Well-known actress, Kaley Cuoco, mostly known for her role as Penny in the tv series, “The Big Bang Theory.” If you haven’t watched this sitcom you absolutely should. It’s witty, relatable and has twelve seasons that you can binge, since let’s be honest, 2021 isn’t much different from 2020 thus far.  The tv show summarizes as: “A woman [(Cuoco)] who moves into an apartment across the hall from two brilliant but socially awkward physicists [and] shows them how little they know about life outside of the laboratory.” Cuoco plays one of the main characters, the beautiful neighbor who ends up dating one of the “socially awkward physicists.” Her most recent projects include: “The Flight Attendant” (2020) and “Harley Quinn” (tv series, 2019-2020).


On Saturday, January 16, 2021 Cuoco posted a black and white photo via Instagram of her and her dog, Norman, sharing the caption that will instantly put a dog lover into tears. The photo was captioned, “💔 earth shattering deep gut wrenching pain I didn’t know was possible. Norman, you were my entire world for 14 years. Thank you for smiling at me as you left this world, confirming for me once again our language was ours alone. You will always have my heart. 💔” If you can’t instantly confirm the incredible bond between Cuoco and Norman just from that caption alone (well then you’re insane because that was beautifully written) but by digging deeper into her Instagram it’s filled with even more, Norman, her beloved dog. It’s more than confirmed. Another example of their adorable relationship is the above photo posted at the beginning of quarantine, April 1, 2020 to be exact. The caption shared for this photo shows the loving and comical relationship that her and her four legged furry friend had, saying: “Norman’s face after I told him we gonna be inside for awhile … oh and that’s not a scarf. That’s just his necks. 🐶 he’s also probably wondering when last I washed my hair.” 


Sadly, this is not the only recent loss of a dog that Cuoco has experienced. Today explains, “Norman is the second dog that Cuoco, 35, has lost over the course of the last few months. One of the actor’s rescue dogs, Petunia, died in November only a few months after she and her husband, Karl Cook, adopted her. The couple adopted Petunia early last fall from Paws For Life K9 Rescue, an organization in California that rescues dogs from shelters as well as trains some of the dogs to become therapy dogs.”

Furry Friends

It’s clear as day that animals are a huge part of Cuoco’s life. She often is sharing “#muttmonday” almost every Monday on Instagram, while posting photos of dogs that need to be adopted. The last photo she shared of this was January 4, 2021, with a dog named, Prada. Cuoco joked, “With a name like Prada. She must be fancy!” and went on describing where you can rescue this dog and the dog’s adorable characteristics. Prada is shown above. The other photo is of Cook, Cuoco’s husband, surrounded by many dogs looking cozy as ever the day after Christmas. This picture has a clever caption seen via Instagram, saying “@mrtankcook in the dog house 🐾” Our love and thoughts are with Cuoco at this time. As I’m sure many of you know the pain of losing a pet is unbearable. Many other fans and celebrities showed their love and support by flooding her comments including Chelsea Handler saying:

“Poor baby. Sending you love, Kaley.”

Hold your pets tight my friends and if you are looking to rescue a dog, it sounds like Cuoco’s Instagram is a great place to look.