The news is fluttering with it, and the IG posts are blowing up. Kourtney Kardashian, the eldest of the Kardashian clan, has seemingly found true love in the newest BF Travis Barker. The pair have been the topic of controversy, drama, and the stars of some of the strangest Instagram posts of 2021.

Kan Kourtney Katch a break?

It’s all fun and games till someone gets hurt. According to Kourtney Kardashian, the fun and excitement of her relationships with the public had a horrific effect on her relationships. Kourtney even admits in the recently released “post-show” reunion with Andy Cohan that she truly believes that she and a long-time cast member of the Kardashian Klan and the show Scott Disick would probably have worked out if the show hadn’t interfered with their relationship so much. Of course, the response triggers some unexpected reactions and emotions from the family but, in reality, is a reminder of just how difficult being in the public eye is.

Kourtney Kardashian seemed to be the damsel and distress of the family show, especially when it came to her kids and love life. Some of the highest-rated episodes on the show contained a glimpse of Kourtney’s love life as it was one of the topics meant to be a secret.

Unfortunately for fans and viewers, the love affairs of Kourtney Kardashian were quite minimal over the last few years. Even though the star had a somewhat declared boyfriend, Younes Bendjima, Kourtney seemed rather transparent that the relationship wasn’t going anywhere. Meanwhile, the show has constantly shown conflicting and questionable hints to the possibility of Kourtney and Scott getting back together. Seemingly concrete episodes from the show portraying that Kourtney and Scott have moved on are shown. Sophia Richie is introduced in the show as Scott’s new girlfriend, who even went on family trips with Scott, Kourtney, and their children. Kourtney has seemed unbothered by Scott’s new relationships; however, Scott admits he’s always wanted Kourtney back. The idea of Disick and Kardashian rekindling things was blown completely out of the question when an Instagram most of Kourtney and singer Travis Barker surfaced.

Kardashian Kan’t Keep Away

It might be safe to say that after years of the show and a wall build-up for relationships that Kourtney Kardashian may have found “the one.” Just one question, does Travis Barker serenade, Kourtney? We certainly hope so because who doesn’t love some good old-fashioned romance.

Travis Barker (Drummer for Blink-182) became this damsel in distresses drummer covered in tattoos, oh and a tattoo over Kourtney’s name might we add. The pair became official in 2020 and have been inseparable ever since. What type of Hollywood couple would they be without the drama?! they all have it, and this one is no exception. The romance has been quite controversial, beginning with Barker’s two failed marriages and the public not letting go of Kourtney and Scott’s relationship. The pair both have children and have seemed to jump back into the good old teenage days, which has stirred up some questions about their priorities. The couple has only known each other for a short time. Still, it acts as though it has been years together string up even more questions from the public if this relationship ends up another Hollywood statistic; however, as they say in the movies, “if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me” and can we really argue with possible true love?!


What is Next for Her?

The question now is, what’s next for Kourtney Kardashian?! Does this next year hold marriage for the 42-year-old? Let’s say we sure hope so because a Kardashian wedding is about due. But, unfortunately, the chance for a Barker/Kardashian doesn’t seem to be out of the question for 2022. Even though the star has made it clear towards her opinion on marriage, the right person can change everything. The truth is anything can happen with this family; We may be witnessing another Kardashian marriage, a wicked breakup, or the rekindling of a long-time love. All we can assure you of is, we cant keep up with the Kardashians.