Tuesday night, Tayshia Adams officially began her Bachelorette journey! Rumored for months before this season aired, Tayshia had taken over mid-season after Clare Crowley fell in love with Dale Moss in just four episodes. She was put in the unusual position of being the first-ever person to take over as The Bachelorette in the middle of the season. Filmed amidst COVID-19 restrictions, this season has potential to be the most dramatic one yet!

Tayshia Surprised Clare’s Remaining Suitors

After Clare announced her engagement to Dale last week, the sixteen men left over from Clare’s season were given the choice to go home or stay and try again with a new lead. Some of the men had mixed feelings about moving on so quickly after getting invested in their relationships with Clare.

New Men Arrived for Tayshia

You may need to re-draft your Bachelorette fantasy picks! In addition to Clare’s remaining men, four new men joined the show and the quarantine bubble. These men shook up the group dynamic and reassured Tayshia that she would not be forced to choose from just Clare’s leftovers.

Tayshia took an immediate liking to two of the new men, causing some rifts in the house. Newcomer Spencer took home the first impression rose, after ruffling the feathers of some of the original men at the opening night cocktail party.

Clare and Dale Addressed Rumors

In the middle of the episode’s drama, the show took some time for a sit-down interview with Clare and Dale to address rumors that have popped up on social media. Fans of the show are suspicious of how fast they fell in love, and allege that the couple may have started talking before the show began filming.

Clare was put in an unusual position when the show pushed back production due to the pandemic. The men had already been announced, so she was able to learn about them via social media. Usually, the contestants go into the season with lots of prior knowledge about the lead, while the bachelorette is completely in the dark.