Last on the Bachelor, the Wife me Witch of the West Clare Crawley was seen tearfully leaving the show after Dale calls her the oldest bachelorette in history. As sparks fly, tensions rise, America hinges on the question: who is the new Bachelorette? 16 bachelors left and the spiciest twist this fall season with new Bachelorette Tayshia Adams entering the spotlight as the first African American bachelorette in history.

Who is Tayshia Adams?

Adams hails from the beautiful city of Newport Beach, CA making her a local star in sunny Southern California.

However, Adams is not new to the Bachelorette, formerly known as the ex-lover of Colton Underwood of the NFL Chargers in 2018’s season of the Bachelor.

Tayshia Adams the young beauty and brains, phlebotomist superstar’s debut is sure to rouse some steamy sparks with our bachelors this season. 

She remarks “My divorce used to be something I was ashamed of, because to me it represented, not only to myself but to everyone that knew me, that I had failed at marriage, something I value so highly. It made me question my worth and completely dimmed the light inside of me that used to shine so brightly. I only told a handful of people about it, and let the rest figure it out for themselves”

Tayshia gracefully swanned from this heartbreaking divorce and continues to enjoy her life despite her heartbreaking setback with her departure from ex-lover Colton Underwood. Tayshia is passionate, sincere, and knows what she wants (our 30-year old divorcee veers from her life in phlebotomy to an Instagram Influencer lifestyle). We can expect her bold and passionate sincerity to show as she notes “I might be more tough on the guys, in the sense I’d need them to stand up a little bit more.”

“The guys would definitely have to be much older, I’d tell you that much. I require a little bit more life experience, someone who really knows who they are and still aren’t trying to figure themselves out. Show up, or get out. No bullshit, let’s go, I’m trying to find a husband!”

“Flirty, thirty, and FKN thriving!” remarks on her Instagram, pictured here blowing out her birthday candles. Here is a timeline of the Bachelorette Tayshia Adam’s tremendous love life.

1. Joshua Bourell

Tayshia’s first boyfriend Josh, total cutie. The two were married for 6 years unfortunately, the relationship went wayward and a string of infidelity occurred as Tayshia remarks “My ex was unfaithful as well. But it’s just that…yeah, he was moving on, and I just was kind of forced to in a way.”

2. Chase Olswang

Chase was Tayshia’s chief in entanglement for 10 months right before going onto her 2018 season with Colton Underwood. He tried to make her ending the relationship a drama because she was entering the Bachelor. He told Us Weekly they fell in love “quickly” and were exclusive.

3. Colton Underwood

The famous NFL Linebacker of the Raider’s was Tayshia’s second ex-hubby. They shared many beautiful moments on the Bachelor, including the time they jumped out of the plane and Tayshia screamed “AGHHH!” A truly heartracing and unfortunately short marriage.

4. John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones was Tayshia’s beau during Bachelor in Paradise. It’s said they had an incredibly important relationship however it was difficult to continue their relationship as they lived on different coasts. They fell madly in love but had communication issues. The couple has since then amicably split despite their differences.

Tayshia notes “I would never badmouth John. We both have our flaws. I think communication is a really big deal,” she said at the time. “I learned from a previous relationship that I’m very much so over communicative, but that’s all I can do. What he can do is listen to that and try to navigate that relationship with that information I’m giving him. If you’re choosing to have that stuff go in one ear and out the other, that’s on you.”

After her long and arduous love journey, Tayshia is renewed and ready to get back in the game looking for her one true love.

Tune into ABC on Thursday nights at 8PM PST to catch a glimpse of the new female lead for this season of the Bachelorette.

Things are about to get heated y’all.