Blondes do have more fun. But blondes do tend to make a change for themselves. That was the case for a certain character in a little movie. That movie was Legally Blonde and that character was our heroine Elle Woods. Twenty years ago Legally Blonde was released and we were introduced and fell in love with sorority girl turned lawyer Elle Woods. She not only became a well loved character but became an inspiration to young girls all around.


When sorority President Elle Woods expects the proposal of her dreams from longtime boyfriend Warner Huntington III, things take a different turn. She instead gets the break up of her nightmares and falls into despair especially when Warner tells her she is not serious enough. Determined to prove him wrong and win his love back, Elle does what any girl would do; become a lawyer. After acing her LSAT’s and getting into Harvard, Ms. Woods thinks it will be a piece of cake. Unfortunately she is proven very wrong and encounters hardships upon entering law school.

This includes Warner becoming engaged to his school girlfriend and rival of Elle’s Vivian.  As soon as Elle realizes Warner will never respect or take her seriously, she changes her task of Law School. She instead finds out who she is and prove everyone around her that she is serious. Along the way she encounters new friends including Manicurist Paulette and Law professor Emmett Richmond. In the end, Elle not only gains respect from those around her but now has new faith in herself.


When Legally Blonde was released in the summer of 2001, no one knew what to expect. Instantly it became a box office phenomenon and drew a popularity like no other film. This includes a two sequels and a musical. The first was Legally Blonde 2: Red White and Blonde where we see Elle take on DC post Law School. The second sequel Legally Blondes saw the English cousins of Elle Woods battle the new surroundings of Los Angeles. Finally we see the Broadway take of the hit film which was popular but short-lived. It even included a reality show of production finding the right musical version of Elle.

To celebrate the films upcoming anniversary 20th anniversary, a recent zoom reunion was held back in October 2020. Almost all of the originals cast members appeared making it the first time in years the whole cast reunited. The cast recollected old memories of their time on set as well as what the film bought to them.

A Third Film 

Rumors of a third film had been circulating for years. In 2018, it was confirmed that a third film was definitely on the way. Promotion was made on Reese Witherspoon’s social media pages. Featuring her floating in the pool with Elle’s famous Playboy ears. Legally Blonde 3 was due for a 2020 release but production kept being pushed back. Now all we can do is wonder what film three will be like until production starts.

What would Legally Blonde 3 consist of? Would Elle still be in politics. Maybe her and Emmett would be parents to other blonde children. Is Bruiser still alive? Possibly Warner would come back to make amends with the now successful Elle Woods. Only time will tell of what film three will consist of.

Where to watch Legally Blonde?

In the meantime, you can stream Legally Blonde online. The film can be streamed on Netflix as well as catching the reunion on YouTube. So to prepare for Legally Blonde 3, binge watch the last few films and work on your bend and snap. Who knows we can bend and snap to the sequel film we all have been waiting for!