Memu Conteh is a Model, Writer, Youtube Personality, maybe even a Chef (her Instagram stories prove this to be true) and just a damn right inspirational human being. You may recognize Conteh from working with major brands, such as: Nike, AdamSelmanXCarbon38, Frank Body along with many other popular brands. Standing at 5’8 with flawless skin, a beautiful Australian accent and cheekbones that could easily cut you; Conteh has so much to offer the world- she is true to herself with never giving any reasons or excuses (one of the many reasons she is a good account to follow via Instagram). A lot of the new things she’s been getting into started in quarantine- like starting her own bikini brand. Not only is Conteh sharing her beauty secrets with Standard Magazine; she is also spilling the tea on how she got to where she is now, and giving advice to someone who is looking to go down a similar career path as her. I was fortunate enough to interview Conteh and get all the juicy details for aspiring models.  

Memu Conteh- Who Is She?

CM: Tell us about yourself! I know you’re a model, fabulous writer, artist, YouTuber and in general such a rad person. Is there anything specific you want CELEB’s audience to know about you or the journey that you’ve been on? 

MC: “What I’d like people to know about me is I have so much faith in myself and I’m never afraid to pull up myself if I’m in the wrong, it’s important to me to consistently self assess, so I expand my empathy and understanding of the world. I’m far from perfect, so I will always make the extra effort to always be kind.”

CM: What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to get into modeling and why?

MC: “Stay true to your core, make sure outside of Modeling you have something to fall back on.” 

CM: What’s your favorite project you’ve done and why?

MC: “Wow this is a tough one. In 2018, I had the opportunity to fly to Uruguay through Nike, where I met some of the most genuine people on the job. I’m forever grateful.”

CM: I noticed you got into a lot of cool new stuff in 2020. Tell us about it, what was your go- to time passer while in shut down last year?

MC: “My favourite has been developing my bikini brand, which I’d had plans for a while back but I felt like I didn’t have the time to focus on it. But one thing I’ve learnt and changed my view is the idea of “the right time”, there has never been the right time to do anything, but rather consistently working, and making I’m creating a space for time, actualises my/your projects.”

CM: What is your overall opinion on social media, helpful or hurtful? Especially being in the industry that you are in.

MC: “For me it’s a bit of both, I see where it’s at fault so I make sure my audience gets the real me all the time. But I definitely get tired of it , hence this current break. I’m an over thinker and at times I project when I see certain things posted on there. So I know my limit and how important it is to have a balanced mental health, so I take actions to limit my time online.”

CM: Any big plans for 2021?

MC: “Plans for 2021 are to create, stay mindful and NEVER GIVE UP on the bigger picture to be confident, happy and comfortable and make room for consistency in my work.” 

*Conteh is currently residing in Australia- where she is modeling, creating and taking a much needed social media cleanse