Matchday 33 of the Premiere League looks like a great one indeed. Some great match ups will be played this weekend. Some key matches will be played as each team is looking to grab the three points and climb up the charts. Here is a preview of the matches that will take place on the Premiere League.

Arsenal vs. Everton

The Gunners are coming from a home draw last weekend to Fulham. It was a devastating blow for the North London club as they are seeking to make it to European competitions. The one all draw at the dying minutes of the match against a team battling relegation does not help the confidence of the Gunners coming into this match.

Likewise, Everton comes from a home draw against Tottenham. The two-goal draw was also a devastating blow for the Liverpool team as they needed the win to move up the standings. Everton currently are in eight place three points above Arsenal who need a win to dethrone Everton from the eight spot.

Indeed, this promises to be a great match as Arsenal will try to bounce back from losing two points at home last week. On the other hand, Everton will try to get an away win and have a strong team to do so. Both need the win and that will allow the game to be entertaining and full of goal chances.

Liverpool vs. Newcastle

Liverpool come from drawing against Leeds United this past Monday. The Reds lost a chance to be closer to the top four spots. As a result, they currently sit in seventh place and must win to re-enter the top four. It will not be an easy task as Liverpool are struggling to make goals thus far.

In contrast, the Magpies come from a home win against an in form West Ham United team. Newcastle is battling against relegation this year and a win will help them stay away from the bottom three spots. Newcastle has a decent team to compete against anyone and they will try to beat Liverpool who have been playing poor at home so far.

No doubt this match will be a great one and a few surprises here and there. Liverpool needs the win and must do that to keep their Champions League dreams alive. Newcastle needs the win to stay in the topflight. With this in mind, the match promises to be amazing full of goal chances from both teams.

West Ham vs. Chelsea

The Hammers come from a devastating loss to Newcastle last Saturday. They did not just lose three points, they also lost Craig Dawson who was shown a red card. However, West Ham have the players to replace this loss and will look to bounce back in this London Derby.

Chelsea come from a home draw that was a huge blow for them to climb up the charts. They are currently in fourth place tied in points with West Ham who are in fifth. This London Derby will be a tough match for the Blues as the Hammers have been playing well throughout the whole season.

Undoubtedly, this match will produce a high level of soccer and each team will try to score as many goals as they can. Each team wants to win to be in the Champions League next season which makes the game more intense and promising.

Sheffield United vs. Brighton

The Blades are in last place of the league and look like they will be the first official team to be relegated this season. They come from losing to Wolverhampton and will try to avoid another loss.

While Sheffield are being relegated, Brighton is fighting to stay in the Premiere League. Currently, they are in 16th place and must win to stay away from the relegation zone. This is a great opportunity since they will be playing against a team who has nothing to gain in this match.

Still, it will not be an easy match as Sheffield will play with pride and will try to ruin Brighton of a chance to beat them and stay away from the bottom three. Indeed, this match will be hard fought, and it will be intense.

Wolverhampton vs. Burnley

Wolverhampton come from a win last weekend and will try to do so this weekend. No doubt that they are missing Mexican striker, Raul Jimenez, who is their top goal scorer. Since his head injury, Wolves have struggled in front of goal.

While Wolves are struggling to score, Burnley are struggling to win thus far. Their last win was last month when they defeated Everton two goals to win in an away game. Since then, they have lost three consecutive matches and have not played that well.

This match is a must win for Burnley as they need the win to stay away from the relegation zone. They are in 17th place, six points above the last relegation spot. A win for them will mean a step closer to another year on the topflight in England.

Leeds United vs. Manchester United

This match promises to be good one as both teams love scoring and play with an attacking mindset. Leeds come from tying against Liverpool in the last minutes of the game. On the other hand, the Red Devils come from defeating Burnley three goals to win.

Manchester United sit comfortably in the second spot and will try to get closer to the top spot with a win. Leeds sits in tenth place and will try to grab a win at home against a strong team. Truly, this match promises to be a fascinating one and a lot of goals seem to be produced in this one.

Aston Villa vs. Wes Brom

Aston Villa come from losing against Manchester City this past Wednesday at home. In the process, they also lost Matty Cash as he was shown the red card in the 57th minute of the match. They currently sit in 11th place and will try to grab a win at home.

Wes Brom come from losing three goals to cero against Leicester City. The first half for them was a total nightmare. They conceded all three goals in a space of 13 minutes. Indeed, they will try to bounce back from this loss. However, they are currently in 19th place and look like the second team to be relegated in this campaign.

This is a great opportunity for Aston Villa to snatch up a home win against a team who is likely to be playing in the second division next season.

Leicester City vs. Crystal Palace

The Foxes come from defeating Wes Brom and currently in third place in the league. All season long they have been playing well and will try to continue that in their next game. Each player is playing at a high level and they have a chance to be in the Champions League once again since winning the Premier League back in the 2015-2016 season.

Crystal Palace are in the 13th spot and their last season game they got thrashed by Chelsea four goals to one at home. The season has been a roller coaster drive for the London team as they have looked good in some games. However, in some games they have looked really poor and very vulnerable in the back.

This is a great chance for Leicester City to keep hold of the third spot and be in the Champions League next season. This match promise to be a good one with the home team taking charge from the beginning of the match.