The talented Kali Uchis is making her claim on music charts with her song “telepatía.” The creative Colombian-American singer and song-writer is stealthily stealing hearts— and breaking some—with her musical prowess.  As of most recent, “telepatía” has captured the attention of a majority of the TikTok community with its mesmerizing sultry ambience that has propelled the song to new heights. Additionally, the spiking rise of “telepatía” provoked an official music video, and the release just dropped on YouTube. Listen to and watch both the official audio and music video below.

Kali Uchis’ Lucky Number 7:”telepatía”

This past November 18, 2020, Kali dropped her second studio album titled Sin Miedo(del Amor y Otros Demonios)—translation: Without Fear (of Love and Other Demons). Aside from the stand-alone creativity of the title, it seems a declaration of assertion. A new era for Kali Uchis. An album title fit to bridge and embrace her identity. This marks her first Spanish album.

Hence, the album covers a spectrum of Latinx rooted sounds and genres. Most importantly, the album alludes to classics from the singer’s nostalgic reminiscent youth.  Call it a reflection of Kali’s accumulated musical persona as well as a salutation to the respective artistry of her idols.

Coincidentally, it just so happens that “telepatía” is the seventh track from the album. Coincidence, luck, or talent? Check on ‘talent.’ The song has had a major impact on a broad audience, from non-Spanish speakers, to Spanish speakers, to bilingual speakers worldwide.

The official audio for “telepatía,” released on YouTube four months ago, is suddenly gaining millions of views at an accelerated rate. As of today, it has 56 million views. Listen to the official audio here:

Additionally, you can find the full English translation of the song in the bottom of the description box. What a considerate queen.

Furthermore, browsing through the YouTube comments section, a whole community of listeners confess that even though they can’t understand, they are vibing. Modern testament to music without borders.

Behind “telepatía”

Moreover, what “telepatía” expresses amidst its entrancing melody is an intimacy transmitting on a telepathic wavelength. The song carries a scene between yearning long-distance lovers. There is a sensual quality which Kali manages to blend with her vocals.

She conveys the sensation of longing so vividly and is perhaps a factor as to why the song is resonating so strongly with large audiences.

Nevermind the song’s subject being about lovers, the powerful feeling of yearning that drives the song is an abstract concept that each individual listener can be triggered by.

For example, the way the audience can conjure their own personal longing—consequence of the robbed moments this pandemic has cost the world—is highly relatable. It makes “telepatía,”  a song that is in essence about yearning, easy to empathize with. 

The Sexy Official Music Video for “telepatía” is Here

The manner in which “telepatía” has become a major hit demanded it have its own music video. In a previous Instagram story, Kali shared that given to the overwhelming support fans have showed, plus the song’s continuously growing exposure, and the rising chart numbers, it was only fitting they did a music video.

Over the course of the video’s shooting, Kali has been teasing fans with behind-the-scene snippets. The music video was filmed on location in Columbia.

Telepathy is Real, and the Proof is in the Music Charts

Kali Uchis’ “telepatía” is probably the most unexpected song taking over the US Spotify chart at the moment. The fact it is a bilingual track in ‘Spanglish’ makes its impact more admirable. The hit song has skyrocketed on several streaming platforms and charts.

The hit has already won Kali Uchis several first-time milestone achievements so far in her career.

Expanding on that, “telepatía” reaches a new peak at #10 in this week’s Billboard Global 200 singles chart. As of yet, the song has surpassed 150,000,000 streams and is her first solo song to achieve this feat.

Equally important, it is the first Latin song to occupy the Top 10 in the US Spotify chart for more than 30 days in 2021, peaking at #3.

This also marks her first chart-topping hit to land on the Billboard Hot 100. She has also carved her spot as #1 in the Emerging Artists chart for the first time in her career.

Overall, the conclusion is “telepatía” is more than well loved by the public and continues to seduce listeners daily.

Who is the Mystical Kali Uchis?

This year, Kali Uchis won her first Grammy along with Kaytranada for her feature in “10%.” During the pre-show of the 63rd Grammy Awards, her win was announced under the Best Dance Recording category. She has been nominated twice so far in her career. Her first nomination was in 2017 for consideration of Best R&B Performance in “Get You”—a feature collaboration with fellow artist Daniel Caesar.

Kali Uchis’ real name is Karly-Marina Loaiza, the former being her professional artistic name. Born in Alexandria, VA, on July 17, 1994. She rose to prominence after the release of her debut studio album, Isolation, in 2018.

Initially, the work that gained her entry into the spotlight was her debut mixtape, Drunken Babble, back in 2012. This was followed by her EP, Por Vida, in 2015. Her early work earned her recognition by mainstream names such as Tyler the Creator and Bootsy Collins.

In January 2018, she collaborated with them on her track “After the Storm.” Check that out below.

Lastly, after binging on Kali Uchis’ music videos and the rest of her discography, the unique creative motif of her work becomes strikingly apparent. She is only beginning her reign. Get used to seeing her on the charts from now on. Oh, and it’s pronounced ‘Oo-chees’ not ‘Oo-kis,’ you’re welcome.