Fenty Beauty has taken the beauty industry by storm since its release in 2017 with Rihanna as the company’s founder the brand was an instant success. Since its launch Fenty has become a household brand not only in the beauty industry but the fashion industry as well. Being that it is one of the few makeup brands that provides 50 different foundation shades it has become a favorite amongst many people. 

One other thing that sets Fenty Beauty apart from other brands is the way some of their marketing is done. There are various videos available on the Fenty Beauty website and on YouTube where Rihanna is showing how to use almost every product in her brand.

Aside from selling their usual products the brand also sells many different value sets. Not only can you purchase products on the website but you can schedule a virtual consultation to help find your foundation shade and give you other Fenty Beauty product suggestions.

Rihanna stated that she created Fenty Beauty “For everyone: for women of all shades, personalities, attitudes, cultures and races. I wanted everyone to feel included. That’s the real reason I made this line”.

Fenty Beauty products have become many people’s go to makeup products. Also compared to other brands Fenty Beauty is seen as very reasonable while providing quality products.

Why Fenty?

In an interview with the New York Times Rihanna explained why she decided to name her brand Fenty.

“ I used to be afraid to step into the whole celebrity makeup world. I saw brands like Hilary Duff and Hannah Montana have so much success, but it got to a place where they were so oversaturated in the market that it diluted their personal brands. It made me think, I’m not going to do this because you lose your respect and credibility and so every collaboration I did outside of music, I used Fenty so that you didn’t have to hear the word Rhianna every time you saw something that I did. So Rihanna stayed the music, the person. But these brands are called Fenty.”

Award Winning Products 

Many of the Fenty products like the Pro Filt’r soft matte long wear foundation (2019), Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer (2020), and the Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Setting Powder (2020) all won allure readers choice awards.

Fenty Skin

To go along with Fenty Beauty Rihanna also released her own skincare line last year called Fenty Skin. Just like Fenty Beauty the skincare line has become very popular in the beauty industry. 

Fenty Skin includes four products and is designed to be used together. The products include; Total Cleans’r Remove- It- All- Cleanser ($25), Fat Water Pore-Refining Toner Serum ($28), Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen ($35), and the Instant Reset Overnight Recovery Gel-Cream ($40). You can purchase the entire set for $112. All of Fenty Skin products are Vegan, Clean, Refillable ,Cruelty and Gluten Free. 

Rihanna shared her vision for creating Fenty Skin.

“ Fenty Skin is my vision of the new culture of skincare- I wanted to create amazing products that really work, that are easy to use and that everyone can apply.”

Quality Products 

Rihanna and Fenty Beauty have continued to release products that people rave over and this recent launch was no different.

Below is a list of new products from Fenty Beauty.

1. Lil Gloss Bombs Mini Lip Duo & Keychain Holder ($24)


This product is a limited edition set that includes two mini Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer. It comes with the shades Fenty Glow and Pink Dragonfly. It also comes with a keychain holder for the gloss. This product is also vegan.

2. Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Powder Foundation ($36) 


This product is a powder foundation that gives you light to full coverage finish. It is also available in all 50 foundation shades . This product is also vegan. 

3. Gloss Bomb Cream Color Drip Lip Cream ($19)


 This product is a lip cream that gives you a medium to full-coverage color with no shimmer. This product is available in 5 different colors. The colors include; Fruit Snackz ( Berry Red), Mauve Wives ( Rosy Mauve), Fenty Glow ( Universal Rose Nude), Honey Waffles ( Honey Butter Brown), and Cookie Jar ( Chocolate Caramel). All lip colors are vegan.

4. Diamond Bomb All Over Diamond Veil ($39)


This product is a highlighter that is available in 4 different shades. The shades are Cognac Candy ( Pure Copper Sparkle), How Many Carats ( Pure Platinum Sparkle), Rose Rave ( Pure Pink & Gold Sparkle) and Royal Icing ( Pure Champagne Gold Sparkle). The colors How Many Carats and Cognac Candy are vegan.

If you want to be alerted every time there is a new product release, store events, and special offers you can sign up and become a part of the Fenty Beauty email list. 

All products are available on the official Fenty Beauty website, Sephora, Boots UK and Harvey Nichols.