JoJo Siwa is reminding us to get into the Christmas Spirit already everyone. Joelle Joanie was born on May 19, 2003 in Omaha Nebraska to parents Jessalyn (Jess) and Tom Siwa. Now at the age of 17, she has blossomed into a young performer and has loved every minute of it.

Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition (Season 2)

At the young age of 9-years-old, Siwa rose to fame performing on the second season of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. Her mother Jess was right by her side coaching her along the way. She brought a fiery and competitive style of performance and energy that a dancer must have to make others around her better. Unfortunately, this came with some red flags as well. Siwa was seen as a cocky brat who intimated some of the other mothers. She did compete with her fellow opponent Kalani Hilliker, who coincidentally enough joined as a new team member during Season 5 of Dance Moms. Siwa was eliminated in the top 5, and cried very emotionally. While she did not win the competition, this led to better things down the road for Siwa.

Dance Moms

Siwa performed on Dance Moms from 2015-2016

Two years after Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, Siwa joined Miller’s other reality dance show Dance Moms in season 5. She had previously auditioned for Dance Moms during a Season 4 audition held by Miller, but was cut due to having very raw technique. At the beginning of Season 5, Chloe Lukasiak was considered to be Miller’s second best dancer behind Maddie, but was always being yelled at and so was her mother.  Chloe and her Mother Christi did not return to the show after leaving at the end of season 4 for personal reasons.

Needing someone to fill in Chloe’s role, Miller decided to bring in Siwa along with her mother, Jess as a guest and was rewarded a solo going up against Maddie’s younger sister Makenzie Ziegler. Siwa defeated her, but she still had not convinced Miller that she was ready to permanently join the team.

As a homework assignment, the rest of the girls were asked to write their top reasons why JoJo should be a permanent member of the Abby Lee Miller Dance Company, and why she should not be a member of the team. The positives were that Siwa is a fierce competitor that brings motivation and energy into a sluggish routine. She is also a great leader who tries to make everyone else around her better as well. Some of the cons were that she and her mother Jess come across as very arrogant.

When asked if the two could be the next Maddie and Melissa, Siwa and her mom said they had no problem, they could fill in both of their shoes, despite just joining the team as guests. After hearing all of the girls comments, Miller decided to hand Siwa an ALDC jacket, officially making her a full member of the team. She would also get to join Kalani Hilliker again as she was added to the team in that same season.

In season 6, Siwa and Jess left the show as so did The Zieglers, leaving two very big gaps for the ALDC team. They left due to the fact that the team was coming apart and also the teacher Abby Lee Miller was dealing with her tax fraud accusations. The Siwa’s were very thankful for their time on the show, and have openly stated that JoJo would not be the person and dancer she was if it was not for Abby’s tough love and hard-nosed teaching techniques.


Siwa happily dancing on Nickelodeon
Siwa happily dancing on Nickelodeon

Siwa signed on with Nickelodeon in 2017 in hopes of building her own brand as an overall performer. She landed a TV role on a Nickelodeon Special called, Sizzling Summer. This is where she met fellow teen star Jace Norman. Her and Norman also co-starred in the 2018 TV Movie, Blur where Norman is the popular kid in town wanting to run for class president. Meanwhile, Siwa is not wearing her signature “JoJo Bows” in the movie that she typically wears and sells to kids that are 10 and younger.

Siwa says she will never take her bows off because it’s her creation and she refuses to listen to hate from the bad eggs out in social media.

The Masked Singer

Siwa reveals her true self.
Siwa participated in the Masked Singer earlier in 2020

On March 25, 2020, Siwa was reviled as the T-Rex performing songs on the Masked Singer.  While Siwa wowed the crowd with her energetic takes of songs like, “So What” by Pink, and “Push It”, by Salt-n-Pepa, she unfortunately was eliminated off the show. Siwa lasted for three weeks, but thanked her singing coach for helping her career.

“It actually helped me a lot with my singing,” she told Newsweek. “There was an incredible singing coach on the show named Tamera (Beatty) who I still talk to. She really helped me be comfortable with my voice.”

Christmas Video

On October 30, 2020, Siwa released a special behind the scenes preview of her new Christmas Video that premieres  November 13 on Youtube. The song is called, It’s Christmas Now and Siwa shoots the video from her home. Siwa says, “her fans will love it.”

Last year, Siwa released a song called, “High Top Shoes”, in which it featured JoJo in a sparkly softball uniform with her signature glitter sprinkled all over it. And yes of course, her famous high top shoes.

It’s Christmas Now is a remake of that high energy popping tune that matches Siwa’s high energy. In this video, she is dressed up as a gingerbread girl with makeup covered in glitter and her signature bow on her head.

And now ladies and gentleman, here’s what you all have been waiting for. Here’s the behind the scenes sneak peak of Siwa’s new Christmas Video, It’s Christmas Now…