Duos tend to make their mark or have a memorable name. Hall & Oates, The Dixie Chicks. Soon the name Honey County will be grilled into peoples heads with their amazing music and memorizing lyrics. This girly country duo has been making the waves in the country scene and not to mention a new hit song hitting Mother’s Day weekend! From performances to writing new hit songs, no wonder they are becoming the next happening duo. For those wanting to learn more about the rising ladies of Honey County, continue to read on!

Q: Thank you guys so much for joining me today. I’m very excited to hear all about Honey County and see what started this journey and where you guys hope to head. So I will start with a few questions. Are you guys ready?

A: Bring them on.

Q: Awesome. So Honey County that’s not exactly a name, you hear a lot with bands, what is the origin behind the name?

A: So this is back in the day before Sophie was a part of Honey County. We we had another girl or two other girls in the band. And we literally took our names and put them in a word like scrambler online. So we scrambled up the letters and then two words came out of it. It was honey, and it was county and we were like that. So like a bunch of different words came out.

But the ones that stuck with us were honey and county. And we loved it. We loved the fact that there was no place that was actually called Honey County. So it allowed us to make a space for ourselves. And kind of make an experience whenever you came to a Honey County show that that was the only place and time that you were actually in Honey County.

Q: That is incredible to hear. Is there a favorite song you guys have performed or written?

A: I think for me my favorite song is actually the one we’re going to be releasing here for Mother’s Day. It’s called “Got it from My Mama.” And we’re really excited about it. The whole writing process was just really awesome. Because it was around Mother’s Day, like how it is now coming up. And I was thinking what am I going to get my mom for Mother’s Day.

She has everything. And so I was thinking “Oh, I have never written her song before.” And I was on my way to a co write at Danny’s house. So I call her up. I’m like, I have this awesome idea. What if we wrote a song for our moms called got it from my mama. And so I showed up to her house and we wrote the song and the rest is history.

Q: That is incredible to hear and funny enough, that was actually the next question. I was going to ask you about your song about Mother’s Day. So you guys actually covered the next question as well, the inspiration so we’re all up to speed. So how long has Honey County been around for exactly?

A: I also want to add for the other question, too. It was really personal to me and also to our other co writers, because it was very difficult to see our mom’s during COVID.

I’m originally from Virginia. So it was like, the way that I’m feeling, I wish I could hug my mom. And I know that a lot of people were in the same boat. It was also just the idea of being so grateful to our moms for the gifts that they gave us and also for being their daughters. So I just wanted to make sure we added that to the statement

Q: That is incredible to hear. So through your journey as a band, what has been your most memorable performance. Either in a home state or a venue? What would be your most memorable performance and why?

A: I’d say that of all the performances that really sticks out to me. It’s kind of a funny one. But we did Stage Couch, which was Stage Coaches version of their festival Stage Coach when the pandemic originally happened. And so it was all online. But what was really fun about it was Danny and I decided to go and set up like a scene in the background.

So we went over to Home Depot and we got all these plants that would represent like the desert because Stage Coach is in the desert. So we had like cacti and a bunch of other plants and we set it up really cool. And then we got on the live stream and we just wanted everybody to really feel like they were actually at Stage Coach even though it was Stage Couch. So that was a blast.

Q: That is incredible to hear and a very unique way of showing off you guys and what you guys are made of. So now that we have covered performances, where do you guys hope to see the band go in the next five to ten years? Is there a famous person you guys would like to perform along or open up for you then?

A: It would be a dream to being on tour with Kenny Chesney because we’ve been to a couple of his shows and it’s such an experience that he creates in his entire show. It’s almost like the the way that we want people to be at a Honey County. And it’s a whole vibe and experience and you’re transported to a place. Kenny does that so well, and you just always feel like you’re at a beach party. And it doesn’t matter where the venue is or you know what’s going on.

It’s just it’s an immediate beach hang because all the people that he brings out, the mood is so wonderful. The country music fans are also incredible and kind and excited. And sure, we’ve all had a couple drinks but it’s it’s all in good fun. And it’s it’s a good time. So I would say, Kenny Chesney? Keith Urban, does that really well, too. It’s just such an amazing vibe. Sophy Dream Team?

Yeah, I mean, I think you covered it. Obviously, if I was even, like, going to say where I hope for us to perform. When everything opens back again, my dream show would be performing for the Super Bowl halftime show. So I’ll just put that in the universe.

Q: Hey the bigger the dream, the more likely it will come true. You all know that saying and from what you guys have now told me, it probably will most likely come true. Because the more you guys get out about your music and your name, the more people will know the more people hear through the grapevine. So I also want to ask this because I’ve always been curious, what is your secret to warming up before performing? What do you guys like to do before going on the stage?

A: If you watch our Instagram, we have a pretty silly. We’re not sure if anybody took it serious. But we posted a video where like we warm up in harmony and we’re like doing like our little warm ups. And we’re harmonizing. Like that’s what we do all the time. We’re always harmonizing on all the songs. But we definitely don’t do that for warm ups. It was just supposed to be a joke. People just thought it was serious.

Q: That is hilarious. And I’m sure you guys are not the only people that like to do that before warming up and performing.

A: Yeah, I don’t know about the harmony one, but we definitely warm up before every show. It’s Danny’s a lot better at that than I am actually she’s always like, let’s do warm ups. I’m like it’s not that I’m better. You’re just lazy.

Q: Oh my god. So I have a fun question for you guys. When you guys aren’t working, what is both of your guys guilty pleasures that maybe not a lot of people know about?

