Teenage Bounty Hunters: Cancelled. Yet another female-led Netflix show, released on Aug 14, has been abruptly ended. This time after only one season. Confirmed by Deadline, Teenage Bounty Hunters has been officially cancelled. A 10-episode series, dark comedy featuring Maddie Phillips and Anjelica Better Fellini who play 16-year-old twins, Sterling and Blair Wesley. 

Teenage Bounty Hunters was created by Kathleen Jordan. She wrote and co-executive produced the TV show. Kathleen has now moved on to focus her time on her anthology series Social Distance.

“What would Jesus do?”

The twins attend a private christian academy and are members of a high-end country club. Oh they also track down criminals as a second job. The show contains female-centric content, queer representation and witty-quick humor. As we get tangled up into the lives of Sterling and Blair, fans are beginning to wonder if there is hope left for the twins.


Twins, Sterling (Maddie Phillips) and Blair (Anjelica Bette Fellini) Wesley


Sterling and Blair are a couple of gun-toting, women-empowering and lustful-teens. While trying to navigate every other teenage problem, like boys, sex, homework and parties. The girls also need to raise funds for denting their father’s truck. Which is what spirals them into a world of tracking down felons, some of which are rather murderous and dangerous. An unusual job they must keep a secret from their snoopy parents. As well as not get killed or injured on the job.

Just in the first episode alone we witness a criminal pull a gun out on the girls. After they attempt on not running him over with their father’s car. Sterling pulls a shotgun from her dad’s truck out on the man, surprising both him and the bounty hunter in pursuit. Sterling works out a deal to claim part of the cash prize. Later also gains employment for her and her sister from the bounty hunter. Bowser, the beloved bounty hunter, played by Kadeem Hardison. The show now spins into a web of lies, secrets and surprising make out sessions.


Twins working at the ice cream shop owned by Bowser, which serves as a front for his business.

Beloved Side Characters of Teenage Bounty Hunters

We also have April Stevens (Devon Hales) who controls her posse and constantly blackmails Sterling. Then we’ve got Luke Creswell (Spencer House) who plays Sterling’s boyfriend, a die-hard romantic and terrible at playing his guitar. Finally, we’ve got Miles Taylor (Myles Evans) who eventually plays Blair’s boyfriend, and shows us the light to thinking radically in today’s modern society. All three of these side characters show us what’s it’s like to be a teenager. Trying to discover themselves in a small christian/republican town.

Despite Netflix producing original TV shows faster than I could say “Tiktok is an Art” (Blair Wesley). They’ve decided that this show, despite it’s popularity, doesn’t deserve a second chance. There’s no word as to why they made this sudden abrupt decision. Or if any other popular content programs are going to pick up the show. We now only have hope Sterling and Blair get some sort of resolution.

Teenage Bounty Hunters sat in the top 10 on Netflix for a short amount of time. Also, received a 92% from critics and whooping 94% from their audience on Rotten Tomatoes. A pretty spectacular rating all the way around for this brand new show. With a relatively unknown cast, no insanely-special location and rather non-expensive set. This decision came to a surprise and devastation to many loyal fans.

Other Cancelled Netflix Shows

The Society, I Am Not Okay With This, Astronomy Club, AJ and the Queen, and Soundtrack. Are all shows that Netflix has cancelled in 2020 alone, among many other shows. All of these were cancelled after only one season, and all of them had at least female leads, black representation and/or modern events. Some of these were cancelled only a few months after release or shortly after season two speculations and plans. With Netflix stripping adored original TV shows, this only leads to harsh judgement for any new shows they attempt to release.


Bowser, Sterling and Blair in the season finale.

Where are the twins now?

You can catch Maddie Phillips in a movie called Summerland. She plays Stacey, who is part of a trio of friends (Chris Ball and Rory J. Saper) who will do anything and everything to make it to Summerland music festival. Released on September 14 2020, you can watch it on Amazon Prime. Of course, you can always follow her on Instagram and see her day to day life, @themaddiep.

You can catch Anjelica on a movie coming out in 2021, called The French Dispatch. She plays a proofreader in the film. Notable costars would be Bill Murray and Owen Wilson, set to be release sometime in 2021. It was postponed from 2020 due to health concerns for premiere parties in New York and L.A. You can also catch up to Anjelica’s day to day activities on her Instagram, @anjelicafellini.

What now?

With Teenage Bounty Hunters officially cancelled. We are now left with a series of questions revolved around the season finale plot twists alone. Will truths be told and lies exposed? Nevertheless what will happen to our favorite onscreen couples? Will Sterling and Blair survive the remainder of high school? Will another secret cause yet another issue in their lives? Left with a lengthy list of questions and so far no sight of a happy ending for Sterling and Blair.

Many are blaming the cancellation on Covid-19 related issues. Many also hope that season two is simply postponed. Maybe a surprise tweet announcing a reunion will pop up here in the near future.

Just remember. “Never send a man to do a woman’s job.”-April Stevens.

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