First and foremost, season 2 of The Mandalorian will debut on Friday, October 30. The highly anticipated show will continue its journey through the galaxy and resume where it left off. The show brought in some positive reviews from the critics and the fans.

Huge Success

Unlike other shows, The Mandalorian is super popular among every age range and many people have subscribed to Disney+ just to watch this show. The show was nominated for 15 Emmys and won seven. When it debuted last year, it was the most in-demand show around the world. Star War fans were anticipating this show and it proved it was worth watching. Also, Baby Yoda got plenty of attention as many people thought the baby was cute. Plenty of memes were made of the character, and a lot of toys were bought by the fans. No question this show was a huge success as it left people wanting for more even though it only had eight episodes.

New Directors

Differing from last year, season two will have different directors. Peyton Reed, Carl Weathers, Robert Rodriguez, and series creator Jon Favreau are the directors of season two of The Mandalorian. Reed has big credits to his name but his biggest is directing Ant Man movies and the upcoming sequel. Rodriguez credits are the Spy Kids movies and Alita: Battle Angel. Weathers directed an episode as well as Favreau.

Indeed it will be interesting to see how these new directors took the series in their own unique views. It will be tough to replace Deborah Chow and Taika Waititi, who both have other projects in the works.  


Finally, Disney+ dropped several trailers to get the momentum up and running once again. the fans were left wanting for more and a year later, there are new episodes arriving. In the trailers, we can see that Pedro Pascal, as The Mandalorian, returns as a bounty hunter and is alongside Baby Yoda. In other trailers we can see that they are also accompanied by Cara Dune and Greef Karga. Clearly they are now a team and are working together to take Baby Yoda back along with others of its kind. We can hear that Mando will try to search for other Mandalorians to help him guide him to this task. Also, we can see that Moff Gideon is back and wants to get Baby Yoda from the three heroes.

Clearly, the show will be jam packed with a lot of action as one may have predicted. We could also see some green skin aliens in of the trailers. This means that we can potentially see a little more of the Gamorreans throughout the season.

Definitely the trailers left the fans wanting for more as they should do. We will have to wait until the first episode to see more of what we can expect from the second season.

New Faces

Along with the new season coming, there are new faces coming to the show. Michael Biehn has been casted as a bounty hunter. Timothy Olyphant is supposedly a part of a top-secret role. Katee Sackhoff has also been casted to appear in the show. Rosario Dawson has been rumored to be the main new face of the new season. We’ll have to see if any of these is true once the episodes start streaming. The other new face is a surprise to many as WWE wrestler, Sasha Banks will be in season two. Some say she will play the role of Sabine Wren, agraffitiartistfrom Star Wars: Rebels. The new faces will definitely add something different to the show and will add even more entertainment.

Eight Episodes To Binge Watch

Furthermore, eight new episodes have been confirmed for season two. The eight episodes will be full of action and plenty of people around the world will be talking about them on social media. The buzz on this was crazy last year and it looks like it will be creating more noise. It drew a lot of people in and that looks like the case this year. People from around the world will be talking about every episode as they did last year. We will see if the episodes of season two will be a little longer than they were last year. Some fans wanted the episodes to last a little longer as they were very entertaining.

Promising New Season

Above all, the second season of The Mandalorian will be exciting and will leave the people wanting for more. The first season was a global success, and the second season seems like it is also heading in that direction.

Finally, we will see one of the most anticipated shows and get to see where the series heads to next. You can check out the whole series on Disney+, which will debut on Friday, October 30.