A: Let’s answer this for each other. Sophie’s guilty pleasure is roller skating, and she loves to roller skate and she takes roller skate classes. And like dreams of being like in a roller girl league.

That’s very true. She’s accurate. Danny’s guilty pleasure is doing her  workouts. She calls them Shaun T but they’re not called Shaun T. They’re called Insanity. But the guy’s name that does the workout is named Shaun T. So like if she ever says like, I’m gonna do some Shaun T right now. That’s actually Insanity workout. And she’s insane for doing it, but she loves it.

Q: That is so funny to hear. What is your favorite songs? Like one favorite song for each of you guys? Like what would have to be your go to song that you can just relax to or just jam out to?

A: That’s so hard. I think I’d have to say Ushers “Yeah”. It just never disappoints. You know, you can throw it on and you’re in a bad mood and it can turn your day around. Usher just knows how to do that for a girl.

Q: Definitely. He’s the go to guy to brighten your day.

A: Harry Styles Adore You and Golden. I’ve been switching between the two. They’re really good. But also Lizzo just gets me up and moving around. Yeah, Danny’s is at the moment Golden because she loves sunsets anytime she sees the sunset. She’s like, you’re so golden.

Q: Oh, good. And I have another fun question for you guys. And you guys could both each answer separately. Once things are now clear, where would your dream vacations be and why?

A: I really want to go to San Juan. I don’t even know if I said that right. But it’s in the Philippines. That or Thailand. I haven’t been to Thailand and everybody’s been saying to go there. So those two.
I’m renting an amazing place from people I know and they said it is to die for hopefully I get to go soon.

Q: Danny what about you?

A: I am like really itching to do a girls trip to Mexico to be totally honest. And  I just really want to sit on a beach with my girlfriends and get dressed up and dance with them and just hang out with my girls. And we could do that in Mexico, we could also do that in Hawaii. But it’s going to be a lot cheaper in Mexico. So I mean if somebody else is paying for sure, Hawaii. But if I’m paying and we’re paying them Mexico.

Q: Awesome! I love hearing both your answers. So I’ve now come to my last few questions for this. Where do you guys hope to see Honey County go? Besides concerts are you guys looking to do more music videos and more albums? What would you guys like to do?

A: You know, during this time, we’ve had so much awesome moments where we’ve gotten to write songs that we’ve just been dreaming about writing. So personally, I’m just really excited to release a lot more music. Specifically this next single that’s coming out, but also what’s to follow. And I think that’s going to be a really awesome time in our career, just putting out music that we’re so proud of and work so hard on.

Q: That’s great to hear.  Danny do you have anything to chime in for this?

A: I mean, I can’t wait to do a music video for the new single “Got it From My Mama” as well. And just put out more great content, get on the road. Now get back into performing because that really keeps us alive.

Q: Great. Now I’ve come to my last question. What are the obstacles you guys have both have had to overcome during this journey. And what has been the most successful reward from doing all of this.

A: At least for me, it’s funny because the biggest obstacle that I had to overcome was actually the moment I joined Honey County. The two days before I had met Danny and joined Honey County was when my grandpa passed away. And so I was learning a bunch of new songs bunch of new material, really stoked about being in Honey County and having this blessing in my life while at the same time grieving my grandpa who had passed. And now I look back at that night, I know that my grandpa was pulling strings for me to be on this journey. But at the time, it was definitely hard to juggle both and juggle so many emotions.

Q: I definitely understand that. And I definitely know where you’re coming from with this. Danny?

A: Oh, obstacles. You know I never look at things as obstacles, I just look at them as different journeys, different paths, you’re going to go up. When you hit an obstacle, you either jump over it, or you take a different way. And we do a lot of jumping, you know, from one from one path to another.  I really think that this year in particular was so great for us in the way that we were able to really get to know each other. So if you joined the band a year and a half ago, and in that time, you know, that was like right when COVID started. And it was a horrible time for many people. And yes, there were there were a lot of terrible things that happened during that time.

But we always like to focus on the positives. And we spent almost every day together and we still spend almost every day together. Except for today. And we got to know each other really well. In that short period of time in a year and a half it feels like and we’ve definitely heard this from other people that we’ve been playing together for years. Because we feel like sisters, and I think that’s that’s really special. That’s something that you know, otherwise wouldn’t have happened. 

There was one time that made me just respect the crap out of Danny as an obstacle. This is not like anything serious. But there was one time where we were playing a show out in Utah and the night before we had the show she had tripped and hit her knee and I did not think that she was going to be able to stand for our entire show which was a two hour show. And sure enough, she got up on stage she said “You know I’m a survivor. I’m going to dip these heels on stage and play the entire show.” So she performed with her bum knee. So I will always respect her for that.

Q: Wow. But hey, you got yourself up there you knocked a performance out of the park while recovering from an injury now while people say they can do that and the fact that you did it is very impressive.

A: That was not a thing. Don’t do that at home kids. Not suggest that if you hurt, you should definitely stay off of it.

Q: Okay. Well, Sophie, Danny, thank you so much for joining me. I look forward to seeing more of Honey County’s work come out within the next couple months to the next forever. So I look forward to hearing what you guys have in stores. I look forward to your new single and I look forward to seeing you guys hopefully on a billboard someday.

A: If you check in Kansas, we’re on a billboard often because the casino we play it likes to put us on billboards. 

Q: That is so sweet.

Honey County is definitely the duo we need right now. A positive duo with a great sense of energy and entertainment. Not to mention humor and a good sense of direction in performing. The ladies of Honey County can be followed at the following pages below on social. Look out Hall & Oates and Dixie Chicks, a new duo is on their way!

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