With February being the month of love- it makes sense that celebrity couples are putting their knowledge of one another to test; Ciara and husband, Russell Wilson, did just this via Instagram on February, 11 2021, by taking the GQ couples quiz. Their quiz will make you want to respond with all the heart eye emojis and may make you feel more single than ever before. They are basically adorable. This quiz consists of questions like: “what’s my favorite food?”, “what was my first car?” and “what is my secret hidden talent?” Ciara does a mean Nicki Minaj impersonation, if you were wondering. The couple’s quiz consisted of teasing each other (like giving half points to one another) and even some thrown in romantic comments, which was arguably the best part of the whole thing. Wilson asked Ciara what his biggest fear is and his response was tear jerking.

“Yeah, but I probably have one that’s bigger than that,” Wilson prods to which Ciara responds by smirking and asking, “Is it L-O-S-I-N”

Before the pop star can finish spelling the word “losing,” her hubby smiles at her and says, “Yes, losing you” which immediately causes Ciara to blush and coo at his admission.”

Match Made in Heaven

This couple’s chemistry simply could not get better. Though this may be the case, I mean their puppy dog looks toward one another are undeniable; it appears the couple’s relationship wasn’t always easy, due to Ciara’s ex-fiancé, Future. However, Wilson seems unfazed from his response in the NY Post, “

“I don’t think anybody made it hard,” the Seahawks’ eight-time Pro Bowl quarterback said of the rapper. “I think it was easy for us. I think it was about us. It wasn’t about anything else. It was about how we were going to love, and for me it was easy. It was easy to love. It’s easy to love C – every day I get to love her and take care of her and our kids is the greatest gift I have. So I cherish that every day.” Ciara and Wilson currently have a “three-year old daughter, Sienna Princess, and an infant son, Win Harrison… They also co-parent 6-year-old Future Zahir.” This celeb couple has crazy busy schedules but wake up every day truly happy to spend their days in love with with each other. 

Shay Mitchell and Matte Bable

The next A-list couple is Shay Mitchell and Matte BableThey seemed to follow by example from Ciara and Wilson. Mitchell posted their relationship quiz via Instagram today, February 13, 2021, right in time for the holiday that celebrates love tomorrow. This couple is easy to watch as the sparks are flying throughout the quiz. They honestly just come across as best friends, which is so great. Mitchell asks Bable, “What’s my favorite movie of all time?”, after guessing Clueless, Mean Girls and The Notebook (all of these answers being wrong) Mitchell laughs saying “Matte, it doesn’t have to be the movies that I watch every day.” The correct answer is, “Under the Tuscan Sun.” Bable claims she has never watched that movie with his irresistible smile. The couple goes on to talk about the first time they met and what was bable’s first impression of Mitchell. The answer is while Mitchell was doing bottle service at Lobby. Bable laughs as he jokes that “he wasn’t interested but he was interested.” Mitchell asks if “he’s okay” as they both fall into a contagious spree of laughter. This couple definitely has it going on. They have been with each other for six years and recently welcomed a daughter together named, Atlas. Some may think, oh a daughter and six years, maybe a proposal is in the near future? Not for Bable and Mitchell. “[She] says Babel has made sure she doesn’t want a proposal from him. “He’s been like, ‘You sure?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, we work so well right now.’ It’s great and this dynamic just works for us.” Meanwhile, we will wait for their love story to continue to unfold and maybe see two to possibly four kids come into the picture. Bable joked that the number keeps changing for Mitchell.


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