All seemingly perfect celebrity relationships must come to an end eventually, right? We can all agree that the wishes in wishing well for our favorite celebrity relationships to stay together are a full well. One of the most exciting news selling topics is what couple is being shipped and fawned over by the public. We like a fairytale story and, more importantly, an ending; However, we often see an unrealistic and magical start to many relationships; Hollywood is known for rocky and brutal ends to relationships as they deal with their own emotions as well as the rest of the world.

There is no exception for a smooth ending relationship and the public turning a blind eye, even for the queen of Hollywood, Kim Kardashian West. Kim and Kanye West have been publicly dealing with ruts, unhappiness, and separation in their relationship for some time now. It has been rather hard keeping up with exactly what steps the couple was taking, whether in steps to mend the marriage or take time to realize they no longer are compatible. The truth is, we all may have been able to guess back in 2011 when the pair began an official relationship that Kim and Kanye were different people. The differences between the two truly began when Kanye proclaimed his devotion to God, religion, and the country as he announced his campaign for president of the United States.

Bliss to Beyond Done

It may be a secret to some; however, Kanye West had been a long-time admirer of Kim Kardashian before any relationship brewed between the pair. Back in the early 2000’s Kim and Kanye instantly had a connection but remained friends. West was straightforward with his feeling towards Kardashian, but a girl has to seek out her options and ended up marrying professional Basketball player Kris Humphries in 2011. 

We all know how successful that relationship was, lasting a total of 72 days before the divorce was filed. Although the infamous 72-day marriage seemed depressing and a blow to our fairytale mindsets, the marriage ended simply because Kardashian realized her love was with another. I bet you can guess who, yup, Kanye West. Soon after the marriage between Chris and Kim ended, Kanye and Kim started dating. The world fawned over the new pair, and Chris became well, Invisible. West and Kardashian were soon seen in every magazine, the topic of news and the newest thing for fans to talk about. The pair’s instant connection seemed to radiate to their fans as they began a new life together and the start of an empire.

The Bliss continued over the years as they brought their four children into the world, North, Chicago, saint, and Psalm. Tabloids and Magazines came out with digs and suspicion about the marriage not being so peaceful like the public thought but were always proven wrong by Kim and Kanye’s social media posts and consistent confirmation of them out and about together. As we follow this celebrity couple more so than most due to Keeping up with the Kardashians, the public has slowly seen questionable things on the show that have clearly played a role in the pairs split.

Perhaps the biggest issues we start to see in the show are Kanye’s struggle with Mental health and Kim and Kanye’s personal beliefs and goals in life the seem to grow further apart from the others. In 2019 the episode “Chicago Loyalty” comes out. Kim struggles because her Hollywood husband struggles with his childhood past, the California lifestyle, and Kim’s self choices. It seems Kanye is rather selfish as he tells Kim he is moving to Chicago without a thought of his family or his wife’s life and career in California. Kim is loyal, but her own woman struggles between her role as a wife and a businesswoman. 

Kanye seems to put Kim in a difficult position, and we see Kim bend over backward more and more for her husband’s wants and needs. Any changing relationship can cause stress, but we can never understand the added stress when the relationship is the limelight. E!, People magazine and us magazine insiders have stated that the split has been caused by the issues we have seen via KUWTK.

Opposites Attracted

The issues rest upon the drastic difference between parenting styles, life choices, and relationship expectations. It should come as no surprise to the public when we tell you that the Kardashian has a unique lifestyle, job, and attitude, and because of this, it’s fair to assume Kim wasn’t so innocent in the crumbling marriage. We all know the early 2000’s Kim Kardashian, stylist to the stars and the star of her own show, or should I say sex film. Hater says Chris Jenner leaked the video but so do fans of the Kardashians. 

