First off, date night can be hard enough to plan, regardless of a pandemic preventing us from going to many of our top date night spots, but fear not! Date night is just as important to us as it is to you; we need to get a little more creative these days. Secondly, date night can become a routine before you know it, so explore our creative date night ideas and experience something fun, new, and relaxing!

1. Christmas Lights and Hot Chocolate

With the Christmas season in full force, date night can include a quick stop to your favorite coffee shop for some piping hot cocoa (and marshmallows, of course); once you have your joe, head over to google to bring up “the best Christmas lights” in your city or town and make your way to your very own romantic stroll through twinkly lights and the warmth of your partner’s hand and hot cocoa in the other.

2. Christmas Movie Marathon

Okay, let’s face it, how many Christmas movies do we actually have the time to see during the Holiday season? For one, I would like a whole night to watch Christmas movies, aka the perfect date night! Grab some take-out, pop opens some wine, and get comfy on the couch. Choose from hundreds of Christmas movies that can be streamed on any platform; even making it a themed Holiday movie night to spruce things up a bit. Old movies, Newer, comedy, cartoon, the options are endless for your perfect holiday movie night.

3. Restaurant at Home

Who says you have to go out on the town to get dressed up and enjoy a fancy dinner? maybe all you need is your kitchen table, a few candles, and a sexy black dress to create the perfect Restaurant atmosphere. Slip-on that sexy outfit you’ve been dying to wear, order takeout from your favorite restaurant, set the table with your best china, light those candles, and vwala, you have your own at-home restaurant. The best part, you can have as much wine as you want in this unique dining experience!

4. Window Shopping

Call in old fashioned, but back in the early 1800s, Window shopping was the thing to do during the holidays. It is true the windows we see nowadays aren’t quite as dramatic as they once were. However, window shopping could be a fun way to gain some Christmas gift ideas, hint at what you gifts you want and a perfect excuse to get a delicious mall pretzels; you know what I mean.

5. Food Night

Food night! It just sounds inviting, doesn’t it? We all know that food night sounds like a great way to break our diets and put on an extra few pounds. However, sometimes a food night is necessary, and we all need a reward sometimes, right? Food night consists of buying or making your favorite foods together and having a relaxing NON-JUDGMENTAL feast of all your guilty pleasures. Food night is relaxed and never formal because we all know sweatpants are at the top of our list for this date night attire!

6. Good Old Fashioned Game Night

Remember all the old board games or cards games we use to play as a kid? Why not re-live those memories with your favorite person and take a trip down memory lane. Grab your game and make a cozy place to play. This game night will be a great bonding experience and open up new and fun topics about each other!

  1. Mousetrap
  2. Which Witch?
  3. Trouble
  4. Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em
  5. Clue

7. Ice Skating

Ice skating is among one of those favorite holiday activities. The good news is that many towns and cities operate outdoor rinks! Grab your partner, bundle up and head over to your local outdoor rink for some icy fun!

8. Christmas Cookie Time

Baking may not be everyone’s “thing,” but between you and your partner, you’ll have a better chance of creating something to decorate! Decorating can be quite fun and allow you and your partner to bring out your inner artist. Whether the night leads you to find out your partner is a baking prodigy, the next Van Gogh, or simply just enjoying delicious cookies, you have had a successful date night.

9. Pizza and Wrapping

Okay, wrapping can be the biggest joy during the holiday season for some people, but for others, it is just “that” task cutting into our free time. Unfortunately or fortunately, the wrapping has to get done, so why not make it into an all-around better night by doing it with the one you love. The key to this date night is a giant pizza, pizza makes everything better, and your favorite Christmas movie!

Crafty Crafty Christmas

Christmas crafts and photoshoots are on the agenda for tonight. Here are two fun and easy ways to get in the holiday spirit with your significant other. Ornament creations, Christmas coloring, cards, and many more are a great way to create gifts as a couple. These gifts are great to give to family, friends, or even start a traditional yearly ornament together.

We can never have enough photos, am I right? A crafty Christmas date night also focuses on turning your home into a studio for the night. Capture those extra glamorous photos as a couple, individually or, what the heck, the dog too! You may not be out strutting your stuff so take a night and capture some creative inside shots instead.


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