They say when you know you have a passion for a project, you get right to it. When you recognize an ability to do the impossible, you take it right away! In the end doing the impossible and achieving your goals is all that matters at the end of the day. Singer Katie Bell is here to tell us her journey to achieving her childhood dream. We now hear Katie out and what she has been up to lately in her career.

Q: Have you always been into music?

A: Absolutely. Growing up my dad always played classic rock in the car, and my mom loved Vanessa Carlton and Nora Jones. I used to beg my parents to get me karaoke machines for Christmas and I had one that I used so much, one day it literally went up in smoke in my living room. One of my first memories of music was hearing “Drift Away” by Dobie Gray on the radio, I was probably 5 or 6. But I can still remember how the chord progression and his words made me feel.

Q: What is your main focus in music? Singing, songwriting, or both?

A: I definitely focus on both. Singing comes a little more naturally to me, I love to collaborate and co-write. Being around other people during the creative process always inspires me, I feed off their energy.

Q: What pushed you to go into the entertainment field?

A: I wouldn’t say there was one thing that pushed me into entertainment, I think it’s something that is in me. I love to be creative and perform. Growing up I was in dance classes and school plays… I wont lie, I’m a Leo and I love the attention hahaha I love dressing up and the rush of being on stage. The process of writing a song and the emotions you force yourself to feel to get there. All of it is kind of addicting. 

Q:How has the journey been for you so far?

A: Its been a wild ride so far to say the least! This industry can bring crazy emotions, lows feel like the end of the world and highs feel like you rule it. But its all worth it at the end of the day to get to make music and put it out into the world. 

Q: Tell us what has been the most exciting part about performing?

A: I love it when the crowd knows the words. Even if its not my original song, when people come together through music like that its a type of magic that everyone can relate to. Something so special we can share it with complete strangers. 

Q: Most thrilling experience you have had?

A: One of my favorite moments on stage was definitely my group rounds performance on American Idol season 17. I don’t know if it was my nerves or the lack of sleep but my adrenaline was pumping, I hardly remember actually giving the performance but when I saw it on tv it was pretty awesome 

Q: Any plans for the future? I see your making a music video at the moment. Is this your first?

A: Yes! We are currently working on a music video for one of my next singles! It’s going to be a fun project, Joe Crognale will be filming and directing, and we’re shooting it in Atlanta, GA. It’s not my first music video and definitely won’t be my last, you can watch all of my other music videos on my YouTube channel ( Right now I’m working on a ton of new music for 2021 with  Josquin Des Pres of Track Star Entertainment 

Q: What is the one thing that keeps you motivated on this journey?

A: I have these really big beautiful dreams, and a lot to say. I’ve made it this far, I love what I do, and who it has made me become. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and my music. 

This young lady is heading in the right direction and is going places. Doing what you love is what drives most music makers to success and greatness. Katie Bell has that idea and she will certainly not let it go. In the meantime you can check out Ms. Bell’s social media pages below! After all she is the belle of the ball!


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