The NBA is halfway into the season and the teams are doing everything they can to bolster their squads. This year there were plenty of big names rumored to be traded to another team and cause some buzz. There were plenty of trades that did just that this season. Here are the most notable trades in the NBA tradeline day.

Aaron Gordon

The Denver Nuggets acquired one of the biggest names in the deadline day. Plenty of teams wanted the player in their roster. He will be an important asset to the team no doubt. He will indeed improve the Denver Nuggets chances of having a deep run in the playoffs. Aaron Gordon will be in a playoff team just like he had desired to be in.

Now, we will see how the Denver Nuggets will line up and use Aaron Gordon. He is a former All-Star player that has been playing well this season. The Nuggets also acquired JaVale McGee who will no doubt add experience to the team. He will be an important key player who has plenty of experience and a championship under his belt.

Nikola Vucevic

The Chicago Bulls definitely got an outstanding player on deadline day. The Swiss center is an All-Star player who is one of the best in his position. This deal was a big shock to everyone as he wasn’t one of the players that looked like leaving the Orlando Magic.

Nikola Vucevic will now be with the Bulls who will try to push for a spot at the playoffs this season. Indeed Nikola Vucevic will help the team and help out Zach LaVine who is having an incredible year thus far. The Bulls are currently in the 10th spot and will look to be in the playoffs with this trade that also brought AlFarouq Aminu to the team.

Norman Powell

The Portland Trail Blazers got a great player in Norman Powell who as of recently has been playing stupendous. Although, the Trail Blazers gave up Gary Trent Jr. in this trade which he was a big asset last season in the playoffs.

However, the Trail Blazers got another scorer in their ranks and will look dangerous on offense. Adding Powell to a team that already has Damian Lillard, CJ McCollum, and Carmelo Anthony. Also, they will get back Jusuf Nurkić who will be clear to come back from injury. Indeed Portland looks like a serious threat in the West with this deal.

Rajon Rondo

The Los Angeles Clippers will add quality and experience to their team with Rajon Rondo. Clearly he will give the Clippers more quality in the playoffs and can rely on him to take over in the playoffs. However, they lost Lou Williams who was a great player throughout the years coming off the bench.

Nonetheless, the Clippers look even more dangerous than ever before. This time they will look to advance further into the playoffs with the help on Rajon Rondo. He will for sure make the Clippers a better team. He will also give them a quality point guard in tough times during the playoffs and a true leader.

Victor Oladipo

The Miami Heat landed Victor Oladipo and undoubtedly will improve their chances of once again making a deep run in the playoffs. The Miami Heat let go of Kelly Olynyk and Avery Bradley. No question this deal made the Heat a threat in the east as they will look to repeat what they did last year.

Also, Oladipo can help in defense as he has been known to be a great defender in the past. He will help Jimmy Butler on offense and can really be a true asset to the team. It was a great deal for the Heat who will now try and get LaMarcus Aldridge as well from the San Antonio Spurs.

J.J. Redick

The Dallas Mavericks added a key veteran player who can shoot very well from deep. This will bolster their attack in the chances of making the playoffs. He is a veteran who can score and help Luka Doncic on offense. He has played well thus far and can help the Mavericks be a better three point team.

The Mavericks also got Italian forward Nicolo Melli from the New Orleans Pelicans as part of the trade. As part of the deal, the Mavericks let go of James Johnson and Wesley Iwundu. Also, they gave up a second-round draft choice.

Delon Wright

The Sacramento Kings got a very good player in Delon Wright who was playing very well with the Detroit Pistons recently. Although, he will have plenty of competition as the Kings already have enough depth in the guard position. He will have to fight for a spot against De’Aaron Fox, Buddy Hield, and Tyrese Haliburton.

George Hill

The Philadelphia 76ers got a really solid back up point guard in George Hill. He will help the 76ers chances of making a deep run in the playoffs this year. He adds experience and can also contribute with points from the bench.

Teams Are Set

The teams are set to begin their road to the playoffs as they finalized their picks on deadline trade. There were some key players who did not move to other teams such as Kyle Lowry and Lonzo Ball. They will probably due so in the summer, but in the meantime they will remain in their respective teams. All in all, it was an eventful deadline day filled with some interesting moves as each team did what they could to improve their teams for the playoffs and future.