Jennifer Lopez new beauty line, JLo Glow has hit the market, and as expected, the reviews are as extravagant as the product. Lopez, who has been conscious of her skin since childhood revealed her secret ingredient for healthy skin, hair, and nails. Ingredients that were passed down from her grandmother and mother, that inspired Lopez to create a skincare line for women that would, “Embrace their beauty from the inside out at any age.” JLo Glow is a collection of 8 products, each individual component containing the magical ingredient, olive oil, that promises ageless and youth-enhancing skin. Included in the skincare line is a dietary supplement for which Lopez stated, “Beauty comes from the inside out.” In an interview with Glamour Magazine Lopez was asked what prompted her interest in a skincare line; her response, “The one thing people ask me about, more than movies or music, is my skin…, this isn’t just a passion project, it’s a 30 year dream.”

The Secret To Beauty

The two most anticipated products of the skincare line is “That Blockbuster Cream” and the “JLo Glow.” These two must-have products are designed to brighten, plump, smooth and tighten skin of all ages. Both of these products contain a blend of oils, Squalane, fermented oil, extra-virgin oil, and leaf extract. These ingredients are said to provide a nourishing and visibly radiant glow to the skin. JLo Glow has created a pandemonium among women of all ages who long to have skin such as Lopez’s. In a recent YouTube stream, beauty analyst, Reina, shared her experience while using for the first time, “That Blockbuster Cream” and the “JLo Glow.” Reina’s overall rating of the two products was one to be desired, as she described “The JLo Serum”, “as ultra – light and having a minty scent.” Reina liked how it absorbed into her skin quickly, and at the same time she could feel her skin tightening. Reina described “The Blockbuster Cream” as “super -thick and nourishing with a natural smell.” Reina described the feeling of her skin plumping as “radiant, and noticed the fine lines on her forehead become less visible.” Reina’s review confirms that JLo’s skincare is worth trying but also to be realistic that you will not transform into Jennifer Lopez.

Beauty, More Than Skin Deep

Lopez has been focusing on the production of JLo Glow for the past 3 years. Her goal was to create a product that was “compatible with skin of all type and ages.” In an interview with InStyle Magazine Lopez was taking about the importance of healthy skin, and the benefits of her skincare line. Lopez stated that, “Inflammation is what causes aging, you need to attack the inflammation with a great topical and hydrating routine,” hence the use of the olive oil ingredients. The appearance of Lopez’s skin is enough to assume that her skincare line was designed for perfection. In an interview with People Magazine, Lopez talked about the intensity of the skincare production; she commented that, “I think I drove everybody a little bit crazy because I didn’t want to put my name on anything that didn’t work or wasn’t exactly what I wanted to be.” JLo Glow seems to be a hit and flying off the shelves as women are eager to obtain healthier, glowing skin.

Beauty has no expiration date

Jennifer Lopez