If Joan Rivers, Bette Midler, Lucille Ball and Cher had a redheaded Broadway baby, it would be her. Lora earned her Bachelor of Arts in music from Rollins College. With a focus in vocal performance and is able to find the voice within any community. With a bright, gregarious personality that is larger than life. Lora’s natural habitat is in front of a full audience or the camera and preferably with a microphone.

All the way from Orlando, Lora is a millennial renaissance woman. Working day by day as an all-encompassing entertainer in creative marketing. Her background ranges from singing in rock bands, television hosting and red carpet events, runway and print modeling. Featured personality work, community directing, development and management to high profile client services.

Q: Lora thank you so much for doing this interview! Now let’s begin. How long have you had the entertainment bug for?

A: Hello Sydney, I’m honored to share my story with Celeb Magazine, thank you for having me. 

At the age of 5, I knew I was a performer of sorts. As my personality walked into the room fifteen minutes before I did, directly followed by a showy performance of sorts. Whether I was singing in front of the mirrored grandfather clock, harmonizing to Karen Carpenter in the back seat of the family Jaguar, performing with Cher in Las Vegas, competing in local talent showcases or parading through my childhood home with my latest choreography–– it’s safe to say the performer life chose me. When you know what you want to do at a young age, nothing else makes sense.

Q: I see you do both acting and singing? How is that going for you?

A: As an all-encompassing entertainer, I sing, model, host, dance, act and do personality work within television, film, runway, editorials, commercials and high profile live events. From modeling with big brands, hosting Los Angeles Fashion Week, to filming in cold warehouses of major motion picture studio lots, I’m used to it all and am flexible. 

Speaking of flexibility, the global pandemic completely cleared my action packed 2020 calendar. With not a single gig in sight, it became imperative as a performer to evolve with the climate of change. By doing so, I went full-blown digital via social media livestreams, performing original songs from my upcoming musical while connecting directly with my audience in real-time. 

Through lyrics, voice, frequency and vulnerability, I continue to share multidimensional stories about my life through the sound of music, motivational speaking and major personality to uplift the masses.

Q: Tell us more about your upcoming musical?

A: Over the past year, I have been working on a musical about my life and the working title is “Father Daughter Dance.” I’ve been writing music to heal from trauma for years, not knowing exactly how I would present my cathartic release to the world until it dawned on me… “Lora, you are going to tell your story through a musical.” I’m developing the script with talented screenwriter, Daniel Sheiman, writer of “A Civilized Life.”

Articulating the darkest moments from my life with a fellow creative, and not my therapist, is another level of vulnerability I’m taking session by session. Once polished to authentic perfection, I plan to share my story with the world.

Q: Did your family know that this would be a lifetime thing or a temporary thing?

A: I’m giggling because growing up my brothers always wanted me to be quiet. But let’s face it.. that never happened and my voice carried and echoed down every hall.

When asking my mom, she replied “Lifetime, for sure. You were six months old when you attempted to sing your first song. “Twinkle twinkle little star” and it kept getting better and better. Then, when you were in Kindergarten, I was instructed to take you to voice therapy. At the time you were diagnosed with a hoarse voice, but that didn’t stop you from singing your heart out. I knew you would be a performer for the rest of your life because wherever you went, an audience gathered. Ever since you were a little girl, I always told you that you were never meant to fit in. Instead I always meant to shine bright.”

Q: I see you are from Orlando, Fl? How long have you been living in Los Angeles and have you lived anywhere else besides Florida and California?

A: Growing up in Orlando, I had an undeniable feeling that I was meant elsewhere, never fading away. I’ve been living in Los Angeles about six years, based in Santa Monica. I never imagined living here. I always had my heart set on New York to perform on Broadway. But life’s opportunities led me to the most progressive state in America.

Q: What have been your most fun projects in both acting and singing?

A: One of my favorite projects overall was hosting Los Angeles Fashion Week. Covering all things beauty and exclusive backstage interviews with international designers. In the singing realm, performing my unreleased music for the first time during my livestream pandemic performances. In the acting realm, it was my TV Personality feature on Steve Harvey. Expressing my love for redheads in a comedic improv sense.

Q: If you could perform with any singer in the world who would it be and why?

A: I’d perform with the one and only, Alicia Keys. The first album I’ve ever purchased was “Songs In A Minor” back in 2001. Competing in talent shows, I always won singing her first number one hit–– Fallin’.

Q: Who has been the most fascinating or exciting person you have met in the Entertainment industry?

A: Hands down, Jim Carrey. I had the opportunity to act as a featured comedy club groupie throughout Season 2 of “I’m Dying Up Here.” Portraying a featured redhead in “Kidding” Season 1. Working with him on set was magical. As his talent shined and his professionalism radiated inspiration to all those around him. 

Q: So when not performing, what do you like to do fun?

A: Overall, there is an art to feeling wholeness as a model, host, singer, actor and human being. I find that through hot yoga, woke friendships and unplugging first thing in the morning for affirmations. For fun, you can catch me rollerblading by the beach. Painting with every color of the rainbow and getting my chef on using ingredients from the local farmer’s market–– I love cooking for my friends. 

Q: Who is your favorite Singer(s) that you love to sing/listen to?

A: My favorite singers are Alicia Keys, Cher, Karen Carpenter, Kelly Clarkson. Idina Menzel, Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato and Stevie Nicks. 

Q: If you had any TV show you could guest star on or be part of, what show would it be and why?

A: Schitt’s Creek, if only there was another season. I can relate from having everything on a material level. Later having it all taken away, having to work my way back up throughout life and finding my own path. 

Q: What would be the biggest lesson you have learned from being in the Entertainment industry?

A: From a young age, I knew it was imperative to have a strong sense of self-love and worth while having thick (healthy) skin. That way to protect my spirit from the abundance of rejection that comes with the nature of the entertainment industry. There are days I feel like the world spins twice as fast, on a validation high from traveling across the country to strut down a runway, hosting in head-to-toe glitz and glam covering high profile red carpet events or filming in a major production with A-list actors that were household names growing up. Then, there are days I feel like I’m in a standstill. Drained from having little to no work boundaries as everyday has hustle potential or being extremely health conscious to the point where it takes precedence over anything.

Most importantly, the overall takeaway lesson is to always take care of oneself and to keep pushing onwards and upwards. 

Q: What advice would you give to those trying to do both acting and singing?

A: Talent is one thing, but take your talent and refine it skillfully. Opportunity will organically meet preparation.

Q: Thank you for your time Lora! Is there a website or social media page that people could go find out more about you?

Lora Levison Website

Lora Levison Instagram

Lora Levison Facebook

Ms. Levison is definitely on the right track. No surprise from what she has built up, she will soon be entertaining us on Broadway. Better yet the Oscars. I look forward to seeing where life takes this spunky energetic redhead!