The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the 2021 Super Bowl Champions as they thrashed the defending champions 31-9. The Bucs played lights out and rolled over the Kansas City Chiefs who looked deflated throughout the whole match. The Buccaneers played the best game throughout the whole season and cemented their name into a list of great Super Bowl teams.

Tom Brady Wins Seventh Super Bowl

Tom Brady keeps making history as he now has seven Super Bowl rings to his legendary career. It his safe to say that he is one of the greatest of all time. Last night he put on a show and guided the Bucs to their second Super Bowl Championship.

To cap off his stellar performance, Tom Brady was named the MVP and it was deservingly so. He now has won the Super Bowl MVP five times in his career. At 43 years old he keeps impressing everyone and it looks like he can keep on playing for years to come. The offense was fluid under his command and the play call by offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich was incredible.

Indeed Tom Brady will be considered the G.O.A.T. by many after what he accomplished last night. The years keep on passing and he just keeps getting better. Like fine wine the older the better. Clearly, going to Tampa Bay and leaving the New England Patriots was a right decision for Tom Brady as he now has another Super Ring in his collection.

Kansas City Never Got Rolling

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs team never got rolling in the most important game of the season. Mahomes was in constant pressure by the Bucs defense throughout the whole match. He never looked comfortable and was always running for his life, similar to what Russel Wilson is used to almost every game this past season with the Seattle Seahawks.

The Chiefs running game never got rolling and the passing game was not clicking. Mahomes couldn’t connect with his favorite target Tyreek Hill as he was well covered throughout the whole game. Travis Kelce did catch plenty of passes but none for big plays that resulted in a touchdown.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defense Was Amazing

The Bucs defense was led by their defensive coordinator Todd Bowles who found the formula to stop Patrick Mahomes. He was able to call plays that forced Mahomes to throw away the ball and live for another down. He was able to stop a high rolling offense who was used to running over defenses like if they were not there.

From the beginning, it looked like Mahomes was going to have a long night. Indeed that is what happened as Mahomes was left frustrated by not having clear views to throw to his receivers. Jason PierrePaul and company put on a display in which it shut down a high scoring offense.

This was a well design game plan that was put by the Bucs defense and it proved to work. Throughout the whole game the Chiefs offense was well covered and the Bucs controlled the match. The whole defense played as a Super Bowl winning team and deserved major credit for this championship

Kansas City Chiefs Played Awful

The Chiefs defense was just simply awful last night. They were self-destructing themselves with silly penalties. They couldn’t stop Tom Brady and his offense as they ran them over throughout the whole night.

Also, the receivers dropped some crucial catches that could’ve resulted in some big plays. The offensive line was missing two key players in Eric Fisher and Mitchell Schwartz. This added to the punter, Tommy Townsend who was kicking short kicks and looked very nervous when called to do his work.

Overall, the Chiefs never got rolling and got outplayed in every department. The defense and offense were outplayed by the Bucs and it clearly was displayed in the field.

Tom Brady Keeps Making History

With his seventh Super Bowl ring, Brady now has more Super Bowls than any other football franchise. The Pittsburgh Steelers and his ex-team New England Patriots have six Super Bowls to their names. This is something super incredible that we have witnessed and it is pretty remarkable.

Many celebrities and other sporting athletes have now named him the G.O.A.T. He just keeps doing incredible things and it seems like he will not stop here. After the game in an interview, he said, “Yeah, we’re coming back. We’re coming back.” So, it is safe to say that we can witness Tom Brady for another year.

Great Super Bowl

All in all, it was a great Super Bowl that provided excitement, drama, and lots of records. Clearly, the game was intense even though it was a one sided affair. The Bucs outplayed the Chiefs and solidified Brady as one of the greatest athletes in the history of sports. No doubt Super Bowl LV will be remembered as the year that Tom Brady broke more records and cemented his name in the sporting world. The Bucs won the Super Bowl in their home stadium in front of their fans and family members. Hopefully next year the Super Bowl is great as this one. Now, the Bucs can celebrate their second Super Bowl in their history.