again for the love and support,” she said.

On top of that news, Charli was accused of buying her followers in order to gain the pivotal 100 million on TikTok. She was known as being one of the first to earn that achievement. Now with evidence of some fake followers, she started to lose her credibility to that honor. 

A fan of Charli posted a video revealing that a follower isn’t actually following her. It’s led to believe that Charli bought her followers as a way to gain the achievement for most followers on Tik Tok according to Sports Keeda.

So now what?

With a lot of moving parts and reputations on the table, it’s hard to say what’s next. The only way is up now for the D’Amelio family to learn from their mistakes and move forward. The unbothered duo continues to post despite the back to back feedback from fans commenting on there recent behavior. No harm feelings just as long as their are amends being made on all spectrums.