One thing most people have been wondering throughout the COVID crisis is, “will that new season of Riverdale be happening in January like usual? Is the Batman with Robert Pattison going to be delayed?” It seems to be different for every production studio. However, there are some people like Zac Van Matten, who decided to create a show right at the start of Quarantine. Zac’s show Retcon is a web series that he has created through the now infamous Zoom Video Communications.

Talking To The Creator

Celeb Magazine sat down to chat with Zac about the creation of “Retcon” in such a difficult time. Zac reached out to Celeb Mag after meeting one of our writers through Stareable Film Festival this year, and we quite enjoyed his work. Zac is an Australian living in England who got started on his film journey at University. “I went to the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. I did a Creative Writing/Film & TV double major in a Bachelor of Fine Arts and learned heaps about the creative process and the production process. Then I bought a camera the year I graduated and just made as much as possible.” Retcon is a sci-fi time travel web series, about people wanting to go back to a previous time when they were alive, in order to live a better life than they did. So everyone who wishes for a second chance in life goes to Retcon “Welcome to Retcon. Your first choice for a second chance.” The show so far has seven episodes and Retcon has an Instagram where viewers can watch all episodes. 

Who Are The Actors And How The Creator Went About Casting

Zac went on to answer a few questions we had about the actors, none of which he found from Backstage. “All of the actors are friends. They are all professional actors and comedians. I actually went to high school with the guy who plays Jack who went to college for acting so they have done a bunch of stuff beforehand. He hadn’t done a whole lot recently so he was really keen on the opportunity just to kind of get sucked back in and I  think For a lot of the cast it  was about having a creative outlet on screen again, during coronavirus. The man who plays Ian is actually an old Australian comedy writer and producer who did a lot of stuff in the 70’s.

What Else the Creator is Working On And Fun Production Facts About The Show

 “This has been the focus project, still working on some fun stuff, a spy story based in the Hinterlands, very visual and fun. And a family drama as well. We filmed the last two episodes and what is interesting about the show from a production perspective except the first two episodes, none of the actors actually played off of each other. So in every other shoot I sat in for the other actors and individually did their bits and then I cut myself out and then cut them together. So I think a lot of people have not picked up on the fact that they are not talking to each other which I  think is a funny byproduct of the environment it’s filmed in. And that’s one of my favorite things about it  because I have been able to be in a scene, completely pour myself into it and just have these two characters talking to each other even though they never have.”


Creator Tells Us His Plans For When COVID Ends

Given that, after COVID’ seems to be a series of shifting goalposts, I’m not sure what the plans are for after COVID. Hoping to make the move into entertainment marketing for films, shows, festivals, and streamers. We’re heading back to Australia from the UK for Christmas because of family health reasons but we’ll be back in Britain in early 2021.” Zac tells us about  the casting of the show, and how he found the actors. I cast everyone from Australia through personal connections from filmmaking in the country for a few years. There’s one perspective cast member for episode 9 that’s British who’s a connection from a Raindance event that I followed on Instagram and DM’d to see if she was keen.” With COVID still happening, Zac says that after the Pandemic, a tv show get together with everyone involved would definitely be a sure thing to happen, “I’d really love to get everyone together! Scheduling has been the hardest part of the show which feels pretty ironic but Australia’s been pretty cruisy with COVID so everyone’s been back at the office, out on holiday, or generally busy so I don’t think it would be quite as realistic as I’d hoped. Interestingly, every episode since the second has been shot asynchronously so most of the cast hasn’t even spoken over Zoom even though they’re in a show together.