The astronomically successful group, BTS, is taking over the McDonald’s, is menu, very soon. McDonald’s and BTS are embarking on a collaboration of epic proportions. In their latest acquisition of superstar power, McDonald’s has secured global musical trailblazers, BTS, in their continuation of tailored celebrity meals.

Worlds Colliding: BTS & McDonald’s

News of the giant partnership between both pop culture famed eatery, McDonald’s, and pop kings, BTS, spread on social media like wildfire. McDonald’s official brand account announced the team-up on Monday, April 19, 2021. The major reveal creatively came to light after a post displayed seven french fries, representative of the septet, particularly arranged to shape BTS’ iconic renowned logo.

The premier franchise’s Twitter account currently showcases this as their pinned tweet. Along with the following statement, “Coming this May: The BTS Meal.”

To make it even more official, the McDonald’s account also shared the iconic McDonald’s jingle, with BTS singing the famous tune. They captioned it “ba da ba ba ba but make it BTS.” That pretty much solidifies this relationship—can’t get more official than that.

Listen to the jingle below:

Mark Your Calendars for ‘The BTS Meal’

McDonald’s has officially disclosed D-day for the BTS meal launch: May 26, 2021. Almost a month away. Prepare accordingly; judging by the sky-rocket volume of coverage the deal is getting, this coveted BTS meal is going to be an Olympic run. Do not underestimate BTS’ highly organized and tenacious fandom. Warning: first come, first served.

What’s included in ‘The BTS Meal’?

There is major excitement surrounding the team-up between these two giants. The McDonald’s side of business management is highly aware of the hot demand for anything BTS touches. Therefore, McDonald’s is making sure to properly disperse vital information to all their franchises regarding the heavy wave of customers to be expected that day.

A glimpse from the official McDonald’s ‘Restaurant Brief’ reveals ‘The BTS Meal. It states the following:

We’re thrilled to share that global pop icons, BTS, will be our next Famous Orders partner, hitting restaurants on May 26. The BTS Meal includes 10 piece Chicken McNuggets, medium Fries, medium Coke and two LTO dipping sauces: Sweet Chili and Cajun. While the meal won’t launch for another month, restaurants could see an uptick in traffic from BTS fans, especially for Oreo McFlurries due to popularity with BTS fans online.

Below is a look at a copy of the restaurant briefing mentioned above. As well as fan insight concerning the influx of BTS ARMY anticipating that day:

Why this Collaboration is a Huge Deal

The magnitude of this partnership is massive. McDonald’s will be launching ‘The BTS Meal’ in 50 countries worldwide. The global reach of a deal this size is tremendously ambitious. Not to mention, it marks the first time in McDonald’s history for a project of this expansive zeal.

In the past, McDonald’s has collaborated with only two celebrities thus far—Travis Scott and J Balvin. Previously, Travis Scott made around $20 million from his celebrity menu deal and merchandise; his was only available to the American populace.

To put things into perspective, BTS is the third celebrity joining, but the first to go on a global scale of 50 countries. The worldwide demographic they are catering to exceeds the first and second by far. As can be expected, the prospects are high.

Here is a list of all 50 countries that will be serving ‘The BTS Meal,’ along with their respective launch dates:

McDonald’s—the Latest Fan Down the BTS Rabbit Hole

Some of the McDonald’s social media accounts, like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok have incorporated the tiny seven exponent to their display name.

This behavior is highly prolific of the BTS ARMY, BTS’ legion of passionate fans. The small number seven is symbolic of the musical group. It also serves as a proud badge of identification as ARMY.

Additionally, those same social media platforms, amongst them Facebook as well, have also added a purple heart in their bio. Now, to explain, the purple heart emoji is associated with the bond and language shared between BTS and ARMY. Simply, it means “I purple you.” Broken down, however, this term was first coined by BTS member, V, in 2016. V, whose real name is Kim Taehyung, explained that the color purple’s position as the last in the rainbow, stands for “I will trust and love you for a long time.”

Hopefully, that mini lesson on stan Twitter BTS ARMY language will have answered the questions you may or may not have had prior to this. Now you know.

Aside from the lovely sentiment of the phrase, the fact McDonald’s has adopted these traits is proof they know their target demographic. The ARMY has been receptive of these efforts and has welcomed the franchise into the fold the best way they know how—memes.

Lastly, with only weeks away, May 26th is just around the corner.  The air will soon smell of the appetizing ‘BTS Meal,’ and drive-throughs will be miles long. May the odds be ever in your favor. Good luck!