Making it as an actress has a bunch of obstacles. Samantha Robinson is no stranger to hurdles and obstacles when it comes to making it in entertainment. Her new film Take Me to Tarzana has recently hit streaming services and received great feedback. With this zany film making headlines, we now hear from one of the stars herself on the making of this film.

Q: How long have you been acting for?

A: I started my acting training at about seven years old. But it wasn’t until after I graduated from UCLA that I started acting professionally in film & tv.  

Q: How did you get involved with Take Me to Tarzana?

A: I worked with Maceo Greenberg on a music video shoot several years ago. Afterwards we stayed in touch throughout the years. When he was moving forward with the casting process for Take me to Tarzana, he reached out to me and offered me the role of Jane. I was thrilled. 

Q: What was the filming process like?

A: It was a lot of fun and had a great time making it! The cast was hilarious and often had me in stitches and the crew were all so nice. We all got along famously and had a week of night shoots. Some of those involved a lot of moving parts; we were definitely fighting the sun coming up but I was surprised at what the whole team was able to pull off. 

Q: Did you have a favorite scene you filmed?

A: I had a lot of fun shooting the scene where Andrew and I find Gordy dead, as the whole situation was so cockamamie and over the top. Also, shooting at the abandoned LA Zoo was such a cool location to see and shoot at. 

Q:  You think a sequel could possibly be involved?

A: I’m not sure about that! If Maceo wanted to make a sequel I would of course love to be a part of it. 

Q: Do you have any other projects coming along at the moment or what else have you done?

A: I just had a short come out called Jazzberry where I play a half-woman, half-leopard directed by Maxwell Nalevansky. Also I have another short called For Your Consideration directed by Poppy Gordon that should be coming out soon.  

Q: When not working, what is your biggest guilty pleasure?

A: It would have to be cooking and going to flea markets and estate sales for those epic vintage finds. 

Q: As an up-and-coming actress, what hurdles have you overcome?

A: I think the biggest hurdle would be keeping your spirits up when you don’t get a role you really wanted. Somehow, it always works out for the best though. You have to trust that the roles you get are meant for you and that something else will come along. There is a lot of uncertainty as to when you will work again. But you have to always keep the faith!

Q: Last question, what advice do you give to anyone who is rising in the entertainment industry?

A: I would say be bold, take risks, foster relationships, be genuine and work hard at your craft. Also remember that you are a wonderful person whose self worth isn’t based solely on the last role you did and to work on enjoying the journey. 

Ms. Robinson sure has a lot to say and so much to learn from. She is overcoming obstacles and finding her own way in the entertainment field. Hopefully in the near future we get to see much more of her! Currently you can check out Take Me to Tarzana on all streaming services as well as following Samantha on her social media links at @msrobinson. Samantha isn’t only taking us to Tarzana she is taking us on her journey to stardom.