It’s tough to say if this video is what started the Kardashian frenzy, but either way, Kim and her family became mega-famous after the video’s release. Kim Kardashian lived a wealthy lifestyle for her entire life as Biological Father Robert Kardashian and former stepdad Bruce Jenner provided their family with substantial funds. While Kim did work for the stars for a period of time, she was also a socialite herself due to her family connections and association with Olympic gold medals and the famous O.J Simpson case. The family showcased their popular reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” in 2007, where we are introduced to a worldly, wild, and what the heck are they doing family.

Kim grew to update Football players, rappers, and basketball players, none of which could live up to Kim’s expectations and get past the Kardashian curse. The curse is something the family has joked about on the show for years and entails any Ex of the Kardashian girls having bad luck in their lives. The Curse is a complete hoax, but some believe it to be true with so many examples, but can the girls really be blamed?

Kim’s lavish life became more and more elite as she grew older, grew sexier, and wore less clothing. For a long time, Kim was known as that model who never modeled clothes, but it made her a household name, and hey! That’s the goal in show biz. Kim used to risky photo shoots, and so was the rest of her family. Modeling clearly became a family affair as all five sisters have a successful career in modeling. Although normal to the family, this lifestyle is slightly insane to people from a modest and moral-filled mind. It does bring up the question of “does Kanye care that his wife is exposed for the world to see”? on an episode of KUWTK, He did say that it’s not something he likes at all and even often choosing clothing for Kim himself. We can only figure that he loved the hype about his girlfriend/fiance at the beginning of the relationship, but now he could be feeling a little unsettled about the risky posts and shoots his wife participates in.

We also must cut Kim some relationship slack as her parental experienced was so wild it would give anyone reason to never marry in the first place. But she found her true love, and we can only hope that she tries to make things work the best way she knows how after seeing two divorces, a death, and a gender transition with her two dads.

Kanye West was born in Atlanta Georgia and raised under joint custody between his parents in Chicago. West lived a completely normal, middle class life growing up and truly worked for everything he had. His mother was a single mother and eventually became his manager before she passed away. West grew up very religious under Christianity and was even a christian counselor. West traveled the world with his mother has she was a teacher and durning the summers spent time with his father.

The talk of the town on season 18 of KUWTK was Kanyes desire to move back to his home of Chicago and we can only imagine just how difficult that was on the marriage with Kim. Home stays with you and we can all imagine just how different the HollyWood hills are compared to the reality of life in Chicago.

West made it big as a producer in the beginning of his career until he eventual came out with his own music in 1996. Kanye West named his first album “The college dropout” after himself as he realized college wasn’t going to make him a star, he was. Kanye spent thousands of hours and millions of dollars to get his first album to where it needed to be and eventually fufilled his goal of not only singing pop music but becoming pop music.

He quickly became a household name, creating album after album of relatable and groovy tunes—Kanye designed one of the most successful and elite shoe brands, Yeezy, in 2017. Kim and Kanye, now husband and wife, began collaborations for the brand together as we see Kim and her entire family modeling and spokespersons for the brand. As the fame and Kanye’s mental health played more of a role in his life, West started producing controversial songs and getting into a lot of beef with fellow artists and celebrities. 

West dissed Taylor swift, proclaimed Bill Cosby innocent, exposed family members, and ran for president as either a joke or in all seriousness? We still have no idea. The rapper became more unstable and eventually did something no one saw coming, wrote an entire gospel album and held Sunday services. The Kardashian and the rest of the world were slightly confused, but it’s KANYE WEST, so we all went along to explain his exploring his creativity. However, the changes and “growth” within the rapper clearly had their toll on Kim.

The End is Here

After endless headlines of the couple’s troubles, our worst fear was made official by inside sources that Kimye is officially done and soon divorced. It is sad and unfortunate that this rockstar couple has reached their breaking point, but it’s important to realize no one is solely to blame for the breakup. As we take in all of the joy the West brought us, such as an epic proposal, breathtaking photos, years of entertainment, and of course the cutest kids, we can be thankful for one of the longer-lasting celeb relationships and reap the benefits of two of the most exquisite brands by two of the worlds most famous fashion idols and hope one day the couple reconnects.