Latin pop star J Balvin collaborates with McDonald’s to create the ‘JBalvin Meal.’ The singer released his custom meal on October 5. J Balvin’s release comes shortly after Travis Scott’s partnership with McDonald’s ended on September 30.

Along with the customized McDonald’s meal, Travis Scott also released merchandise combining his brand with McDonald’s. He came out with clothing, cups, and even a chicken nugget pillow.

While J Balvin has not released any select merchandise for sale, he designed custom t-shirts for McDonald’s employees to wear during their shifts.


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Who is J Balvin?

J Balvin

J Balvin is a singer known as the ‘Prince of Reggaeton.’ He is a Colombian superstar and has sold more than 35 million records worldwide. His best-known single is ‘Mi Gente,’ but he has several hit songs and albums. 

More recently, J Balvin is in Time Magazine‘s 100 Most Influential People of 2020. Singer Camila Cabello wrote a tribute to him as a nomination. She discusses his struggle with anxiety and how she also suffers from mental health. She no longer felt alone after his posts regarding his anxiety and panic attacks. Aside from his anxiety, he has endured some other challenging events throughout his life. Some of these challenges include being involved in a 2016 plane crash, and most recently contracting COVID-19. While he has recovered from all these unfortunate circumstances, they help shape who he is as a person. 

J Balvin collaborates with McDonald’s to create the JBalvin meal, which is his latest project. 

McDonald's and Celebrity Collaborations

The fast-food chain’s collaboration with Colombian reggaeton singer J Balvin is not McDonald’s first celebrity partnership. In early September, McDonald’s and Travis Scott came up with the idea to sell the rapper’s favorite meal.  

The Travis Scott meal included a Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon and lettuce, medium fries, and a Sprite. This meal was only available for a limited time, giving the rapper’s fans the month of September to get their hands on the desired celebrity meal. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, McDonald’s saw a decrease in their sales. Specifically, they were down 30% at the beginning of August compared to August 2019. However, by the end of September, McDonald’s saw a massive increase in their sales, many thanks to Travis Scott and his go-to McDonald’s order. Some locations even sold out of the infamous Quarter Pounder due to the hot commodity of the item.  

The Travis Scott meal was a trending topic on social media, as well as news outlets everywhere, McDonald’s introduced something unique to a generation who rules the internet, so of course, the campaign was successful.

The JBalvin Meal
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The JBalvin Meal

The Travis Scott meal ended on September 30, and the JBalvin meal began on October 5. McDonald’s wasted no time in getting the next celebrity meal to help boost their sales. Similar to the Travis Scott meal, the JBalvin meal takes the ‘Mi Gente’ singer’s favorite meal from the fast-food chain and makes it available to fans nationwide.

According to McDonald’s chief marketing officer, Morgan Flatley, “He has always been a regular at McDonald’s restaurants during his concert tours, and now we’re excited to bring his go-to order to our menus across the US.” Since J Balvin has been a long time fan of the company, it only makes sense they teamed up to create the newest celebrity meal. 

While the JBalvin meal has many similarities to the Travis Scott meal, there is one interesting difference. The Travis Scott meal was more customized with the toppings on the Quarter Pounder; the JBalvin meal has no unique toppings or customizations. While J Balvin may enjoy his burgers with fewer toppings than Travis Scott, it is an interesting observation. 

However, there is a deal for J Balvin fans where they can receive a free Oreo McFlurry. All they need to do is download the McDonald’s app and preorder the meal prior to arriving.  

The JBalvin meal will be available to fans until November 1, so there is an entire month to experience the celebrity inspired meal. 


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my taste buds after that first bite of the Big Mac. amirite, @JBALVIN? No hay nada como el primer mordisco de una Big Mac. ¿Sí o Sí, @JBALVIN?

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The Future of McDonald's

J Balvin

Since the Travis Scott meal was so successful, McDonald’s decided to take on another celebrity meal with J Balvin. With all the buzz on social media about how J Balvin collaborates with McDonald’s to create the JBalvin meal, it is safe to say this partnership will also be successful. That leaves one question, will McDonald’s continue this celebrity meal trend?

While it may be hard to compete with the original celebrity meal of 2020, which was Travis Scott, McDonald’s will continue to try with J Balvin and potentially other celebrities. However, since the fast-food company’s sales have increased so much due to the Travis Scott meal, it will be difficult for sales to get any higher with the JBalvin meal or any other celebrity partnerships McDonald’s may embark on in the future. 

McDonald’s attempted a celebrity meal with Michael Jordan back in 1992. Still, since Travis Scott was the first celebrity partnership in 30 years, it was a success with his fans and McDonald fans who wanted something new from the brand. 

2020 has been a rough year for everyone, so when McDonald’s releases celebrity-inspired meals, it is something different from any other fast-food company and is an escape from the reality of 2020.

There has been no confirmation that McDonald’s will make the celebrity meals a monthly event, but the company may try to keep the successful marketing trick for months to come.