We’ve all said that phrase at some point in our lives, I know I have. But, after one of the strangest hardest years, we all deserve a little self care. It doesn’t always have to be a spa day, there are little ways you can bring self care into your everyday routine. Here are some simple practical ways to practice self care in the New Year and to remind yourself, it’s okay to take some time for you, even if it’s five minutes.

Create a Playlist

Create a playlist on your favorite music app, whether it’s Spotify or YouTube, and add songs that you love.

This can be a chill playlist, something to listen to when you start to feel stressed out and anxiety is knocking on your door, or an upbeat playlist, something to play when you need an extra boost of energy. Add your latest music finds or some throwback jams that bring back nostalgia.

Journal or Paint – Find Your Creative Side 

If you’re not one for journaling or you’ve been wanting to start for the longest time, now is the time. Pick out your favorite pen (mine is purple) and open to a blank page. Write whatever comes to mind. This is one of the best ways to clear your mind when the to-do list is a mile long but you can’t seem to concentrate. Personally, I love journaling and it’s my go to when life gets stressful. Seeing my thoughts and worries scribbled onto a page makes it seem less daunting and gives me more motivation to conquer those thoughts.

Or find a canvas at your local dollar store and splash some paint around until you have a masterpiece. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and it’s a great way to relieve stress and take a break from the busyness of life. If you have no idea where to start, check out Pinterest for some easy ideas on what to paint or doodle. If you’re not one for writing or painting, try something else to find your creative side. You could pick up some coloring books from the dollar store or a writing prompt journal to help guide your way. Who knows, you might just surprise yourself.


There are enough people in this world telling you, “You can’t do it.” Be your own cheerleader and #1 supporter. Write a letter to yourself saying everything you’re proud of and a list of things you’ve accomplished in the past 4 years. Compliment yourself and say what you love most about you. Keep it in your back pocket or somewhere close so when you begin to doubt yourself or someone tells you “You can’t do it,” you can open your letter and read it. Believe the words, because it’s true. You can do it. You are beautiful. And you have already come so far, nothing can stop you now.

Make Weekly Goals

If a New Year’s resolution feels daunting this year, don’t worry, you are not alone. Set weekly goals for yourself, whether it’s take a five minute walk, a ten minute dance party, or reading a poem to spark inspiration. Write your goals on a sticky note or an index card and place it on your mirror or somewhere you can see it everyday. And remember, it’s okay to start small. These goals are meant to be something that won’t seem intimidating and something to look forward to. 


Spice up your morning routine with some affirmations. Wake up five minutes earlier and tell yourself whatever you need to hear for the day:

I can do this. 

I am strong. 

I am resilient. 

I am worthy. 

Write out your affirmations and hang them around your workspace or somewhere you can see them when you need it most.

Clear Your Space

It may seem cliché, but one of the best ways to welcome the New Year is to clear or declutter your space. Set aside a day or a couple hours to reorganize your work space or your living space. Recycle or donate anything that does not spark joy or serve a purpose in your life anymore. It’s okay to let things go. A lot of times when our space is cluttered, its an indication that our mind is cluttered too or we are feeling overwhelmed. If you find that to be true for you, clearing your space is a good place to start. It doesn’t have to be a chore, make it fun! Light some candles, pour yourself your favorite drink, (ice coffee for me) and blast your new playlist.

Create a Mood Board

Create a mood board or collage with pictures, images, and quotes to manifest what this year will be for you. Will you start that business you’ve been dreaming of, publish that book you’ve been writing for months, or apply to the job you’ve been timid to send your resume to? This is a New Year of endless possibilities. Print out your mood board and paste it on your wall or somewhere close by to remind yourself of your goals and dreams. Keep working towards your goals, you got this!