Top Celebrities and Athletes who Invested in eSports

The esports industry has evolved at a breakneck pace, breaking into the mainstream and cementing its place as a sport for the future. Several athletes

Euro 2020

Euro 2020 Preview

The Euro 2020 is a day away as it will kick off this Friday with an entertaining match. This tournament was supposed to take place


Epilating—Hair Removal Made Easy

Ladies, whip out the epilator—discard yourselves of that frustrating body hair holding you back from your most beautiful beach body yet. Summer is here, and

Dawn McCoy

Dishing with Dawn McCoy

Having a job is a good thing. Carrying on multiple jobs is hard work. Doing what you love and doing it professionally, now that is

Kevin Durant

Once Again, Kevin Durant Is Reminding Us Of Who He Is.

Kevin Wayne Durant is playing the best basketball of his life. Kevin Wayne Durant is the best basketball player on the planet right now. KD

Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson Announces His Return To YouTube

After a brief hiatus from his YouTube Channel, Shane Dawson has announced his return to the platform. In an Instagram post on Wednesday, June 9,

Ariana Grande

Arianna Grandes Happily Ever After

The queen of pop Arianna Grande finally tied the knot with Dalton Gomez; the stars found a quarantined boyfriend. Fans and paparazzi were shocked to

Julie Dawn Cole

Willy Wonka’s Julie Dawn Cole Remembers 50 years later

Being part of a cinematic masterpiece is a gift. Looking back and not knowing how big a film can be is very special. One film

J-Lo Ben Affleck
CELEB Dating

Love Alert—Bennifer From the Block— Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Rekindle Romance

In recent news, two people the world imagined would never pair up again have been spotted rekindling a possible romance. Can you guess who? Once

Eugene Chung

Former NFL player and assistant coach Eugene Chung told, “Not the Right Minority” we’re looking for?

Should the NFL be under scrutiny for a recent incident that technically is racial discrimination? If you’re not following up, former New England Patriots player